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Picture of She's So Over Him
rating by Jane, Mar 19, 2013
"A great book from fab new M&B author Joss Wood. Her writing is sassy and assured with wonderful touches of wry humour. The locations were amazing, the plot fresh and the characters - Maddie and Cale - and their conflicts, were compelling. I loved this book, and can't wait for more from Joss."
She's So Over Him by Joss Wood
Picture of Shipwrecked with Mr Wrong
rating by Jane, Jun 7, 2012
"I hadn't picked this book up first time around, because I couldn't face another cliche-desert-island-girls-in-bikinis-with-wafting-palm-trees scenario. Can't say how wrong I was to have had those expectations - the story couldn't be less like that - and how pleased I am that the lack of new Riva titles meant I came back to this awesome book. The close focus and the setting gives the story an almost 3D feel - the background wildlife detail is fascinating, yet this pales against the vividly drawn characters, and their monumental emotional struggles. Honor's torment is truly heart wrenching, echoed by Rob's as he tries to reach her. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Specially loved the mythical tie in at the end. This novel proves that category romance can be as intelligent, hard hitting, raw, relevant and high quality as the very best fiction out there. An amazing book!"
Shipwrecked with Mr Wrong by Nikki Logan
Picture of Untouched by His Diamonds
rating by Jane, May 4, 2012
"Original setting for this book, which made it refreshingly different - a very modern modern! Enjoyed it a lot. Clementine was an interesting heroine, and Serge was a very hunky hero. Looking forward to more from Lucy Ellis"
Untouched by His Diamonds by Lucy Ellis
Picture of Innocent in the Ivory Tower
rating by Jane, May 3, 2012
"Loved this book, especially towards the end. The characters had great depth and emotion. Looking forward to more from Lucy Ellis"
Innocent in the Ivory Tower by Lucy Ellis
Picture of Mr Right at the Wrong Time
rating by Jane, May 2, 2012
"One of my favourite ever Riva books. The conflicts Nikki Logan draw seem so real, and so insurmountable, from the amazing first scene, right to the end - I couldn't put this book down. Although the hero isn't available - very unusual - I felt the characters maintained their moral integrity throughout. Huge sexual tension and heat, despite there being no explicit scenes. Brilliant!"
Mr Right at the Wrong Time by Nikki Logan
Picture of In Bed with a Stranger
rating by Jane, May 1, 2012
"Love this book, even more than the first in the duo. Great characters, tough problems, and a heart-warming hea. A modern with a very current feel. "
In Bed with a Stranger by India Grey