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"A hero is one that pays attention to the needs of others, and gives special attention to the small things. Instead of diamonds a note that says I love you or a stunning dress left with a note saying "Dinner is at 7 wear the dress love xx" means more than big gestures. And your hero's are all stunning in their own unique way keep them coming ! "

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Lost in Romance #1 - The Musketeers and Sherlock

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Picture of Suddenly Last Summer
rating by Desere, Jul 28, 2014
"Suddenly last summer is the second book in super talented author Sarah Morgan's The O'Neil Brothers Series, and this time around we finally get the low down on sinfully sexy surgeon Sean O'Neil. He lives for his job and nothing and no one interferes, and most importantly he never let's a woman interfere with his work. Except when news of his grandfather collapsing comes he rushes back home to Snow Crystal, to be there for his family, even knowing they most likely don't want his there. Whist there he not only faces having to face the guilt that has kept him away from the place he once called home, but there is Elise. Beautiful, feisty and full of life Elise who last summer ripped his clothes off and devoured him for hours. They are both alike, they live for work and there is never such a thing as relationships, thus their one blazing hot night of passion was just that, one night that will forever live in their memories. But seeing her again stirs up all the sinfully sexy memories of that night and he realizes he wants her again. Elise feels the same way, she wants Sean again and using each other for sex is perfect, no emotional attachment, no wedding bells and no planning a life of happy ever after. It's the perfect set up, friends with benefits, that is until they both start to get around to revealing the truth about the past. And analyzing it like you would a medical procedure or a baking recipe just does not seem to add up. I have been waiting for this book since reading the first book Sleigh bells in the snow , I have been in absolute torture with wait, I wanted to get back to Snow Crystal and the amazing O'Neil family, they way they stick together to sort through lives up's and down's and of course I needed to get inside Sean's head and find out exactly why he is the opposite of his twin brother Jackson. I was over the moon at being transported back to an amazing world of love, friendship, family and love. The author once again gave me that homey, family is everything feeling and totally blew me away with the story of Sean and Elise. Sean's character was amazing. Him being so very focused on what he loves was incredible. His love of saving lives showed me that he is a real man through and through, he might come off as this " I only live for my job and one night stands is what I do best" man but deep down he is a very kind, caring and tender person with an extreme intellect for picking up on other's emotional turmoils. Through this character the author reminded me that everyone has a special gift in life to give, sometimes they just don't know how to fully give it and instead gives it to others than those they need to, but in a different from. Elise was a very intense character, I loved her fire-y passion and lust for food and life. Her what you see if "what you get, and don't you dare try to discover more" attitude was a little concerning in the start, as it made me almost dislike her and I felt her a little rude, but as the author revealed the full truth about her past, I understood perfectly why she acts the way she does and why she would rather stick her own rules. Through this character I learned that even though it looks like a person is full of life and loving every minute of everything they do, it's a smoke-screen. Everyone hurts at some point and you cannot always be happy at all times it is simply not possible, so pretending to be only screams out to the world that you are in fact hiding something. The backdrop settings were as magical as they were the first time around when I was introduced to the magic that is Snow Crystal, this time the magic of romance in the snow was gone but it was replaced with the magic of summer kisses, summer rains washing away the dirt of the past and the sound of birds chirping that made me feel so alive it was if I was right there! The book also had one of the sexiest, most erotic kissing in the rain scenes I have ever come across! I am taking away a message of sometimes in life we need to step back into the past in order to find our way in the future. I highly recommend this read for all fans of super sexy romance reads. Sarah Morgan is a very gifted author who's writing brings a touch of magic sparkle to the world of romance! 5/5 star review "Summer rain washes away the hurt of the past" "
Suddenly Last Summer by Sarah Morgan
Picture of Take Me
rating by Desere, Jul 26, 2014
