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Picture of Lost to the Desert Warrior
rating by Patty, Aug 6, 2013
"Usually I write reviews once I finish reading a book and the words just come out of my mind if the book is very good, but Lost to the Desert Warrior, I did not finish the book but I think I can't wait to write a review. Princess Layla is such a lovely character , she is such a sweet and innocent girl who does everything in her hand to save her sister and also the people of her country although I don't want to reveal the story but I can't help myself from writing that you have created a wonderful character Layla who protects her younger sister and who is willing to do anything for her people as well. But she doesn't realize until she meets Sheikh Raz that somebody has to protect her as well and listen to her and care for her happiness. I fell in love with Raz from the very beginning. A true desert warrior who knows how to handle danger and I loved his skill as a horse rider .(I read on your author's page as what inspired you to write about horses :):)) It was not easy for him to marry the princess after what he has undergone . To lose a wife whom you love the most and then marry the daughter of the enemy is not fair enough but he did it anyway. I loved the chemistry between them also loved that I had a chance to meet Mal and Avery again . Only your books makes me to write a review this big . I won't write anymore coz I am scared that I might reveal something as a spoiler alert. My guess is that your next release would be of Salim and Yasmin which am looking forward , hmm I can't miss meeting a princess who talks too much and Salim who is quiet opposite ."
Lost to the Desert Warrior by Sarah Morgan
Picture of The Merciless Travis Wilde
rating by Patty, Mar 6, 2013
"The merciless Travis Wilde what a fantastic book it was. I wouldn't say you have done your magic again and its a good read and all Sandra, I would rather say what an outstanding book by you .. I was crying when I was reading the last few pages , you made me write this :-love is powerful and love is divine it can do anything. Travis and Jennie are born for each other and I have never seen such a powerful bond between two characters I wanted to do something for Travis and Jennie since I forgot that it was a book that is what you do with your books Sandra very heart touching book by you Sandra Marton amazing I would rate it as 10 out 10 would give more if I can ..."
The Merciless Travis Wilde by Sandra Marton