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Picture of Katrakis's Last Mistress
rating by Nedra, May 2, 2012
"I also don't understand how someone could rate this with 2 roses. It was passionate, intense, heartrending. I'm not sure I agree that the end is rushed, either. I just think that the heroine's unconditional love for the hero is what caused forgiveness to come so quickly."
Katrakis's Last Mistress by Caitlin Crews
Picture of Hidden Mistress, Public Wife
rating by Nedra, Apr 14, 2012
"Based upon the excerpt, I thought the heroine would hold him off a little longer sexually. But, she kept her identity throughout, and I liked that. It had some sexual spice. But, the hero's devotion at the end was SO sweet."
Hidden Mistress, Public Wife by Emma Darcy
Picture of Innocent in the Ivory Tower
rating by Nedra, Mar 16, 2012
"I really loved the characters. The heroine was loving and the hero self-sacrificing. Loved the sensuality as well."
Innocent in the Ivory Tower by Lucy Ellis
Picture of Undone by His Touch
rating by Nedra, Mar 15, 2012
"I loved the intensity and sensuality."
Undone by His Touch by Annie West
Picture of The Legend of de Marco
rating by Nedra, Mar 13, 2012
"Yummy hero. Awesome heroine. Sensual."
The Legend of de Marco by Abby Green
Picture of Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation
rating by Nedra, Mar 1, 2012
"Enjoyed the sexual tension. Enjoyed that the reader showed more of what the hero was thinking than many writers do. Enjoyed the sweet, but strong heroine."
Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation by Michelle Conder
Picture of Passionate Protectors?
rating by Nedra, Feb 8, 2012
"I really enjoyed the first two stories. But, this book gets a five because Maggie Cox. The only way I can describe her story is delicious."
Passionate Protectors? by Maggie Cox, Sara Craven, Anne Mather
Picture of Once a Ferrara Wife...
rating by Nedra, Feb 8, 2012
"Love the hero ... his attitude ... his passion ... even his vulnerability that comes from simply being a clueless man. Love his support of the heroine once he understood. Well crafted story. Understood the heroine's strengths as well as her insecurities. Good writing! Sarah helped us understand the characters completely. "
Once a Ferrara Wife... by Sarah Morgan
Picture of Rapunzel in New York
rating by Nedra, Feb 4, 2012
"Nikki is an awesome writer! Although the dysfunction of the H&H almost killed the romance for me, I still loved the story and the characters."
Rapunzel in New York by Nikki Logan
Picture of Mr Right at the Wrong Time
rating by Nedra, Feb 4, 2012
"This is the best of romance with out the sex scenes. But, there is something so sexy about this book. Nikki is a wonderful writer! I love her heroes and heroines! "
Mr Right at the Wrong Time by Nikki Logan