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Coffee & Cake with...Heidi Rice

"A hero is one that pays attention to the needs of others, and gives special attention to the small things. Instead of diamonds a note that says I love you or a stunning dress left with a note saying "Dinner is at 7 wear the dress love xx" means more than big gestures. And your hero's are all stunning in their own unique way keep them coming ! "

Desere • 9 months ago

Lost in Romance #1 - The Musketeers and Sherlock

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Picture of To Claim His Heir by Christmas
rating by Desere, Nov 10, 2014
" Five years ago Princess Luciana of Arunthia decided to let go of her duties and be a normal woman for a while, experience life and just have fun. What she found was more than just fun, it was heaven in the arms of a man whose every touch felt like paradise. But just as fast as he had rescued her, taken her to heaven and imprinted himself in her heart, it just as fast all went to hell. She discovered his true identity, Prince Thane of Galancia, her kingdom's enemy, so naturally she took off running, only with her she took a piece of Thane he could never know about. Now five years of solitude has passed and it's time for Luciana to pay her debt to her father, she will leave her secluded and very well protected home in China and travel back to Arunthia to take the crown, marry the man her father has chosen and live a life of well pure hell, for the sleazy excuse of a man she is to marry has a different woman in his bed every night and certainly makes her skin crawl, but she has no choice. That is until Thane spies her again, and this time he has every intention of not letting her escape again, so he kidnaps her, seduces her all over again and is ready to walk her down the aisle and ensure that she does not need to marry anyone but him, the scene is set and it looks like this prince will finally have the perfect Christmas, that is until Luciana reveals her secret and just why she had to strike a bargain with her father. She has to return home and he has no choice but to let her go, again. I have been a fan of this author's books from the very first time I picked up her debut Princess in the Iron Mask, and ever since no matter the type of character or the type of setting she continues to amaze me. From hotter than hot race-car drivers to sexy kick ass bodyguards to delicious princes her characters steal my heart every time. She has the ability to take a ordinary every day sounding story and turn it into something so raw and so magical it simply leaves me breathless. The character of Thane was so commanding it actually made him scary but in a very sexy kind of way. I loved his forcefulness to fight for what he believes in, to stand up and fight for those that cannot and for never giving up hope finding the woman he loves. Of course he had his flaws but then show me the man that is perfect! The character of Luciana was a heartbreaking one, I really felt bad for this poor woman. It cannot be easy to be forced to hide secrets , hide out in a corner of the world till a allocated time and then take a on a crown and responsibilities you never wanted, and in the process lose more of yourself because what you truly crave will simply never be. The author took these two characters on a simply remarkable journey of discovery, love, compassion and built an incredible bond. I am taking away a message of the past only binds us if we allow it to, when you know it's right, fight with all your might for the ones you love. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance, it was sensational, passionate, compelling and a pure romantic masterpiece, and I will happily spend the rest of my days inside the pages of any story this author dreams up, she delivers with a bang each and every time. 5/5 star review " Fire and Ice come together to set off the explosion of a lifetime" "
To Claim His Heir by Christmas by Victoria Parker
Picture of The Russian's Acquisition
rating by Desere, Nov 9, 2014
"To: From: Subject: Contractual Offer You will find $100 000 in your charity's account today, provided I find you in my bed tonight. Those are the shocking words Clair has to face up to, when the notorious Aleksy Dmitriev enters her life. Alesky is after the ultimate revenge, yet his plan backfires spectacularly when he discovers Clair is a virgin and cannot possibly have been her former employer's lover. But not all is lost, he is the one and the only Alesky Dmitriev of course and he will not go down that easy. Revenge is out the window but he will still enjoy the perks of his purchase, only spitfire Clair is destined to be more than just this Russian's acquisition! Let the games begin! This read is by far the best Dani Collins book ever! The characters were simply perfect from start to finish. Intense, raw, passionate and so realistic it felt as if they were coming alive with each word and action the author played out , I really felt that wow connection with them both and it blew me away! The character of Alesky was the perfect mix of dark and tortured becomes sweet and kind I adored it. The character of Clair was strong and feisty really stuck it to the hero and I mean really, really stuck it to him. It was fun, intense and simply remarkable. The one and only complaint I have about this read , was that it ended. I wanted the passion and iintensityof this relationship to continue long after I read the last line. I am taking away a message of everyone has someone they are willing to die for, the trick is to be able to recognize when such a person enters your life, if you don't then the loss will be more devastating then death itself. I recommend this read for all fans of romance reads. And if you are not a fan of romance this is the read that will hook you , and suddenly have you believing in love, forever. 5/5 star review " He takes her to heaven then sends her crashing to hell, will it be too late to bring her back again?" "
