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Picture of The Forbidden Touch of Sanguardo
rating by Janette, Apr 14, 2014
"First off, let me say that I'm a fan of Julia James writing and characters - always have been - and hoped that this latest would be just as good as her previous offerings. Unfortunately, I've come to expect far more than this rather curious lightweight story, in many ways, despite the supposedly dramatic reveal at the end. I did like both the central characters however they both carried scars from events in their past which were just not realistic to the modern people they were portrayed as - in the case of Rafael, dynamic international businessman. With Celeste, I just couldn't accept that the strength of the 17 year old who was forced to make some very difficult decisions, had all but disappeared in this apparently broken 24 year old. My main bug bear was the amount of self-introspection with both characters. This can be a very effective tool in communicating ideas/moods, etc to the reader however, like seasoning, should be used judiciously. Practically every page had some and as for the amount of dramatic internal dialogue from both characters - sheesh! I lost count how many exclamation marks there were - editors where were your red pens? So overall a bit of disappointment for me Ms James - won't stop me reading future works but please go back and re-read some of your earlier books to recreate believable characterisation and a story with natural ebb and flow of sexual tension for your next epistle - please?"
The Forbidden Touch of Sanguardo by Julia James
Picture of Slave Princess
rating by Janette, Jul 28, 2011
"First off, I will say that I'm a huge fan of Juliet Landon and have read all, and I mean all, of her fiction (which involved tracking down some really tatty copies on Amazon!). Because of the amount of research which she undertakes before commencing writing, there's a real authenticity to not only the setting, but also the historical/economic background of the piece, as opposed to just plonking two main characters into a location and timeframe. Yet despite all of the detail which she carefully introduces, it doesn't detract from the relationship (or sometimes, relationships) which are woven thru all her stories and she manages to create the most wonderful hero/ines. Sadly with this book, for once I felt that there was more emphasis on the historical accuracy of the piece rather than the relationship between the two main characters. I really wanted to like them both, but at the end, I didn't really care if they remained together or not and when all's said and done, that IS the most important aspect of a romance - whether it's set in 2011 or in Roman times as this one was. On a positive note, my knowledge of Roman Britain has dramatically improved!"
Slave Princess by Juliet Landon
Picture of Forbidden or For Bedding?
rating by Janette, Oct 3, 2010
"As always from Julia James, this is a lovely story of Guy and Alexa, and as always from Julia James, she'll put your heart through the wringer before bringing the story to a wonderful conclusion! I usually enjoy her stories as they tend to be somewhat different in approach, strong female characters and are very emotionally engaging. My only criticism would be the amount of carefully placed French phrases (italicised in case you don't realise that it's a foreign language!). M&B have been using this method for decades now - I think it's time to stop...."
Forbidden or For Bedding? by Julia James
Picture of Sweet Surrender with the Millionaire
rating by Janette, May 18, 2010
"I usually enjoy Helen Brooks novels and this one was no different - particularly good hero (as always) and heroine (flawed (again!) but with enough ticks to make her believable and interesting). "
Sweet Surrender with the Millionaire by Helen Brooks