"Watch out world the men from Fifth Avenue have arrived! In the prequel to what is definitely one of the best series ever released author Maisey Yates takes us into the exclusive world of New York's scandalous elite where everything is about to change. Take me tells of Travis Beringer, as the son of a high-powered attorney Travis has never wanted for anything except the elusive Sydney Davis. But everything changes in a heartbeat with the shocking death of her roommate, Sarah Michaels, and suddenly Sydney is in his arms seeking oblivion. Talk about a lucky break or is that a deadly break? Travis and Sydney indulge in every single erotic fantasy they have fought against for so long, but what will happen when tomorrow comes? Will it still be a 'let's get down and dirty' fun fest or will reality rear it's ugly head and send the lovers in a down ward spiral neither one is prepared to face? What a fantastic start to the series this was! The author really grabbed my attention and held it all the away through, which sadly does not always happen with most prequel's. All they tend to do is get you interested in the rest of the series but the actual characters that takes you in the world of the series is mostly there then just abruptly fades in order to make room for the rest of the characters in the other books of the series. This usually leaves me feeling empty and totally let down, and telling myself that I should have started with the first book and not have bothered with the prequel,. I was more than happy that this was not the case in this prequel. The author went deep with the emotions of the characters and really let their tale of romance play out very nicely. Highly recommended for all fans of romance and for those of us who are very addicted to series related reads, a very awesome first look into the Fifth Avenue world, where scandal, plans, power and money is at the top of the list to win the game! 5/5 star review " Being taken has never been this this hot!" "
Take Me by Maisey Yates
Picture of Avenge Me
rating by Desere, Jul 26, 2014
"This is book one from the new Fifth Avenue series and tells of Austin Treffen He was born into a world of privilege, you know the never want for anything kind, but behind the gilded doors lies corruption so sordid New York's elite would never believe it! Especially because his infamous philanthropic father lies at it's core. With everything he believed in shattered into a million pieces how is Austin meant to take down his father, risking the family name and those he loves , when he has no proof? That all changes when one earth shattering night with Katy Michaels unlocks not only the deepest, most passionate desires but also the key to bringing Jason Treffen's reign to an end. Only with the intense sexual attraction that combines a heady mix of exquisite pleasure and sublime pain it comes down to them either satiating their thirst for revenge and each other or losing themselves to a darkness there is no escaping from. I have always been a huge fan of this author's books. The first book I read by her was brilliant and perfect in so many ways, but as she grew and wrote more and more her books started to take on a different feel. The sex scenes became more intense, the emotion so much deeper and the characters more dirty thus also more realistic. This of course made me super happy because when I read a book it's that realistic this is real life feeling that makes me feel truly connected to the characters , and without it the reads are simply just a story to me, and let's face it there's no fun in that ! This author does it all perfectly! In this read both main characters could not have been more real. They both deal with real issues, yes I know your most likely thinking Austin is a spoiled rich hunk what issues could he possibly have to deal with , a real " Ag life is so hard! ". But you could not be more wrong, Austin is rich and yes he is a hunk and yes he is spoiled but even the most spoiled ones out there can reach a point where life just doesn't seem so great or so perfect anymore. He 's had his share of a knock to the ground ten years ago, but he pushed past it and moved on. Only when he receives information that links his father to the death of a friend ten years ago does his life start to spiral out of control. The read gets super interesting and super hot when it all comes into focus when Katy Michaels steps into his world and it turns out Katy is much closer to the tragedy from ten years ago then Austin at first thinks. The character of Katy was also just as Austin so realistic that her past when revealed sent actual shivers down my back. But if there is one thing this author's previous books have taught me it is that you always have to get back up and fight. And this is exactly what this read comes down to. Austin and Katy can and do get down and dirty and yes in the very kinky and very erotic way, hey I did say it 's written by Maisey Yates and those who know her books knows the woman get down and dirty with a bang, so be warned if your not into the sub/dom world steer clear from this read. But in between the hot and very sweaty sex sessions there lies a story of making a choice. One can either take the revenge you so badly crave but what if you have your revenge and then still find yourself trapped in a world of darkness? Will the revenge truly be worth it? No, of course it won't it never is , and the author brings home that message with utter perfection! I highly recommend this read for all fans of Maisey Yates books, just like her previous Harlequin Presents books you will be swept into a world of romance with spice and emotion and remarkably realistic characters and situations where people just as in real life try to back out, find a easy way out and even try to bring life back into focus by jumping the gun. But the added fun of this read that makes it stand out from everything else she has written is the level of hotness and almost emotional detachment when it gets to those really dirty sex scenes. You can feel the characters growing nearer to the each other yet there is still this level of uncertainty that prevents the reader from wanting to start rooting for the hero and heroine to find a happy ending. And in this lies the true talent of this author, she knows exactly how to get your attention, hold it to the point where you think you will go completely insane and then just as suddenly draws you back into her world letting you crave more and more of the magic where romance lives and it's a lot sexier and dirtier than you can ever imagine. I look forward to the rest of this series and as always this author remains a auto buy on my list! Excellent work Maisey keep 'em coming ! 5/5 star review " The plan is a simple one of revenge, that is until the light stats to shine through threatening to erase the darkness of their souls" "
