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June Francis

June Francis

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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I was born in Blackpool after the local maternity hospital in Liverpool was blitzed – the first girl after two boys, Ronald and Donald. Eighteen months later my sister Irene was born in the front parlour of the family terrace house in Liverpool. In 1946 my father Stan, a plasterer, returned from the war and it was he who introduced me to the joys of storytelling and taught me the alphabet from a sign-writer's book.

In 1953 I won a scholarship to Liverpool Girl's College. My only claim to fame was that I fell off a wall during lunchtime and fractured my skull and spine. I lost a whole term's schooling and would like to blame that for only obtaining two passes at 0 level G.C.E in English Lit and History, but the truth was that I met John in the Lido cinema and dreamed my way through classes.

I wanted to be a writer but didn't believe working class girls could attain to such heights, besides Mam needed the money I could earn straightaway, so I took the first job offered and worked as a cash clerk for Littlewoods where I learnt to type, a skill for which I am eternally grateful. In 1964 I married John, passed my English Language 0 level at the Liverpool Institute’s evening classes and bought a second hand Underwood typewriter.

In 1980 when my youngest son Daniel was three, my beloved Dad died and I suffered from nervous anxiety for a couple of years and lost my confidence. It wasn't until the vicar's wife who had done some broadcasting on Radio Merseyside heard I was interested in writing and encouraged me to have a go – so I joined a local writers group and began editing the church magazine. Encouraged by John who bought me a second-hand desk and the paper to write on, as well as members of the club, I began the hard slog to get published.

After lots of research, several rejections and loads of rewriting I eventually made it with Mills & Boon. Since then, despite enormous changes in publishing and the market place and several setbacks, I continue to write. Each time I finish a book, it is with a sigh of satisfaction and a niggle of worry – will my agent and publisher like it? And can I come up with the ideas for another. Fortunately so far yes!

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