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Mara Fox

Mara Fox

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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As a military brat, I grew up constantly on the move and always swore I’d settle down as soon as my life was my own. As it happened, I was swept off my feet by a dashing young officer whilst studying at the University of Hawaii. (He sold his surfboards to buy my engagement ring, how could I possibly say no?) I wound up on the move again, this time with babies in tow… before he left the military and finally we settled in a small town in Texas. So small, in fact, that it had no mall, no movie theatres and we had cows for neighbours.

One fateful day, I found myself singing along to the jingle of Sesame Street. Afraid that my brain was slowly atrophying, I decided to resurrect my long held interest in writing.

Having loved romance novels since I was in high school, I decided it seemed like a good place to start. Whilst making my first attempt at a (really, truly awful) romance novel of my own – the course of my life changed again, when my daughter was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive childhood cancer. The novel was set aside so I could focus on taking care of my daughter, but I found myself reading romance even more avidly during this time, as the laughter and happy endings bought me such comfort. In the years that followed, I read, wrote, and finally realised that ‘happy ever after’ as my daughter went into remission and recovered.

I am happy to report that I am still at home in the small Texas town with my children, husband and a bunch of assorted pets. When I’m not writing I love to swim and I frequently sail in the Virgin Islands. I’m an active member of the American Cancer Society and a long-time member of the Romance Writers of America.

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