Avenge Me by Maisey Yates
Picture of Billionaire's Secret
rating by Desere, Jul 26, 2014
"Sometimes secrets manage to stay hidden for many years, and sometimes even never see the light of day. But then there are times when secrets just simply refuse to stay buried. The forth book in the new Mills and Boon series tells of one time heartthrob of London's top elite , the very gorgeous Nicolo Chatsfield. Now living alone in his family 's crumbling estate , he is a tormented soul that no one dares reach out to. That is until a glimmer of hope enters his sad world, and light stats to pour through chasing away the shadows of darkness. The light at the end of the dark tunnel is known as Sophie Ashdown. Sophie knows about painful pasts all too well and has absolutely no intention of redeeming Nicolo, all she needs is for him to attend the Chatsfield shareholder's meeting and she'll be done with him. She does not count on Nicolo being a dark, compelling man that more than sends her body racing and very soon Sophie finds herself trapped under the spell that is known as Nicolo and easing his pain in the most pleasurable way seems harmless enough right? But will she be able to walk away when Nicolo turns back to the shadows or will she try to keep the man she has fallen for in the light? I have always enjoyed this author's books. Deeply emotional and always touching on real life issues. This time around was no different as the author again created two very realistic characters with very realistic issues. Both Nicolo and Sophie were well written and each one had their own flare, I will say I felt less connected to Sophie then Nicolo, which was a very weird feeling because I have always felt much more connected to this author's heroines in her other books and usually the hero's are great but am never fully connected to them. I really enjoyed both characters drawing each other out from the darkness they are trapped in. Sophie of course is much more of a plaster a smile on my face and hide the sadness person where Nicolo is a straight out don't bother me kind. It made for some very interesting reading, and sent the anger sexual levels slotting off the charts and slotting in nicely with the rest of the atmosphere. I am taking away a message of life is hard and can sometimes be so painful that we simply don't want to get up and try again. For some they find a lucky break and discover someone or something to bring them out from the shadows, but what if that someone also lives in the shadows, would you be strong enough to try and bring them out into the light as they did with you? Don't leave behind those who support you when you are down, because everyone needs someone. I recommend this read for all fans of the romance line that likes a good , emotionally packed read of two souls saving each other before it's too late. 4 star review " Sometimes secrets are meant to be revealed in order for a life to be restored" "
Billionaire's Secret by Chantelle Shaw
Picture of Socialite's Gamble
rating by Desere, Jul 26, 2014
"Cara Chatsfield has always been just herself, or at least that's what the outside world thinks. They see a beautiful woman, who likes to party hard, cause scandal and just generally waste her life away. The truth is she's been hurt so badly in the past that she has a daily ritual of channeling a different famous person every day in order to just get through the day. So when she is sent to play hostess at her father's hotel for the poker match of the century she is armed with as much determination as she can channel, and a dash of hope to find as little trouble as possible, the last thing she needs is to be part of another Cara-Scandal. What she finds is Aiden Kelly, gorgeous, rich, powerful, completely irresistible, and definitely the kind of man she needs to avoid. But before she has the chance she becomes part of the poker game in every sense of the word when she's laid down as the prize to the winner himself. Aiden's plan is a simple one, he's won her, he'll have her and then be done with her, no harm, no foul, just sex right? This is the first time I have read a book by this author but I can assure you it will for certain not be the last. The book was fast paced, emotionally packed, sinfully sexy and just perfect in every single way. I could not get enough of the sexual conflict between Aiden and Cara, the buildup to the explosions of lust were so hot it was as if I could see the flames licking out from the pages. The character of Aiden was in the start a true and perfect ass, hot very, very hot but still the type any woman would want to smash under her designer heals. The author did slowly and surely let the reasoning behind his actions become clear of course and what I found was a message of revenge is a truly ugly creation in one's mind. It consumes every part of your soul, and in the end it's all you can see. The character of Cara was an absolute delight. She had fire and spunk even though she has been through so much hurt. I could fully get why she goes into hiding behind different masks each day. The author letting Aiden be the one to bring her out of the ' am not me today' shell showed just how badly we all need that one special person to bring out the real us. The backdrop settings screamed sexy and the dialogue was full of fire and emotion. I am taking away a message of we all have a past, we have all done things we would rather like to keep secret, and we all have a family that is far from perfect. But to blame ourselves for our past failures won't get you anywhere, stand proud and tall, face the insults head on. In the end people will see you for you and remember the real you as oppose to some carefully crafted version of the person you never truly were. I highly recommend this read for all fans of passionate, fast moving, sexy romance reads. 5/5 star review " They gamble, cause scandal and gain the ultimate win" "