The Russian's Acquisition by Dani Collins
Picture of From Enemy's Daughter to Expectant Bride
rating by Desere, Nov 9, 2014
"Rafael Salazar is back in Rio to seek revenge, he will destroy the man who stole his childhood. Then by a twist of fate he spies a beauty across the ballroom and passion overwhelms him. Then comes the shock of discovering who she is, but even this is not enough to veer him off course, he will make her his. Eliana Ferreira has never met a man quite like Rafael, he's powerful, unstoppable and simply irresistible. She knows there is a deep dark force that drives him and she should steer clear but she cannot deny him anything, that is until she discovers his terrible purpose. But it's too late, she's expecting his baby and is only days away from becoming his bride, will revenge tear them apart? This was a romance read in true Oliva Gates style. Pure raw passion and overwhelming intensity. The characters were strong, realistic and really shone from the pages. I really love how this author always takes characters to new heights. It's as if she literally pulls them from the streets , sits them down , and starts writing around their personal stories, simply remarkable. The character of Rafael was the magic in this book, this man is grabbed onto my heart and he still has not let go. I loved him for trying so hard to fight back against the cards life had dealt him, but even more for trying to prevent it happening to anyone else, he was like a dark prince among a glittering world of crime. Eliana was a nice and slow character, but not too slow that she came off boring, she had the right balance of fire and ice , which of course made her super fun to read. I am taking away a message of revenge can seem like the ultimate plan of attack, but nothing is always as it seems. Before you act , retrack and rethink it could be the difference between losing it all and gaining a lifetime of happiness. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance that love a remarkable set of characters, a fantastic enjoyable plot and a fabulous ending ! 5/5 star review " The devil meets an angel and all hatered fades away""
From Enemy's Daughter to Expectant Bride by Olivia Gates
Picture of Maybe This Christmas
rating by Desere, Nov 3, 2014
"This is the final part to the amazing O'Neil brothers series by the always talented Sarah Morgan. This time we get to go inside the mind of Tyler and just why he won't get involved with his best friend Brenna! Ex-skiing champion, reformed heartbreaker and single dad Tyler has one only mission this Christmas and that's to make sure his thirteen year old daughter, Jess, has the best Christmas ever. Then things get a little more complicated when his best friend Brenna has to temporarily move in with them. She has been a distraction for as long as he can remember, but he has always kept his distance, because sex will complicate their friendship, and he'll be dammed if he messes up the only friend-relationship he still has left. So Brenna and her sexy ab's will just have to be kept out of his thoughts and out of his bed! Besides he doesn't do long term , ever! Easier said then done, because Brenna, encouraged by her friends takes a leap of faith and in no uncertain terms makes sure Tyler knows she 's in love with him, she 's waited her whole life for him to see her as a woman and not just as one of the guys. But once they kiss the relationship shifts from friends to madly sexually addicted to each other, and Tyler is not the forever kind so is it actually worth it, or will Tyler make her dreams come true this Christmas? I have been addicted to this series from book one and since I 'met' Tyler and Brenna in the first book I could not wait to dig into their happy ever after. From the first two books I could of course pick up that both Tyler and Brenna have some issues and the whole world can see they're in love with each other but keep holding back, this was delicious build up tension, but pure torture to wait , am so glad I finally got the lowdown ! Tyler has this sort of electric I'll make you mine with just a kiss feel to him which made him the sexiest brother by far. I adored how the author let him be this intensely sexy man and he knows it ladies, he truly knows every woman wants him, but he stays gentle in so many other ways and does not let his sex on legs appeal get the better of him. He tries harder than most hero's to be a good father, he puts his foot in it quite a number of times but he tries so hard and it just made my heart melt and I loved him to bits! Through this character the author showed that there is always a different type of person underneath the layers we present to the world, never judge and never believe everything you hear, it hurts a person more than you will ever know. The character of Brenna was fun, sweet, kind and just the type of heroine anyone will love. Her past is a terrible one, and made me stop and wish I could have been there to teach her how to fight back and stand up for herself. I simply loved how the author used Brenna 's friends to finally push her to fight for what she wants, it was like reading about a tiny puppy turning in to a fierce don't mess with me dog! Riveting ! Through this character the author showed that bottling up your feelings and anger never leads to anything good, the hurt festers and prevents us from becoming the people we are truly meant to be. From this read am taking away a message of life throws us curveballs we never see coming, but what if we grab onto the curveball instead of dodging it? Will it work out, will it fail? No one knows but just maybe we will get what we want by grabbing hold of the curveball that is the first step to making it happen. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance. The read was magical, sensual and so romantic you will forever believe in the power of love and the magic of Christmas after reading it! 5/5 star review " One night leads to Christmas every day and an avalanche of emotions " "
Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan
Picture of The Million-Dollar Question
rating by Desere, Nov 2, 2014
"Evan Lawford has come a long way from being the no good frat boy he use to be. He pours all his energy into building his company, and dealing with the occasional break-up's. The one thing that has remained the same is his feelings for pretty ballerina Olivia Madison. Years ago, the took her to heaven and then sent her to hell, when he broke her heart by letting her think she was just another hot one night stand. Now Olivia is back and she 's even more tempting then she use to be, and just like the first time he's not able to resist her, the difference this time? He's not so sure he can let her go again, if only her family was not in the way, again. Olivia knows she should not fall for Evan's charm again, after the first time it hurt bad enough, but one look and he sends her heart into a spin more fancy than any she 's attempted on stage. But what will he do when he discovers the real reason she has for making contact with him after so many years ? This was a super fun and funky read, a great storyline with a nice even flow of events. I adored the character of Olivia. I really enjoyed her push till you reach the top attitude, it gave the read that really cool upbeat feeling. Evan was such a heartbreaking character it tore at my heartstrings and I could not wait for the author to step in and rescue this sweetheart of a man, and when she did the man himself was even more sweet than before! Fabulous setting descriptions, gorgeous romance with a stunning message of love can overcome it all, if you are brave enough to step out onto the stage of love and risk your heart. I recommend this read for all Kimberly Lang fans, it was fun, sweet, sassy and funky with just the prefect dose of emotion to make it a great afternoon escape into romance. 4.5 star review " She's always had his heart, but will her ambition tear it apart?" "
The Million-Dollar Question by
Picture of Your Bed or Mine?
rating by Desere, Oct 31, 2014
"Tori Phillips is one of those woman who has the worst possible luck with men. You know the kind that dates men everyone can see is a royal class jerk, but because she likes having a man around Tori goes with the flow. But each and every time it does end and she goes back to living with her two best friends, after the last fiasco she imposes a man ban and heads back home, only this time her room for darn sure is not how she left it, she has to share with hotter than hot new roommate Matt. Matt knows from experience how much trouble love can cause so he's steering clear of forever. But one night with sex bomb Tori can't hurt. After all this is just a fling and no one ever said anything about forever. The hardest decision they have to make is his bed or hers, right? This was a great read with lots of nice hot passion tension and a awesome plot. The opening lines of the read were well written and started off with a really great attention grabbing scene. It was one of those you know theses two are so perfect for each other, yet so wrong too kind romances , that had me in stitches most of the time, both of the humor and saddening kind. Joss Wood has again proven just why she can take two characters that both seem hopeless beyond comprehension and turn them into a couple you can't help but root for. I am taking away a message of life has a way of showing us the wrong turns we have to take or in this case the wrong people we have to date, in order to prepare us to hold on to the perfect one when it comes knocking or as in Tori's case move in to our bedrooms! I recommend this read for fans of fast paced sexy and humorous reads. 4.5 star review " She's about to fall yet again, will he catch or simply let go ?" "
Your Bed or Mine? by Joss Wood
Picture of From Fling to Forever
rating by Desere, Oct 29, 2014
"I have always been a huge fan of flings that lead to forever, so of course this title had me from the start. I am use to reading this author's HQ Kiss line books and those I must tell you are simply brilliant, full of life and vibrant energy. As far as HQ Medicals go it is a very small list of selected few authors that have made it onto my auto-reading list. After reading From Fling to Forever this author has ticked all the boxes required to make my HQM list. In this read fate conspires repeatedly to throw together kindhearted nurse Ella Reynolds and the very delicious sexy documentary filmmaker Aaron James, and it's not long before this very unlikely couple give in to their super hot chemistry. Both have their hearts locked firmly away but who cares it's only a fling so no harm , just some hot and sexy fun, right? This read was both quick and fun, even with the entire sadness of the dreadful disease Malaria rearing it's ugly head, the romance and sizzle between the main characters kept it light enough to not let me feel as if I was missing the escape into romance feeling I craved. From the author's previous books I have learned that her characters are usually these wild and out of place kind that shock you on every page, a fact I simply adore, am happy to say she has done the same this time. Each time I was surprised at the actions , and yes I yelled out more than once for them to both just get it together, simply riveting reading ! I am taking away a message of how our past can lead to us losing out on the chance of a lifetime, as they say regret always comes too late. Of course we all have regrets, but in life there is always a second chance, the trick is to act upon that second chance instead of walking away with yet another regret, because let's face it a third chance doesn't come along. Act now, live life. I recommend this read for all fans looking for a fun and sexy afternoon read with a touch of reality and great emotion. 4.5 star review " Opening the door to the future, is easy if you can leave the past outside" "
From Fling to Forever by Avril Tremayne
Picture of Dare She Date Again?
