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Coffee & Cake with...Heidi Rice

"A hero is one that pays attention to the needs of others, and gives special attention to the small things. Instead of diamonds a note that says I love you or a stunning dress left with a note saying "Dinner is at 7 wear the dress love xx" means more than big gestures. And your hero's are all stunning in their own unique way keep them coming ! "

Desere • 1 year ago

Lost in Romance #1 - The Musketeers and Sherlock

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Picture of It Started with No Strings...
rating by Desere, May 15, 2015
"Reviewed by Desere The words " Blame it on...." have always been the response of most people when they realize they should have known better and there in actual fact is no real excuse, so you grasp at whatever you can. In this read from the very talented Kate Hardy is the champagne getting the blame. At a London salsa club ( sexy as all heck I will add) consultant Aaron Hughes catches sight of the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He doesn't do relationships but one night of fun with a perfect stranger can't hurt, or can it? Registrar Joni Parker, dancing and sipping champagne is just what the Dr. ordered to remedy her what-would -have-been-wedding -night. Until she finds an even better cure, her very first ever fling! It's excitement overload! But what starts with no strings turns into one big old complication when Aaron walks into the hospital on Monday morning as the new consultant. This was an incredibly sexy read from start to finish I was hooked over and over by the absolutely brilliant chemistry between Aaron and Joni, talk about setting the pages alight! I adored Aaron to absolute bits, all I wanted to do was grab him and keep him to myself. The author gave him the perfect balance of non - committal but willing to try for the right reasons , I loved every minute!! And Joni, oh my gosh my heart shattered into a million pieces for this poor heroine, the author put me front and center for every single drop of emotion this heroine experienced, her heartache, the shame, the hope and the very real reality she had to face. This is one of those reads that if I dare to go on with my review I will without a doubt spoil it, because it's a book that I will ever stop talking about it was that good! So am going to only add that if there is only one medical romance you read this year, make it this one. Emotionally packed, drama filled, shocking revelation filled and a gorgeous romance that tells of hope and new beginnings. 5/5 star review " No strings, just fun, until the Monday after !" "
It Started with No Strings... by Kate Hardy
Picture of A New Year Marriage Proposal
rating by Desere, May 8, 2015
"Everyone knows Christmas is a time for magic Be it magic of the romantic kind or just a little faith being born , no matter the magic is always there when those twinkling lights makes it way around in December. This read from the very talented Kate Hardy was the absolute perfect example of that Christmas magic sneaking it's way into the lives of two stunning characters. The story tells of reclusive Quinn O'Neil and when his new neighbor Carissa Wylde asks for his help with a Christmas charity project, Now he can't resist her vivacious energy and soon he's caught up in the work and the beautiful, fun loving woman running the show. But Carissa carries hurt and pain beneath her smiles and bright holiday cheer, can Quinn kiss it better when the twinkling lights start to shine ? Or will he kiss and run? Quinn has the battle of battles on his hand, proving to Carissa he's plans on sticking around forever and not just for the holidays, because his track record has always been kiss and run but this time he's found the one. I loved, loved LOVED the character of Quinn , he was kind and caring and had the perfect balance of sensitive but tough, just what every woman wants right?! The stunning totally of the hook awesome character of Carissa really got to me, I felt so deeply heartbroken for her that I wept right along with her when the author starts to reveal the very real heartache she hides behind all her perfectly practiced smiles, of course I could not stop smiling either when those practiced smiles turned into very genuine smiles as Quinn dug his way into her heart. This is as I said a Christmas read, but can be read at any time of the year because the very real heartfelt emotion and breathtaking romance in this read will immediately sweep you off your feet and Christmas or not you will be whisk right into the magic of Christmas ! Simply beautifully done Kate! 5/5 star review " Lights, kisses and homemade brownie leads to the best Christmas romance ever!" "
A New Year Marriage Proposal by Kate Hardy
Picture of A Bride for the Runaway Groom
rating by Desere, May 8, 2015
