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Cathryn Parry

Cathryn Parry

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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My first piece of romantic writing was a love letter I wrote to the boy who sat next to me in first grade. By the next Christmas, I was asking for a typewriter to organise my growing collection of adventure stories inspired by Nancy Drew.

But it wasn’t until I was an engineer working a less-than-inspiring job in a ball bearings factory that I dared to write my first novel – a romance about a woman who found the courage to pursue her deeply-held dreams. After that, I knew for a fact I was a novelist, and was hooked on the writing process.

In my non-writing life, I figure skate (I compete yearly at the U.S. Adult Nationals), travel as often as possible for fun and adventure, and haunt archives in the addictive quest for genealogy research.
I live in a small town in Massachusetts with my husband and near my large extended family.

I love to hear from readers. Please visit my website if you'd like to get in touch.

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