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"Soooo....can we skype in?"

Fiona • 1 year ago

Mills & Boon Romance Writing Masterclass

"I'm a bit puzzle about the problem with the manhood against the belly. Surely if the hero is taller than the heroine this would cause some misalignment as described."

Fiona • 1 year ago

Lost in Romance #30 – Fear or Fantasy…?

"Thanks. Lots of useful tips here. Twere a pity I didna know aboot the antiquated language thingy before I shipped off my heroes."

Fiona • 1 year ago

#HistoricalHeroes Writing Tournament: What do our editors look for?

"I remember when Masquerade romances first came out. Disappointing that Kathryn and Nicola didn't reveal their historical crack. Though I'm suspecting at least one of the above is a fan of The Tudors."

Fiona • 1 year ago

#HistoricalHeroes: Meet your judges!

"This is kind of tempting."

Fiona • 1 year ago

#24HoursInMandB - Editor Top 10 Tips

"Lovely post. Good luck with your upcoming books. I remember the flashes from them on the Harlequin boards and how much fun your story sounded."

Fiona • 1 year ago

The Support Factor by Stefanie London

"What a cute story."

Fiona • 1 year ago

#TemptedToWrite - The winning story

My Reviews (2)

Picture of Heir to a Dark Inheritance
rating by Fiona, Apr 2, 2013
"Alik is a bad bad man. His only redeeming feature is his loyalty to his friend Sayid, from the companion book Heir to a Desert Legacy. He's not anyone's idea of good husband and father material. But he is, reluctantly, a father. Jada has been caring for his child since the death of the mother. All she wants is to be Leena's mother. She's already been a wife and being Alik's wife would only be bearable because of baby Leena. Watching these two make a convenient marriage is like watching gunpowder in a candle shop. It is a disaster waiting to happen. A disaster full of sizzle and sark. Somehow Maisey makes it work through the darkest depths to a HEA that is believable at the last."
Heir to a Dark Inheritance by Maisey Yates
Picture of The Highest Price to Pay
rating by Fiona, Mar 19, 2012
"In a romance world where the highly sexed alpha male who dabbles in women for pleasure without committment is commonplace, Maisey Yates has added a nuance of guilt and regret in this particular male that makes him lovable even before we get to know the full story. Feeling rather jaded by the parade of male heroes who apparently cannot survive without sex on demand it was a pleasant surprise to me to meet one who was reevaluating his lifestyle in ethical terms. What a perfect time for Blaize to meet our heroine. A woman who has suffered physically and emotionally and come out fighting. NOt hiding her disfigurement to push her career without demanding pity Ella is still struggling in the highly competitive fashion world. What she needs is a guardian angel, but what she gets is Blaize Chevalier. Ruthless is just the beginning with this hero who encourages his reputation as a man who puts the bottom line before everything else. With Ella's business under fire its a case of make it pay or call it a day. Yet somehow the two make a connection that will take both way out of their comfort zones. And it is this rather than any innate conflict between the characters that threaten the relationship. The scars, physical and emotional, that both carry from the past are the biggest barrier to a HEA for these two. How Maisey Yates works her protagonists through the challenges to heal and find true love is fascinating to the last paragraph. "
The Highest Price to Pay by Maisey Yates