"Everyone knows the standard joke of any wedding, the bride of groom taking off ! Now as funny as that sounds ( I mean who actually really wants to run away from their wedding day, okay lots of people but it's still a little funny to think about), it still involves a lot of heartache and drama and what if's are always left unanswered. Of course in the world of romance writing just about anything and everything can and will happen to make it all come back together and shine bright like a a wedding day diamond! In this new read from author Scarlet Wilson it happens and in spectacular Scarlet Wilson fashion. We meet elusive millionaire Will Carter, he has been almost married four times, yes you read that right I said four times! This little burst-my-bubble-that's-a-lot of almost's makes him pretty much the perfect candidate for helping Rose Huntingdon-Cross organize a wedding. But as time goes by the heart-stopping attraction between then grows with each passing moment and soon Rose finds herself wishing she could be lucky number five. She finds that getting Will to the altar is the easy part getting him to stay there and say I do is the part she knows will make or break their relationship. This was a truly magical read, romance with pure bliss. Heartfelt and gut wrenching emotion had me reaching for tissues for pretty much almost the entire read. I loved the character of Rose, fun and funky whilst still keeping her pose as a woman on a mission to prove her worth. And Will, ah sweet , kind, caring and totally hopelessly lost Will, what a man ! I wanted to strangle him one minute and the next I could kiss him to death. I adored the author letting this hero find his true emotions and letting them erupt right at the precise moment I as reader wanted it to. A sweet, sensual and heart-stoppingly beautiful read that is guaranteed to send any reader's heart into a flutter. 5/5 star review "Capturing his heart is easy, keeping him grounded not so much!" "
A Bride for the Runaway Groom by Scarlet Wilson
Picture of Bridesmaid with Attitude
rating by Desere, May 5, 2015
"Reviewed by Desere The first time I read a book by this author ( back then not a Mills and Boon book ) I sat back at the end and I was like " Wow , just wow" because at the time all I read were Mills and Boon's and this was one of my very first non-mills-and-boon books, and the wow part was that I was speechless because I could not believe that there were other author's out there capable of writing this well and it not being published by my favorite publisher. Pretty darn dumb I know but since then I have learned, trust me I have learned , never only look for that pretty little rose image. Since then my favorite publisher has seen the light and this author has proved over and over again just why she belongs in the world of M&B. Now this time the author introduced me to Emily Applegate , she's the head bridesmaid and she's furious! Lord Berkeley cancels her best friend's wedding venue and Emily is naturally everything but impressed. But gorgeous Theo is adamant that the wedding won't happen at his estate, that is unless Emily makes a trade. But willingly playing the Earl's fake fiancee, yeah she's not so sure about that. Especially when there's absolutely nothing fake about the out of control off the charts sizzle between them! A stunningly crafted romance of epic proportions, yes that's what this book was. A fun and feisty heroine that's pretty much cornered and a stubborn hero that's uses each and every single drop of his power to get what he wants , perfect setup for romance with a kick don't you agree? I loved the power-play between these two characters, so very in your face, oh no you don't , don't you bloody damn well dare, okay fine you win ! Theo as I said was stubborn , and I do mean stubborn, I wanted to stick him in a seller and let him rot at one stage , but only for a little while. I adored the author letting him hide in plain sight so to speak, it really reminded me just how much we can be out and about in the world yet hidden from everyone. Now as heroine Emily was a really fun one to read, I really enjoyed her spunk, pushing Theo to a certain degree but not really pushing as hard as I knew she could, of course this meant she had a little something in the back of her mind causing the prevention, and oh my gosh when the author let that one come to light I literally jumped off the bed , shouted out " Really? What the heck?!" But through these actions the author showed how there is always a little part of us that needs a push from the other side to send us on the right path. Passionate, awesome fun and crazy dialogue, emotionally packed and simply filled with elegant romance! Highly recommended ! 5/5 star review " Who ever said being a bridesmaid doesn't involve a little kissing of a very sexy behind!" "
Bridesmaid with Attitude by Christy McKellen
Picture of The CEO's Baby Surprise
rating by Desere, May 2, 2015
