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Jane Myers Perrine

Jane Myers Perrine

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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Elements of time

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I write to get away from it all: from clutter and dirty ovens and a craving for chocolate. Yes, when I’m through, the oven is still dirty and the clutter still covers most flat surfaces and I'm still tempted to indulge in chocolate; but writing always helps.

Obviously aware of my creative bent, my third grade teacher told me I was going to be a writer. Sadly, she told me that shortly before she discovered what she thought was a picture of a donkey was really of a cow. The latter probably suggests that her assessment my creative genius was flawed.

Between third grade and the year 1999, life stepped in before I got around to writing anything publishable. I graduated from Kansas State University with a double major of Spanish and English. I married George – the best decision of my life – and earned two masters degrees while teaching high school Spanish. During those years, I followed George, a minister, from church to church, ending up in the beautiful hill country of Texas where we share our lives with two spoiled cats: sweet Miss Maggie and Scooter, the incredible Super Cat.

As well as teaching, I’ve also been a vocational counsellor in a state hospital, a programme director for adults with mental retardation, a minister, a cook, and a rifle instructor.

Presently I’m writing a three-book series about Butternut Creek, a fictional town in – yes – the beautiful hill country of Texas.

I love hearing from friends and fans. Please feel free to get in touch via my website.

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