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Picture of The Stranger
rating by Kelina, Aug 15, 2011
"Loved this story, admirable hero and heroine, emotional ride. Brilliant!"
The Stranger by Elizabeth Lane
Picture of The Virgin's Proposition
rating by Kelina, Aug 15, 2011
"This book was a fantastic read, absolutely loved the characters, so well written. And though I've titled this review a modern fairytale, the story's journey was compellingly believable and not at all cheesy. A new favorite!"
The Virgin's Proposition by Anne McAllister
Picture of Claimed by the Siciilian
rating by Kelina, Aug 12, 2011
"Quite short stories, found myself wishing for more dialog, less writing? nice plots though."
Claimed by the Siciilian by Kate Walker, Kate Walker, Kate Walker
Picture of Taming the Texas Tycoon / One Night with the Wealthy Rancher
rating by Kelina, Aug 11, 2011
"Brenda Jackson's One night with the wealthy rancher definately gets a big 5*! Fantastic characters, great story and brilliantly written. I was suprised that a story this length could really immerse you in the plot so well. Full of emotion. Would definately read again. I would give Katherine Garbera's Taming the Texas Tycoon a solid 3* as an enjoyable read."
Taming the Texas Tycoon / One Night with the Wealthy Rancher by Katherine Garbera, Brenda Jackson
Picture of Bride in a Gilded Cage
rating by Kelina, Aug 2, 2011
"This book managed to immerse me in the setting, unfortunately I had to share that setting with the books extremely arrogant hero. I intensely disliked the character from the start and felt let down by the heroin, but continued to read in the hope of eventually having my opinion changed. Was there enough to redeem him in my opinion? My star rating says it all. That's not to say I wouldn't read another book by Ms Green who obviously isn't afraid to draw emotions, I'd just be hoping for better more believable development in characters."
Bride in a Gilded Cage by Abby Green