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Kristan Higgins

Kristan Higgins

"Real life, true love and a laugh a page."

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Hello! My name is Kristan Higgins, and I’m a mother, a wife and an author, as well as an incompetent athlete, a fantastic baker and a lover of animals and children. I started writing when my kids were little; lucky for me, they took monster naps every day, and in order to have something to think about other than diaper changes and teething, I decided to write a book. So far, I’ve written ten romantic comedies. I describe my work as 'real life, true love and lots of laughs…' hope you’ll agree! I am a New York Times bestselling author (I plan to have that carved on my gravestone, I think), and my books have won many awards, received many starred reviews and have landed on many 'best of' lists, which is utterly thrilling and wonderful and causes me to dance around the house in a very undignified fashion.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading, baking, tormenting my sainted husband and horsing around with my teenagers. I like eating, baking, watching movies, reading (of course!), watching baseball and boxing (hey, I’m a Renaissance woman, what can I say?). I love animals and have two rescued pets: a little mutt named Willow, who is sweet and shy around strangers and very adorable; and an occasionally affectionate cat named Huckleberry. My husband is a very wonderful guy: a firefighter who loves to cook and garden, and my children are teenagers who keep me laughing and still give me hugs, even in public. I think of myself as having a very ordinary, happy life… I just happen to have a wicked cool job.

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