"The saying never say never comes true in this wonderful read from Helen Lacey. Mary-Jane Preston never does one night stands until she comes face to face with an out of control attraction that completely overpowers her. The attractions comes in the form of Daniel Anderson, he's devastatingly handsome , suave and everything a girl could want,except for the last four years he has made sure to never let his guard down, letting it slip will just bring tragedy to his life again. So when Mary-Jane informs him that their one night stand has resulted in her being pregnant with twins , he 's all for marriage to make sure their twins are protected but falling in love with her is the one thing he refuses to do. But Mary-Jane doesn't just want his ring and his protection she wants his heart and fight to get it is what she will do. This is one of those books that will stay with romance readers for a long time after the last page has been read. I adored the character of Mary-Jane, even with everything the world of an unexpected pregnancy brings she still holds her head high, and even still sees the humor in life. Spunky, fun and just so very likable, that I doubt any reader will be able to find fault with her. Daniel was the one that my heart broke for, the heartache and loss he faced in the past really is something no one ever has to go through. He is a truly broken man and of course in desperate need of some serious tender loving care. But as we all know not every broken person wants to let anyone in so the author letting Mary-Jane be this really awesome in your face try and make me go away kin of character was really neat. It's a stunning story of romance, new hope and all set within the perfect bubble of beautiful writing. I highly recommend this read for all lovers of romance journeys with powerful emotion and a message of there is always being a new tomorrow. 5/5 star review " One night and nine months leads to the road to of happiness " "
The CEO's Baby Surprise by Helen Lacey
Picture of Olivero's Outrageous Proposal
rating by Desere, Apr 28, 2015
"Kate Walker is back and this time it's a real humdinger of a journey ! We have Dario Olivero, he sees Alyse Gregory as a way to reap revenge against his estranged half brother, he 'll use her to get the family acceptance he has always craved and then walk away. But then he discovers Alyse's family debts and realizes he cannot simply walk away. There is only one solution and it's in true Harlequin Presents fashion.... a marriage proposal ! Of course this is not what Alyse was expecting yet she does see the logic therein and besides her body might be saying yes and her head no, but she can always find her head and steer it in the right direction, right ? But whilst basking in the Tuscan sun their mutual attraction escalates out of hand and soon they have a whole other inconvenient dilemma to deal with! Oh and did I forget to mention there's also Marcus who wants Alyse all to himself! It's the perfect heart-racing rush to the end of feelings, overpowering emotions, heartache, blackmail and a whole lot of secrets ! This was the type of book that is so fast paced and emotionally packed that it is impossible to put it down once you start, do not I repeat do not start reading this book when you have to get to bed early for an early start, trust me your thoughts will be whirling around and no sleep will come! Oh and as myself you will end up grabbing it and reading it till the very end and at am realize you have to get up in an hour! Talk about a long day, but with these characters and the remarkable journey created by a very talented author it was all worth it! I loved the characters, both strong and passionate and both with that delicious ' Back off, don't mess with me" vs " I am all yours as long as ..." attitude , it gave the read the perfect dark meets light element that I love so much when it comes to romance books. For those that read my reviews , you will know that this is where I start digging into the characters and breaking them down bit by bit, but today that is something that will cause a huge injustice to this book. Why? Because this is the number one Kate Walker book! You have to read it for youself Passion. amazing flair, an incredible journey of love, self discover and just so much more that I am finding it really hard to place the exact words After completing this read I was in a daze for days, and not just because of the lack of sleep no, it was the a state of complete awe, as to just how amazing this author's work is. She took a simple found in so many other romance books plot and changed it into one of the most magical journeys of romance I have ever come across. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance. It had the danger vs anger vs passion and betrayal , the this is not over till I say it is and the roller coaster of emotions that completely overwhelmed me! Just perfect!! 5/5 star review " One problem leads to one solution but then a whole other problem arises""
Olivero's Outrageous Proposal by Kate Walker
Picture of Bound by a Baby Bump
rating by Desere, Apr 25, 2015
