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Picture of Highland Vampire
rating by Keisha, Feb 26, 2012
"I personally found it very hard to read the story in which the narration was done in �I� instead of �she�. I understand the author was trying to put me into the main characters shoe, but it was difficult to read because of that context. "
Highland Vampire by Suz deMello
Picture of The Millionaire's Christmas Wife
rating by Keisha, Feb 20, 2012
"Jay said �I�m only human my love� � really??? Because to me he was the most perfect human a man can ever be on the planet. I�m hopelessly in love with this character and one can only hope men like this really exist! What an amazing story � with each page it got better and better. I loved them as a couple and I understand completely what Miriam is going through. At the same time mere �humans� like me can only hope that when I get a husband he�ll be anything as good as Jay Carter is� What a good book "
The Millionaire's Christmas Wife by Helen Brooks
Picture of Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress
rating by Keisha, Feb 19, 2012
"I�m rather upset because I�ve officially read all of Natalie Anderson books! Noooooo � she�s my favourite author,amazing woman with a brilliant mind. Now about this book � Jared is so fantastic, a very charming lovely hero with a good head of his shoulders. Does Amanda �Demanda� deserve him � even now I�m not so sure. He�s a little too good for her, But all in all was a great read. Excellent book � Top marks! "
Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress by Natalie Anderson
Picture of Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded
rating by Keisha, Feb 14, 2012
"I must say I found it really hard to connect with the heroine Cara. She was incredibly �easy� to begin with and then the way she came out to him about being pregnant turned me off of her a lot. I couldn�t respect her at all so I sided with the Hero. There are some nice moments in the book and also the storyline is rather �unique� and that makes for an interesting read. I do love Abby Green books... "
Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded by Abby Green
Picture of Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress
rating by Keisha, Feb 13, 2012
"Absolutely one of the best Mills & Boons books I have ever read. With each page turned this book got better and better. Ari is demanding and manipulative, he thinks up the craziest schemes to get this girl with him � but the way Lucy handles herself against his manipulative antics are all the best and funniest moments. He is such a wonderful hero � I truly loved their relationship. And the chemistry (wow) "
Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress by Abby Green
Picture of Blackmailed Bride, Innocent Wife
rating by Keisha, Feb 10, 2012
"Annie really knows how to write a story doesn�t she? I have to admit it took me a very long time to warm to Dario � but in the end I had no choice by to love him, he�s a sweetheart really. The storyline was very good "
Blackmailed Bride, Innocent Wife by Annie West
Picture of Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife
rating by Keisha, Feb 8, 2012
"This book actually made me cry. I�m so upset that this happen to Millie because she�s such a lovely character and I really wanted everything to be perfect for her. I love the hero he�s so amazing and he did everything right but the �twist� is so extremely unexpected. The �twist� is what really makes this book special. The pace of the book is remarkable, every page got better and better. But poor Millie�. She�s so brave. "
Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife by Sarah Morgan
Picture of Kept for Her Baby
rating by Keisha, Feb 6, 2012
"This book was absolutely brilliant! It was so easy to side with Rico at first but after a few chapters you�ll feel equally as sorry for both parties in this tragic and very real love story. The storyline isn�t like anything I�ve read before. Sometimes I wanted to reach into the book and shake Rico, but even though he�s tough at times he�s doing it for all the right reasons and I love that about him 10 stars! "
Kept for Her Baby by Kate Walker
Picture of The Sabbides Secret Baby
rating by Keisha, Feb 5, 2012
"Unfortunately It was very hard for me to believe anything Jed said or did, because he kept manipulating her with nice words and then was thinking something else throughout the book. And certain things that were mentioned over and over throughout the book, like the fact she never felt good enough to meet his family didn�t get cleared She's a lovely heroine and their were some nice moments. "
The Sabbides Secret Baby by Jacqueline Baird
Picture of Da Silva's Mistress
rating by Keisha, Feb 3, 2012
"I definitely enjoyed the book � the storyline was fun and there were some really exciting moments � the only thing I didn�t like about the hero was I found him a little too aggressive and angry for my liking "
Da Silva's Mistress by Tina Duncan