rating by Desere, Oct 6, 2014
"Every single mom knows falling in love again is something you don't think about, your focus is on raising your child/children and providing them with love and of course everything else they may need. So of course the reaction of single mom and paramedic Samantha Doxtator is a natural one when her new student George Atavik pulls out all the stops to get her attention. Samantha does not have the time for this she needs to focus on getting George all trained and set up before she leaves to chase her dream of being an air ambulance pilot and besides she has guarded her heart against loss and pain for so long with very good reason. But as I said George is dead set on taking full advantage of the attraction he has for Samantha, he very nearly lost his life a while back and he's is never ever going to let second chances slip from his grasp, he turns up the charm to full speed and if's his luck at life continues he will have Samantha is his arms before anyone can say lift off! I loved this read, it had a great emotional vibe and awesome intense passion which once it was set into full motion totally overshadowed my expectations. Because even though I know for a sure fire fact this author is one of the best in the business the blurb sounded a little off, and I had a fear that I would end up too sad or too frustrated with the character of Samantha, it makes no sense to other readers but to me having experienced so any let down's with single mother characters that seem to drag on and on and on before they actually get to reasonable point the fear will always remain. But because this is one of my top authors I of course knew not to judge the book by it's description alone, and little did I know the book would deliver an incredible message about fear. So that of course set me neatly into my place and sure showed me! The character of George was a wonderful bundle of fun, I loved his spunk and go get 'em attitude even whilst living with the fear of flying the guy really does try his utmost to push his way to the top in everything he does, including snagging Samantha's attention. The character of Samantha was nothing like I expected her to be, she is cautious of course as any single mom would be but the author does not let her fear of taking a chance at a little fun in life , as I mentioned this is something I have found over and over again in so many other similar reads and yes I completely understand the fear woman like Samantha has but I have found in other reads that it is simply too dragged out, too over done and I end up getting so frustrated with the character that I wish I never started the book in the first place. This was not the case with this read and I give a major thumbs up to the author ! I am taking away a message of fear is a natural reaction from anyone in any situation. But when fear holds you back from every single chance at happiness , it might just be the time to start thinking " Maybe I should react and see what happens". Yes you could end up hurt in so many different ways but in the end you'll at least know you took the shot and over came your fear. I recommend this read for all fans of romance reads, the read had fantastic tension, red hot romance and a stunning ending which will live in my heart for a long time. 5/5 star review "Flying high on the wings of love and hope" "
Dare She Date Again? by Amy Ruttan
Picture of Fired by Her Fling
rating by Desere, Oct 6, 2014
""You're fired." Those are not words anyone wants to hear yet they are the words that radio DJ Tallulah Lazenby hears, worse the words come from the sex god she just spent the night with! But Mr sex god aka Tristan Bamfield is also the one that wants to take charge and get Lula back on air, after a night like they had his inner softie side tells him there is a whole lot more going on in the studio that first meets the eye. And firing Lula for darn sure did not feel all that great. Soon what is meant to be one night becomes weeks of long tantalizing torture. Because back in the studio the red hot memories are making Lula a major distraction and business as usual for this once always professional bad boy is much harder to pull off then ever before. I have been a fan of this author's books from her debut into the world of romance and she has never let me down. She always delivers one heck of plot with stunning characters and warm fuzzy emotion that sends me into that warm and snugly place of happiness. When I first read the blurb for this book I immediately fell in love with the characters and what I already knew would be one heck of an awesome plot, as I mentioned this author 's books always gives me that overwhelming sense of happiness so I knew I was in for a guaranteed romance of the year read. Where I made the mistake was not thinking that the book would be even more incredible that anything the author has written before. She completely blew me away! Delicious sexual tension, incredible emotion and remarkable moments of heartbreakingly beautiful clarity when the truth starts to be revealed. The characters of Tristan and Lula were both so beautiful they brought me to tears, and I simply could not get enough of the stunning slowly blossoming relationship, I was completely entranced and fascinated as these two go from red hot lovers to enemies and back again to fighting together for justice. From both characters am taking away a message that life is a roller coaster of emotions that most of time no one wants to deal with, but when you share your thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams with someone it becomes easier to deal with it all head on. Keeping things bottled up will only have the end result of someone special giving up and never wanting to try and help you and leaving you to truly be alone. Talk about everything and anything with that someone special in the long run you 'll be glad you did. I highly recommend this read for romance fans looking for a fun and upbeat spunky read with red hot passion and beautiful emotion , a combination so remarkable it will forever hook you onto this author's books and simply never let you go! 5/5 star review " Fired or hired either way the land of radio is about to heat up like never before" "