"Rachel Archer has every single little detail of her life planned, down to the last letter. It's what makes her feel safe and as if nothing unexpected can throw her off kilter. Then gorgeous knock-my -socks-off - always living the life of a free spirit Leo Fairfax tempts her to live on the wild side, just for one night. That one magical night changes both their lives forever, when they discover that Rachel is pregnant! It's the kind of disorganized mess Rachel did not expect, and Leo well he has quite the job ahead trying to convince Rachel that he's sticking around for her and the baby and no matter what he will win her heart. But Rachel did not organize any space in her heart for anyone not a baby and certainly not a man! This was one of those reads that clearly shows how truly beautiful love between opposites can be and how the news of a baby can make people re-asses, rearrange and ultimately find the perfect balance needed to cement love into an unbreakable bond. And most importantly that nothing is set in stone, everyone is capable of change. I loved the character differences to bits! Rachel trying so hard to re-organize her life back into a neatly ticked box was really fun to read, and Leo trying beyond hard to let go of his free spirit lifestyle in order to show Rachel he will be around for everything being a parent entails. It truly was like watching a very prim and proper princess being knocked off her throne and a soldier having to learn how to stay in one place for once. The author's writing was really great, a nice even flow, none of all the going back and forth battles and then going around and around again and again. The battles were there of course otherwise it would not have been a romance book, but the battles were as I said not dragged out and played out over and over again as I have found to be the case in many of the Cherish line books. The romance blossoming between Rachel and Leo was so masterfully done and with such raw deeply heartfelt emotion that for the most part whilst reading I had a constant supply of Kleenex ready. A truly magical journey that will give any romance reader that falling in love rush from start to finish Watch out for this author, guaranteed she will be taking romance to new heights ! 5/5 star review " One night, nine months , a lifetime " "
Bound by a Baby Bump by Ellie Darkins
Picture of From Ex to Eternity
rating by Desere, Apr 21, 2015
"Next to cheating I think being jilted at the altar is one of the worse things anyone can do to another who obviously loves them enough to want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. But as with most romance upsets there is a little something this one did or said or even just thought that led to then running from the altar instead of to it. This is the case in the new read from master story teller Kat Cantrell. So let me set the scene for you, it's been two years since Cara was left at the altar , heartbroken and understandably very ashamed. She's not ready to meet Keith Mitchell again after the embarrassment and heartache he caused her, and she is definitely not ready to work with him either. Keith feels terrible about leaving Cara at the altar, but to be fair a misunderstanding sent him running. But now that he knows the truth he wants Cara back in his bed. The only question that is to be asked, will Cara use their passion to gain ultimate revenge? Or will their be a happy ever after in their future? This was an utterly gorgeous read, from start to finish, everything just flowed like a crystal clear stream. The read was not one of those Desire reads that has so many things that has to happen that it literally frustrates me to the point where I want to rather go see the dentist than read the book. There was none of the first this and than that happens and then oh let's not forget this has to happen first too before this part of the story can actually happen , and all the while you are sitting there thinking 'I know this already because it's as clear as day so why not just get on with it!" I loved both characters and I adored the manner the author let their journey of love be like re-discovering a beautiful mystery. Through both characters the author gave the clear message that revenge is really a dish served cold, because being cold and unfeeling towards those that you think harmed you will always somehow blow up in your face and leave you feeling cold, alone and like you cannot find the way back to happiness. And as they say assumptions are the mother of all screw-up-s. Don't assume, run that final check before you let your shoes run faster than you can say I do! I highly recommend this read for all fans of reuniting romances reads. It was fun and witty, passionate and emotional. Well done Kat you have once again shown just why you deserve the master of desire story telling title in my book! 5/5 star review " It's her job to wow the crowd, it's his job to prove he really means I do" "
From Ex to Eternity by Kat Cantrell
Picture of Her Boss by Day...
