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Picture of The Ultimate Revenge
rating by LP, Aug 12, 2014
"Another gripping sexy read from VP as she brings her usual fresh twist to the line and portrays an uber powerful gun wielding femme fatale who hides a heart of gold. I absolutely loved Pia and the devilish hunk that was Nic was her perfect match in every way. The banter between these two was hilarious and with all the secrets and lies flying around I was chewing on my nails towards the gripping finale. I could have throttled Nic toward the end but still, excellent read! Just wish this author would release more often"
The Ultimate Revenge by Victoria Parker
Picture of A Queen for the Taking?
rating by LP, Feb 7, 2014
"Hewitt has penned a glamorous dramatic tale of a marriage of convenience that was heartfelt and compelling. In the end, the brooding Sandro stole the show. Excellent!"
A Queen for the Taking? by
Picture of The Woman Sent to Tame Him
rating by LP, Feb 3, 2014
"This was fifty shades of awesome! Sexy and sassy and humourous one minute then tender and beautiful and heart breaking the next. Finn......OMG Finn! There is something about this authors heroes that get me straight in the heart. He was witty and naughty and the repartee was laugh out loud but underneath he was so tortured and dark and damaged and I cried for him, my god did I cry at the 'everything is lost' moment at the end. I loved serena too, a fantastic departure from the standard M&B heroine, i thought she was brave and fascinating to read about. What a couple they made!. I don't want to give anything away because I think the tenseness of the story was huge bonus but I have got to say this is not one to be missed. Probably my favourite Modern in years. Just fantastic!"
The Woman Sent to Tame Him by
Picture of Pretender to the Throne
rating by LP, Feb 3, 2014
"This is one of my favourites of the month so far. Loved Xander....swoon!"
Pretender to the Throne by Maisey Yates
Picture of What a Sicilian Husband Wants
rating by LP, Feb 3, 2014
"The title lured me in and it was a decent enough read but I felt like the story failed to meet my expectations. "
What a Sicilian Husband Wants by Michelle Smart
Picture of Fearless
rating by LP, Feb 2, 2014
"I used to read a lot of Tawny Webber's Blaze books so when I found this I snapped it up and I am pleased I did. Steamy and sexy it had Webber written all over it and I devoured it in one sitting. my only complaint was that it finished far too soon!"
Fearless by Tawny Weber
Picture of A Debt Paid in Passion
rating by LP, Feb 2, 2014
"A well written story that kept the pages turning though I do agree with the earlier reviewer. I did not completely understand her motivations. I do however like Dani Collins style so I look forward to her next."
A Debt Paid in Passion by Dani Collins
Picture of The Sheikh's Last Seduction
rating by LP, Feb 2, 2014
"Emotional and heart-felt this was nice solid read from JL."
The Sheikh's Last Seduction by Jennie Lucas
Picture of A Reputation to Uphold
rating by LP, Aug 3, 2013
"I loved this story soooooo much. It was utter perfection from the wow opening to the heartbreaking close and Dante....OMG! I am in love! This is a true keeper and not one to be missed. Simply stunning."
A Reputation to Uphold by