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Janice Macdonald

Janice Macdonald

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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Hospitals and doctors
Hospitals, doctors and healing injuries
Emotional expression - wit

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About Janice

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I’ve always kept a diary and I still do – I find it fascinating to look back to a specific day and year and see exactly what I was doing, what I was thinking and feeling. I’m not compulsive about much other than writing in my diary, it’s the only thing I make sure I do every single day.

I majored in journalism at California State University, Long Beach, and then worked as a reporter on a number of small and short-lived weekly papers for several years before I decided that there had to be more reliable, maybe even lucrative, ways to make a living. I switched to public relations in the early 1980s and eventually became director of media relations for a large west coast HMO. In that capacity, I had the memorable experience of saying no to Mike Wallace when the 60 Minutes crew showed up one day.

I left the corporate world in 1990 and free-lanced for a number of publications including the Los Angeles Times. I also ghost-wrote numerous medical articles for various professional journals.

I have two grown children: Christopher, who lives in Washington, and Carolyn, who is building a home in Flagstaff – and a wonderful granddaughter, Emily.

Today I combine fiction and non-fiction writing and work from my home in Vista, California, where I live with my husband on three acres of land with an ever-changing cast of animals, including a pygmy goat.

Most recently I’ve discovered the joys of living on the water. During the week, I’ve been staying on a Columbia 26-foot sailboat docked in Long Beach Marina, using my laptop and cell phone to work and keep in touch.

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