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Kendra Leigh Castle

Kendra Leigh Castle

"Embrace the Darkness…"

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Lust and desire
Body language
Emotional expression - wit

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About Kendra

I was born and raised in the far and frozen reaches of northern New York, where there was plenty of time to cultivate my love of reading thanks to the six-month-long winters. Sneaking off with selections from my mother's vast collection of romance novels came naturally and fairly early, and a lifelong love of the happily-ever-after was born. After graduating from SUNY Oswego (where it also snowed a lot) with a teaching degree, I ran off with a handsome young Navy fighter pilot and have somehow accumulated three children, two high-maintenance dogs and one enormous cat during our many moves.

I reside wherever the Navy thinks I ought to, which is Maryland at present, where I can usually be found curled up with my laptop and yet another cup of coffee.

I can be contacted via my website if you'd like to get in touch. I love to hear from readers!

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