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Kate Fitzroy

Kate Fitzroy

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I have two lives. One, in a flinty Victorian cottage in Newmarket, where I awake early each morning to the clip clop of the strings of racehorses passing by. My other life is played out in a Napoleonic manor set in a sleepy village amongst the vineyards of the Loire Valley, France.

My life has not always been so blissful. Widowed at the age of twenty two, already with two children to love and protect, I fought my way up as hard and steep a path as any of my romantic heroines. Determined to turn adversity to advantage, I decided to take my two little children to Italy for a new and different life. By teaching English, writing travel articles and renovating ruined properties in Italy and France, I have more than survived.

Now I am happily remarried to a thoroughly English man and surrounded by my large, loving family. I enjoy every moment of every day…


What advice would you give to new writers?

Determination, determination, determination.

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