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Ann DeFee

Ann DeFee

"Sassy, sexy and southern"

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It all started in a small southern Texas town where fast boats, lip-smackin’ barbecue and the world’s biggest pecan are the norm. I was in college when I met my Prince Charming. The first thing I noticed about him was his smile, and when he winked at me I was a goner. A couple of years later we started married life with all our worldly goods crammed into an Oldsmobile, but it didn't take long for that to change. With two kids and a menagerie of four-legged friends ranging from dogs, to cats, to horses we made our home in twenty houses located in sixteen towns, ten states and on two continents – all courtesy of the U.S. Air Force.

Life with a fighter pilot was a great adventure, but it did have its quirks. Like the time we lived in an 800 sq. ft. gatehouse to an English estate – a coal stove was our only source of heat. All I wanted for Christmas was a thermostat and a bathroom with a heater. We meandered across this country from sea to shining sea marvelling at the wonder of our great land. Now we make our home in Williamsburg, VA – the epicenter of American history – and loving it.

In my previous life I spent a lot of time in the hallowed halls of academia earning masters degrees in both Political Science and Urban Planning. Now I get to make up fun stuff and talk to myself without anyone wondering if I should look for a therapist. Hooray for fiction! 

For my stories I've dipped into my fourth generation Texas heritage for inspiration. Although the settings and characters are a product of my vivid imagination, my childhood in a small town has provided me with a wealth of colourful and eccentric personalities and anecdotes.

I hope you'll visit the characters I love in their little piece of paradise. I guarantee it will be a mini-vacation peppered with humour and sizzling with sassy, sexy situations.

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