Socialite's Gamble by Michelle Conder
Picture of Bound by the Italian's Contract
rating by Desere, Jul 12, 2014
" Caprice Tregore is physiotherapist extraordinaire , she helps heal those that cannot find another way to get over the sudden loss of change in their lives. But her company needs a state of the art makeover if she's going to make it amongst the bigger names in the industry. So she steels herself and finds every single bit of courage she can to face the one man that can help her make her dream a reality, she knows Luciano will want something in return, what she has no idea but what has to be done has to be done! And besides she is no longer the naive innocent he once knew. Luciano Duchelini has the perfect plan to help his brother reach a speedy recovery. Caprice will do her physiotherapy magic and he will finance her company makeover, as easy as sliding down a ski slope, right ? But the two months in her company proves that the overwhelming always there attraction for Caprice has not died, and this time he will satisfy his every desire, regardless of the cost. I have been a fan of this author's work ever since the first time I picked up a copy of Proud revenge, passionate wedlock, a few years ago. The intensity of her characters has amazed and have entranced me every since. In this her latest read she has once again shown why she is one of the best international author's to ever grace the world with her beautiful stories, stunning memorable characters and romance magic, that is guaranteed to capture your attention again and again and again each and every time! The character of Luciano fascinated me from the very start of this read, he's colder than ice one minute and hot flames the next. I could not wait to get inside his mind and discover just why he hides his pain and anger. I loved him for trying to be always trying to be the stronger party in everything he does in life, it showed him as I recon a lot of us are for the most part. We hurt badly, but instead of allowing others to see our pain and suffering we hide it, and tell ourselves we deserve to suffer because of what our actions caused. I adored that the author let's Caprice slowly be the one to draw Luciano out from the world of suffering he has sentenced himself to, the author showed that there is always someone that will show us we simply cannot be strong on our own, a little helping hand goes a long way. The character of Caprice was awesome! I loved this heroine. She has been through hell and back , fallen more times than she can remember but has always gotten back up stronger than before and ready to fight back. My heart shattered at the thought of what she has gone through and I shed more than a few tears, major tissue alert! Much like Luciano she also hides the hurt , but instead of letting herself live in a hell whole of regrets she gets up and does what needs to be done to get over the issue. This showed her of course as the complete opposite of Luciano but it also reminded me that some of us are able to hit a low spot in our lives and still manage to get back up and move on, it makes us stronger than others but it does not make us any better, the key is to let that overflow of positive energy flow to others and help them to build the same level of courage we have been able to find, and this Caprice does beautifully! Caprice building Luciano up to a man any person would be proud of and showing him that there is always a way to rebuild our lives after we have fallen from the top, was exquisite! I am taking away so many wonderful messages from this read but the one that stood out and will for certain remain with me for the rest of my life is that when we fall we need to get back up, we might fall again and have to get up yet again, but in the end we will know that we tried our very best and it will never be said we stayed down. And the love of the right person can heal any kind of hurt, all we need to do is let the person in on the deal. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads! Jeanette Kenny crafted the perfect escape to romance, love conquers all story with remarkable characters, a brilliant plot and a gripping all the way through till the end read! 5/5 star review " He wants her and this time he will have her, but will she fall at his feet again or will she be the one to run this time?" "
Bound by the Italian's Contract by Janette Kenny
Picture of How to Bag a Billionaire
rating by Desere, Jul 6, 2014
