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Picture of The Acostas Box Set
rating by Charlotte, Aug 9, 2014
"I have all these and though they are great they weren't published September 2014 "
The Acostas Box Set by Susan Stephens, Susan Stephens, Susan Stephens, Susan Stephens, Susan Stephens, Susan Stephens
Picture of At No Man's Command
rating by Charlotte, Jul 23, 2014
"Truly terrible book I had to stop ready it after the description of the incident with the dog. If I wanted this type of detail I would be reading a horror book not a romance novel. I don't know how this got past the editors"
At No Man's Command by Melanie Milburne
Picture of Banished to the Harem
rating by Charlotte, Dec 4, 2012
"Found this very difficult to read and have given up. I don't like the coverage of the Arab culture, I don't like the guy. This is a M & B book without any romance."
Banished to the Harem by Carol Marinelli