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Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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Emotional expression
Elements of time
Emotional expression - wit

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About Debbie

When I first decided to write a novel, people called me a hopeless dreamer. I had only a high school degree and was dyslexic – not to mention the very young mother of four active children. No one believed I had what it took to write a book. Except me. Eventually I saved enough money to rent an old typewriter, and every night when the children were asleep, I would sit down to write.

I wrote – for years. But each time I completed a story and mailed it off to a publisher, the manuscript was returned, stamped 'rejected.' As tough as it was to keep my spirits alive, I never gave up. Five long years and thousands of pages later, I received a letter in the afternoon mail. The letter was from Silhouette Books – and they wanted to buy my story. My first novel, Heartsong, was published as a Silhouette Inspiration in 1984, and it became the first romance novel ever to be reviewed in Publishers Weekly.

Today, I have authored more than 100 novels and I receive approximately 3,000 letters from readers every month. I pride myself on responding personally to each one.

I live with my husband in Port Orchard, Washington. Our children are grown and I am now a proud grandmother.


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You’ve Got Mail

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