"Adam Masterson has it all, he's ridiculously good looking, rich, powerful and famous. The one thing he does not have is the luxury of avoiding the bag-a-billionaire woman that have suddenly appeared in droves, with only one aim, to drag him off to the altar. But he does his very best, so when he spots a super sexy strawberry blonde climbing through a restroom window on the night of one of his events he is dead set on getting rid of her asap, surely she is just another gold-digger! But the jolt of sexual attraction that hits him the moment he looks into her eyes has him wanting to drag her off to his bed instead of throwing her out into the cold. All Olivia wants is for Adam to tell her where she can find his father, and then she'll be on her merry little way. But Adam sees Olivia as a chance to send the bag-a-billionaire woman running back to their not so rich boyfriends, and along the way he might as well enjoy Olivia's body in his bed, but Olivia is not about to turn out to be the average woman and Adam is in for the ride of his life! This read was one of the best debut's I have read in a long time. It was pure reading magic from start to finish! Crazy, hot, wild, super funny and so unbelievably sexy !! I honestly did not want this book to end , I wanted to stay in the romantic, sensual wild and crazy world this author created. I laughed out loud, I felt the anger during confrontational moments, and I cried my eyes out for the sadness both main characters had to deal with. The character of Adam was one of the sexiest, sweetest, most delicious hero's I have ever read. I wanted this man all to myself, and yes I was totally jealous of Olivia! I loved his careful consideration streak whilst still having that little bit of a impulsive moment here are there. Most of the billionaire hero's in these reads are just impulsive without stopping to think what the heroine is feeling, Adam was impulsive but he also kept thinking about how Olivia would be feeling and relating it back to her past. His past was a real humdinger! I wanted to grab his father and smack him over the head and then bury his sorry butt in the sand for the sea turtles to carry off to a land where no one would ever find him again. The way Adam handles everything in life including his terrible very sad past was really unique, through this character the author showed that our past has so much influence on our future and it does teach us one thing but has our hearts wishing for something else, to what extent we allow it to influence our future decisions is what will separate us from the rest of the crowd. The character of Olivia was awesome in so many ways. I loved her fun and spunky outlook on life, even though she is a bit of a bore here and there, and by that I mean she 's not really the party it up kind of girl and instead sees fun in life as something completely different, rather doing little things to make life fun like shopping instead of doing anything impulsive. Her appreciation of landscapes, food and everything beautiful really made her pop from the pages, I wanted to be like her and be addicted to everything in life. Yet at the same time I kept feeling this overwhelming sadness because she only halfway embraces life because of her past and linking it back to the type of woman Adam is usually seen with. Her determination to meet with Adam's father really tore at my heartstrings, I loved her for it the one minute and the next I wanted to tell he to abandon the plan all together because I felt every single moment of possible rejection and anger with her during the buildup to the meeting. Through this character the author showed that life is full of risks, if we don't take the risk to discover what we desperately need to know we will always wonder, yes there is the chance that it will all fall flat and feel like it was for nothing, but at least we will know we gave it our all. I am taking away many powerful messages from this read , life is about having fun, living it up a little every now and then, learning to see yourself through the eyes of another, letting go of the past and walking towards new future. The message that stood out the most is that even the most broken of people deserve to be happy, the trick is to not be in love with the idea of being happy but to be in love with the people around you that will help you make your ideas a reality and then you will for darn sure always be happy. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads! It had spunk, a crazy sexy plot, stunning backdrops, a hilarious and emotional dialogue , passionate pizzazz, and characters that will forever remain in my heart! I will be first in line for this author's next release. 5/5 star review " He sees her sparkle, she sees him as the ultimate heartache" "
How to Bag a Billionaire by Nina Milne
Picture of Only the Brave Try Ballet
rating by Desere, Jul 6, 2014
"Imagine being a big time professional football star, sustaining an injury and then to bring yourself back in the game you need to take ballet lessons! Yeah, your over the top manly team members are for darn sure going to have a field day with that one, not to mention the stuff the paparazzi will come up with. This is exactly what sex on legs football star Grant Farley has to endure, but worse than any girly jab any one can come up with or slush that the press can dream up, is the strong attraction he feels for his ballet instructor Miss Prim and Proper Jasmine. Grant knows he shouldn't tease her but it's just so much fun he can't help himself, and in the process he will get this lessons to get flexible again over and done with, so it should all work out okay. That is if he can manage to not let the teasing go any further than the classroom, that's the plan anyway, but who knows maybe a fling is just what he needs to bring his full head on A-game again. Jasmine has enough issues of her own to deal with , she's in this lesson thing for the money it's as simple as that, or at least that's what she tells herself. The flaming hot attraction towards Grant can be filed away with a little discipline and dedication, right? Discipline and dedication is what dancers do best, but that only works when it's related to dancing and other areas in life and soon Jasmine and Grant find themselves