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"The perfect egg is a surprise egg with a six foot two hero inside, with a big red ribbon to be undone with care....oh, is this allowed? Hmmmm, just add chocolate and strawberries and champagne on a desert oasis. And my six foot two hero feeding me chocolate eggs before they melt, washed down with champagne. Rich, dark, and decadent just like my sexy sheikhs... maybe some chocolate melted that need to be seen to.... lip service ;)"

Jan • 1 year ago

The perfect Easter egg looks like...

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Picture of Up Close and Personal
rating by Jan, Nov 30, 2012
"Loved this book. Another great writer that draws you in and this story is brilliant. A woman with a past to rule a country, a body guard the two should never twine yet do. It works and intense and captured from the beginning. Another great writer and loved it. Exotic."
Up Close and Personal by Lynn Raye Harris
Picture of Hajar's Hidden Legacy
rating by Jan, Nov 30, 2012
"This would have to one of my favourites of Maiseys. Just loved this book to pieces. Duty, torture, both sides yet found very compelling, pulled into their stories and love sheikhs. Once more pulled in by Maisey's story telling. A must read in my eyes and always find the ending fullfilling. A true romance."
Hajar's Hidden Legacy by Maisey Yates
Picture of The Life She Left Behind
rating by Jan, Nov 30, 2012
"What a way to start a series Santina Crown. Again Maisey had hit the mark. Short but to the point and loved it. A true talent Maisey has. Can't wait to read her newest books coming out soon. She never disappoints. A great read."
The Life She Left Behind by Maisey Yates
Picture of A Royal World Apart
rating by Jan, Nov 30, 2012
"This is the first book I read by Maisey Yates and totally hooked. Loved her characters, their torture and story and touch of magic Beautifully written and compelling story that reaches out to everyone who wants little bit more out of life. Loved it. "
A Royal World Apart by Maisey Yates
Picture of Her Little White Lie
rating by Jan, Nov 30, 2012
"Just got this book today and could not put down. Read in 5 hours. The dynamics of the characters are brilliant, storyline intriguing and so Maisey Yates, she writes the tortured souls so well and it is a beautiful story. Love it to pieces and can not recommend this book highly enough. Once in, you have to follow their story to find how it ends."
Her Little White Lie by Maisey Yates