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Judy Baer

Judy Baer

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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I was born and raised on a farm on the prairies of North Dakota. As I was an only child, I spent most of my days with imaginary people – either those I read about or those I made up in my head.

I was a voracious reader, and used to devour comic books – anything from Little Lulu and Superman to the Rawhide Kid. I sold my first story for $10 to a farm magazine. (I still have the $10.)

I graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, with a major in English and education and a minor in religion. At the time, I was simply studying what interested me, but I now realise that I was educating myself for my future career as an inspirational romance writer.

I wanted to write for Harlequin even in high school but it wasn't until my youngest child learned to say ‘no’ that I realised I’d better consider a second career to fall back on when mothering was done. My first book was written with my little girl on my lap. I would type a few words and say, ‘Now, Jennifer’ at which time my daughter would hit the space bar before I continued typing. It wasn't the fastest way to work, but it offered a lot of mother-daughter time together. I have now written over sixty books for various publishers and as the mother of two and step-mother of three, I also have lots of family to enjoy.

In 2001, I went back to school and became a certified professional life coach. I am currently working on my master's in human development in the areas of writing, coaching and spirituality and writing inspirational chick-lit which is the most fun I’ve ever had writing.

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