trapped in a world of secrets being revealed, an explosive passion and a life changing decision that will either bring them together or shatter both their hearts. I really, really, really loved this book! It was fun and sexy, humorous and had so much fantastic flair that it blended into a perfect romantic escape that I did not want to see end. I wanted to remain in this author's world that was simply magical and blew my mind! Both main characters were written very well and so very realistic. They both have injury related issues but of course both have to find their own way of dealing with it and the impact if has on their careers. Seeing how the author let them be completely different but the same on so many levels was really awesome. I very much enjoyed the level of turmoil and anguish they both have to run through to try and get over the hard blows life has dealt them. And yes I will be the first to say it sounds weird that I enjoyed anguish and turmoil because anyone who knows me knows I want everyone to be happy , but when I say I enjoyed the anguish and turmoil I mean that the author tugged at my heartstrings so badly it not only had me in tears but most importantly reminded me that every single one of us has different ways of dealing with pain. The author brought the reality of it all into play with such vivid detail it completely overwhelmed me, major tissue alert! I loved all the ballet and football terms, I am not a big fan of either but I very much enjoyed learning about both through the eyes of the author and her characters. Some books that relate a lot of information to the characters careers do so only halfway and I feel lost and irritated and most of the time I need to go and give old Google a good search to try and understand what the author is saying, not the case in this read. The author 's very detailed descriptions put me front and center with all the information I needed to create the scenes and get them playing out in my mind. I felt the heartache and disappointment of both characters, I felt the adrenalin rush as they push themselves to reach the top and I felt each and every moment of joy as they journeyed to the perfect ending. I will say that the book starts out just a little slow, but this tied in with the realistic part of it all, most reads of this nature has the couple meeting , dancing around each other and by chapter three they jump into bed together. In real life it does sometimes work that way but for the most part people do actually take the time to wait and get to know each other first. So the little slow buildup in this read is totally worth it, because when it hits that explosive moment you just know that this is the way real love is meant to play out. Through the character of Grant and his up and leave 'em past I learned that it is always good to pursue our dreams but leaving behind our loved ones it never meant to be apart of the deal. Yes, our loved ones are not always going to support us in what we do, but always remember to be the better person and try and make them understand why you are following the dream., but never let your dream overshadow the love you know will always be there from the ones that mean the world. Through the character of Jasmine I learned that life has all kinds of terrible twists and turns but it's just the way it is. When it seems too much, running away from it , will only let you end up with regret at never taking a chance, give it your all and push away the insecurities and fears and push forward and go with the flow. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads. The read had loads of crazy sexy fun mixed with a good dose of old fashioned realistic emotion. Stefanie London brought her own very unique style-anality to this read and I will be eagerly awaiting her next book. Passionate, sexy as all heck and the perfect read to let you know life has pitfalls but there is always a way to get back up. Watch out world Stefanie London has arrived !! 5/5 star review " He sends her tutu into a flutter, she sends his heart back into the past" "
Only the Brave Try Ballet by Stefanie London
Picture of At No Man's Command
rating by Desere, Jul 1, 2014
"So many people have been misjudged before. Sayings such as "She's from the wrong side of the tracks" or " Trailer trash ! Looking for an easy way to easy money." People like this are not only sadly misjudged they are accused of all kinds of nasty things, even more tragic some of them choose to not defend themselves and instead just goes with the reputation. Lucky for some they do find that one person who sees right through the facade and finds the real person. In the new Melanie Milburne read this is what life comes down to for Aiesha Adams. She craves the spotlight and to be taken seriously as an artist but her past life and family scandals have made it more than difficult. She however finds a stroke of luck when she finds herself trapped with the more than simply delicious James Challender. Many years ago he was part of her past and just like back then the man sends her senses into overdrive. Now he's back and the press are on the hunt for a new story, James and Aiesha are it! But what the outside world sees has not comparison to what goes on behind closed doors, James gets to know the real Aiesha and falls for her hook line and sinker, that is until she stabs him in the heart with a little jolt from the past involving his father. Will it send him running or taking her into his arms again? I so very much enjoyed this book. It was full of amazing emotion that made me bawl my eyes out again and again and again ! James was a real sweetheart of a man but he had that certain " Don't take me on for you will surely