rating by Desere, Apr 15, 2015
"The incredible shining talent of Joss Wood is back, and it's more remarkable than ever! In this book one to the Sydney's Most Eligible Series we meet talking to herself in the mirror to try and find the courage to get out of a date Willa Moore-Fisher. Yep, sounds a little like she's crazy but I know for a fact there are many woman that talk to themselves in the mirror, it's weird but a great way to find that little inner goddess we all wish was with us 24/7. Now when Willa is not talking to herself in the mirror she is focused on proving herself. She has an honours degree, she's got loads of talent and when International tycoon Rob Hanson needs a new accountant it's just the bit of luck that Willa needs. Except there is one little problem, she knows her boss already and not the " I've met you before, how have you been?" kind of know, nope she knows him intimately! Talk about awkward! Rob doesn't do long term, his step father's mission of destruction of his family pretty much made sure of it. Willa however is just what he needs, she's got a head for numbers and a body for sin, she'll crunch his business numbers by day and crunch him at night. But once he has her in his arms he starts to wonder if he shouldn't make her a permanent fixture in his life, but what about that little word called divorce? I loved the characters in this book, from page one both Rob and Willa were shouting out" I am in your face and there's nothing you can do about it!" I loved every single minute of it. Fun, a little crazy, passionate, sensual and addictive are only some of the words I can think of and yet none of those seem to do this book justice, definitely one of the best books I've read all year. Best of all was the ending, I so did not see it coming, I had a complete different scenario playing out in my head, and usually it feels like I have been let down when books end in not quite the manner I wanted it to, but this time around I was actually very pleasantly happy about it. Through the remarkable characters of Rob and Willa the author showed how everyone sometimes needs a change in order to find what they are made of, it's a hard and long battle to get to the end results but with a little change the picture becomes crystal clear and the way forward is paved with everything dreams are made of. So stop the pushing and chill awhile. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads that have a high dosage of sexiness, fantastic emotion and a stunning somewhat laid back meets intense romance journey. Joss Wood has once again shown she is an author that will go down in romance history as being able to give readers a juicy story packed with lots of zest for life energy and one of the hottest fictional couples of all time. 5/5 star review " He's the boss by day, but at night the tables are turned" "
Her Boss by Day... by Joss Wood
Picture of The Tycoon's Stowaway
rating by Desere, Apr 12, 2015
"When picking up a Stefanie London book I can always be sure there will be blazing hot passion, scrumptious settings and really awesome fun and fresh characters. But what makes her books so much fun to read is that each time she manages to surprise me with something new. Of course the characters are new, the setting is new and the story is new, but it's the hero and heroine's personalities that manage to surprise and blow me away with every one of her books. In this read she did it again, by taking a non traditional Mills and Boon Modern hero and changing him up in ways that had me thinking " Why are more of the hero's in these reads not like this?" It starts with Brodie, he is not the typical tycoon type, he's more fun and laid back, hardworking yes but with that seriously sexy " Let's get down and dirty at the beach because I am all about the party!" This being said there he does also have a hidden side behind the party-boy attitude, he's a really big softie and takes really good care of his sisters. Successful yacht charter owner, sexy party at the beach bad-boy but I will take care of you at all costs , so yeah pretty much the perfect man! His love interest from eight years ago, Chantal, makes quite the comeback into his life. But seeing her dance for other men is not what he had in mind when she was in his fantasies, dancing just for him. Chantal had a rough marriage , being controlled and told what to do, who to see, how to dance and how to act was an absolute nightmare, so when Brodie literally drags her out of the sleazy bar and away from the dancing stage, she's less than impressed. But she decides to stick around on his yacht for the night and by morning she will get back to the bar, and continue her journey of proving herself worth of being a top dancer her always-making-sacrifices mother will be proud of. The only problem in her master plan is when Brodie starts to put his charming cheesy moves on her,she can't seem to resist. Sex with Brodie is just the kind of stress reliever she needs before getting back to her task, but what to do when Mr. has-a-woman-in-every-State decides she's the one and only ? As I have already said I adored the character of Brodie, his fun and fresh beach bad-boy attitude really grabbed my attention. I especially loved his softer side, through this character the author showed that there is always and I mean always another side to everyone. It's not the side they want the world to know about because it would mean them being exposed to losing some great battle. Another little bit of awesomeness was that Brodie never gives up when he wants something, and hunting Chantal down and dragging her back to the yacht, sounds really cavemen like and usually I am totally against it, but this author made it sound so super sexy it melted my heart! The character of Chantal was one of those heroines that makes you sit up straight and take notice right away. Strong willed, independent, always moving to reach for her dreams, never giving up and a bit of a total goof when it comes to realizing there is a whole other way to let other's help you without giving up all of your independence that you worked so hard for. Such a goof in -fact that I at one stage thought it might be a good idea to just lock her in cage till she comes to her senses, the author of course had a whole other idea and without revealing it all, I will just add HA HA HA in your face Chantal! I am taking away an amazing memorable message from this read. Life is meant to be fun and a little crazy with all sorts of unexpected hurdles but accepting a little bit of help sometimes can be even more fun and crazy then you ever expected, but exactly what you need. I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for a fresh, funky not your everyday kind of read romance. Stefanie London's writing is addictive and the craziness that goes along with the funkiness is what will keep me coming back for more and more every time! 5/5 star review " She's been missing from his life for eight years, but now that's he has found her he won't be letting her escape again. His fantasy is about to get real in every sense of the word!" "
The Tycoon's Stowaway by Stefanie London