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Brenda Coulter

Brenda Coulter

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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About Brenda

I was married at nineteen to a ridiculously patient man and worked in international telecommunications for two banks and an oil company… before impulsively ditching the office routine to become a full-time student of astronomy at a major university.

Just over a year later I had an even better idea – I became a mother and turned full-time homemaker. (Then bought a 10-inch reflecting telescope and joined the local astronomy club.)
I volunteered in the schools that my two sons attended and became involved in the women's ministries at my church… before I knew it the boys were teenagers, and my lovely telescope had long since been collecting cobwebs.

As the year 2000 drew to a close, I happened upon my first inspirational romance novel. Instantly captivated by the idea of a love-conquers-all story with a golden thread of faith woven through the plot, I decided to try my hand at writing one (despite having never written a single word of fiction.) What began as a rainy day experiment quickly transformed into a passion and I was thrilled when just one year later I sold my first completed manuscript.
With one son in now college and the other in high school, my career as a full-time mom is winding down. I now spend most of my days writing romance and tinkering with my web site (please feel free to have a look!). I love to hear from readers so don’t be shy about getting in touch – I personally reply to every email.

I hope to hear from you soon. Happy reading!

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