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The desert King’s reluctant bride!

She’d meant to have a baby for her sister, but an IVF clinic mix-up means party planner Sheridan Sloane is now carrying the heir of Rashid al-Hassan – the desert King of Kyr!

Rashid demands marriage, but Sheridan isn’t convinced. He’s sinfully sexy, but his heart is encased in ice. Yet Rashid will not give her a choice – he kidnaps her!

Swept away to the desert sands, all Sheridan desires is escape. But when Rashid takes her to his bed she soon craves something else entirely…  Can she thaw this proud Sheikh’s heart, or will she have to love enough for two?

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Rating By R, 20 Jun 2014

Rashid appeared towards the end of the author's previous book about his brother and made a big impression so I was looking forward to his story. Unfortunately he fails to deliver. To me this is formulaic with all the usual (even if current) plot mechanisms. which I can't spoil by listing. A familiar plot are fine if the characters have the spark to rise above it. I know Rashid is a king - but that doesn't mean you should be a boor - and he is rather dull and autocratic. Sheridan is a much nicer person although I wish she hadn't let her sister treat her like a door-mat and tried to make the best of the situation she was in but I never really felt any chemistry between them. The story sparked to life in the last couple of chapters but that was much too late although it wasn't the worst M&B I've read by any means. Five point five out of ten

Reviewed by Desere Steenberg, South Africa

Rating By Desere, 21 Jun 2014

Any good sister knows it is always the right thing to help out your sibling when you are able to and of course when it is just and fair. So our heroine in this book helping out her sister by agreeing to have a baby for her, makes this a number one heroine in my book. But imagine if you had to be the one that does this loving deed for your sister and then the clinic informs you "Whoops sorry, we made a mistake. And instead you may not be pregnant with your sister's child, you might be expecting the child of a King." Some woman may think it's not all that bad, the King might be happy and just maybe this can all work out, but of course life is never as plain sailing as that. So when the heroine in this read Sheridan leans of the mishap she is furious, sad and confused and does not know which way to turn. But this is not the worst part at all, nope suddenly the King himself makes an appearance and he is in no mood for games or female what if's. King Rashid will not wait to discover if Sheridan is carrying his heir, instead he kidnaps her and takes her back to his country, only once he has her there he's not so sure what to do with her. I loved this read, it was sweet and kind the one moment and hot and passionate the next and then it dropped to such vivid emotional heartspoken sweetness I broke out in tears. Sheridan was awesome, she stands up for what she wants and does not hold her tongue. Which was so amazing to read about, it's not every woman out there that would dare tell a King his fortune, I mean who dares raise their voice at a King or tell him in nutshell that he sucks , this heroine does ! And it was so awesome , I adored the character of Sheridan more and more each time she stood up to Rashid. I did however feel so bad for her, being in a foreign country, helpless, possibly carrying a child whom you have already fallen in love with, practically being held against your will and not to mention a hotter than the desert sun King wanting to strip you bare and kiss every inch of you, not a easy list of things to handle. But she's areal trooper and rises above it all with stunning elegance! Rashid was cold, distant, angry all the time and just plain mean. I wanted to bury this man in a deep dark whole in the desert sand for being so mean to Sheridan, but as the author let his side of the story play out I could understand him trying to keep a distance and rather ice his heart against all emotions. I very much enjoyed Rashid being knocked from his throne by Sheridan and becoming a greater King than before. The author showed just how much the presence of another can influence our actions. I am taking away a message of life is sometimes more of a roller coaster ride than we asked for, and when the ride stops at an unintended pit-stop it is not the time to be angry or sad, it's the time to stand up and face what ever it is that 's trying to knock you from the ride. There's a reason for everyone that comes into our lives, maybe they have come to save us, or maybe show us that we can love again, what ever the reason may be the point is to stay on the ride of life, hang in there, face it all and in the end you will reach the exact destination you were meant to. I recommend this read for all fans that adore Lynn Raye Harris books, passion laced with an emotional punch and makes for a lovely afternoon read. 4.5 star review " He wants his child no matter what, but can he handle the woman that comes with it?"

love it!!!!

Rating By , 02 Jul 2014

I loved the story!!!!! LRH write the best sheikh stories ever !!!

A delightful, sensuous, riveting romance!

Rating By Arpita, 17 Jul 2014

I loved the storyline and the short, repartee constantly ensuing between Rashid and Sheridan. There was no extraneous detail to detract from the storyline . It was only befitting that it ended with them being a complete family. Lynn Graham has done it again, a story to be read in one go. Superb indeed.

A delightful, sensuous, riveting romance!

Rating By Arpita, 17 Jul 2014

I loved the storyline and the short, repartee constantly ensuing between Rashid and Sheridan. There was no extraneous detail to detract from the storyline . It was only befitting that it ended with them being a complete family. Lynn Graham has done it again, a story to be read in one go. Superb indeed.

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