Fired by Her Fling by Christy McKellen
Picture of The Valquez Seduction
rating by Desere, Oct 3, 2014
"Have you ever read a book from start to finish, closed it off and just sat there as ever so slowly you try and reenter the world of the living? Taking deep breaths doesn't help, staring at the cover only let's you fall deeper back into the book, and staring at the space around you only makes you want to crawl back inside the world the author created , thus you are so completely trapped it will take you months to reenter the world of real people again. This my dear reading friends is what happened to me when I completed the new read from Melanie Milburne. I felt a variety of emotions bouncing around, it ranged from heart aching sadness for the hurt the characters had to go through, to an all time high of joy as it was brought together in true spectacular Melanie Milburne fashion. The read tells of innocent schoolteacher, Daisy Wyndham, standing outside a Las Vegas nightclub she has never felt more out of her depth, and that was before I do more than play the game on the field Argentinian polo player, Luiz Valquez comes to her rescue in front of the press. This rescue however leads to reports of their engagement and soon they strike a deal. It's a dangerous charade but it's one they're both prepared to play. And when it ends they will both have what they want, Luiz 's playboy image will be gone and Daisy will cast aside her cloistered upbringing. But with Luiz doing his very best to be good and Daisy trying her damnedest to be bad, and I do mean very bad it's only a matter of time before one of them gives in. But which one will walk away from the deal first, when it comes to saying I love you? Now as mentioned this read had me completely just sitting there and staring into space as I tried to come back down to earth and process the various emotions, it has happened to me before but it has never been this intense! I felt like crying because the book had ended and I felt as if I had just lost apart of my soul, and quite frankly I doubt it will ever be found again. The character of Luiz was intense, and I mean seriously intense. He goes from playboy to complete sweetheart in mere seconds at various times in the read, yes it does sound a little like those types of men that send mixed signals and you can never really figure them out, but it was not the case. It was more of a " this is me, sinfully sexy Luiz, playboy extraordinaire, but only to the outside world, when I am with Daisy I am the real me". It did drive me a little nuts, because I wanted the whole world to see the real him and not just Daisy, but him slotting into place the mask did get me thinking that it's what most likely all of us do at some stage in our lives. We want to be seen as something merely to protect ourselves but deep down there is always someone that is able to get us to bring out the real us. But it never really protects us against anything, it only shows us in a light of uncertainly and most of the time makes us unapproachable to the rest of the world, and let's face it that doesn't sound very much fun. So why? Letting the true you shine out to the world will in the long run ensure that no one is uncertain of you or your actions, step up and step out it's what the world wants. The character of Daisy was all kinds of sweet, she's a teacher after all. What I enjoyed most about her was her shed the innocence mission. Naturally her innocence showed her as this crisp clean wholesome lady, but her eagerness to get out there and shed the innocence was what made her character fun to read. I am not saying all innocent woman need to go out there and find a hot guy to get down and dirty with, simply to say they'v e made the transition from good to bad, but just letting go a little of the reins will teach you that there is more to life then always obeying the rules, from parents to the press, no matter rules are meant to be our own. Keeping to the rules of others will only make you dull, and what will you end up with? Sadness and not feeling for-fulled at all. I am taking away a beautiful message of life is meant to be lived as much as possible. Hiding behind rules and masks is not the way to get out there and find your happiness, romantically or otherwise. It's shedding the masks and telling the rules " See you on the other side!" I highly recommend this read was all fans who love to escape into a world of romance and passion. Melanie Milburne is one of the top selling authors of our time and has always managed to climb inside the hearts of her readers, but with this read she has proven she can capture your soul! A beautiful, stunning, remarkable, captivating, unforgettable read. 5/5 star review "From temporary down and dirty to permanent bliss" "
The Valquez Seduction by Melanie Milburne