lose" flair about him, that just made him even more delicious. I loved his compassion and caring nature , not wanting to believe his heart and instead follow his head but at the same time fighting the obvious and trying to see the two worlds of decision making meet and live in harmony. Aiesha was absolutely stunning ! I adored this heroine, she was fun and spunky the one minute and snobby and all bossy the next. It was a little like reading about one of today's dolled up celebrities , the real Paris Hilton kind, but it also reminded me that some of those celebrities act all dumb and dramatic, but in real fact I think they are just hiding the various feelings of hurt and anger they face, because they just like the rest of us are only human. I particularly loved the hate -love vibe between James and Aiesha very entertaining reading material that brought me laughter and many tears. At the end of the day am taking away a message of life has many various types of people. Some are straight forward and let's the world see them for who they are , but even a little part of themselves are hidden for just a certain someone to see. Others are more complex-ed and instead of showing the world the real them they hide behind a mocked up personality. But the truth comes down to this, when we hide behind facade's because we have been branded as a bad person, we are only hurting ourselves. The outside world will always see what they want to see no matter what we do or say, so instead of going with the flow, rather make yourself happy by being true to yourself. And always go after what you want, giving up is never an option. But most importantly, never think you know someone from the side they let you see, there is always something deeper inside. I highly recommend this read for all fans of Melanie Milburne books, she has once again created remarkable characters , a stunning emotional story of deceit, love, scandal and showed how the truth shall set you free. 5/5 star review " She's ready to play him but he wants to do more than just play.""
At No Man's Command by Melanie Milburne
Picture of His by Design
rating by Desere, Jul 1, 2014
"Loads of woman with no regard for being descent have slept their way to the top. They see the position they want and no matter what or who they have to do, they will for in the end it will all be worth it, or so they think. But we all know that in the end those woman get exactly what is coming to them and they come tumbling down from their little built up pedestals really fast! So most of us are more the woman that believe they can make it in any industry and they work for it too, they go by the book and stick to the rules, but when temptation comes along it takes a really strong and confident woman to be able to fight back and not lose her job, especially when told to "spy" on the new boss, and the new boss is no other than tempt-me-to-cover-every-inch-of-you Sloan. So Ziara not only has the hard decision to make of using the spying information she finds to aid the company, but to let go for once and fall at the feet of delicious temptation and hope for the best, but will her decision be worth it in the end of will this be her downfall? The character of Ziara was phenomenal! Strong, confident, passionate about her job, ambitious and has a drive to succeed. I loved that she has worked so hard to get to the top and done so honestly and with hard work and dedication. I adored that the author lets Ziara go from this almost lame "I dress so I don't entice" woman to "I am going after who I want" woman. It is not everyday I come across a heroine that is strong and confident in her work yet at the same time non leading in her personal life, the contradiction was simply fascinating, well done Dani! The change in her personality happens very slowly but the author does not do so at a slow and boring pace, as I often find the stories of similar situations dragging on and on before it gets to the point. This author kept it interesting and moving with moments of true chance, conflict and passionate, emotional understanding shining through the haze of drama. The character of Sloan, was at first a real idiot, as in I really wanted to slap this man and yell, I did not appreciate the manner he uses to approach Ziara, it is one thing to know you are beyond good looking and can get any woman into bed, but to go after a woman while knowing her involvement with you could cost her work and everything she has worked for, while not really caring is just plain nasty! But I was very pleasantly surprised and delighted when the author started showing the kinder side of Sloan and he became a man worthy of Ziara's love. The dialogue was a mixture of funny here and there, fantastic words of conflict, emotional truth and hot passionate spoke words. The backdrop setting was so beautifully incorporated by the author that it felt as if I could touch the surroundings and feel the pure elegance of it all. I am taking away a message of, letting your past influence your future does not always have the desired outcome, you can fight your way to the top but there as to be a limit when it comes to letting go in order to be able to walk away as a new person with the courage to know you deserve happiness. And never let what people say about you influence you badly, push past the moment and focus on your goals, those who truly know you will know and see you are the real you and not as those out to get you try to portray you. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance, this read is sweet, sensual, emotional , sexy, fast paced and simply gorgeous! I look forward to many more terrific reads from this author. Dani get writing, we want more! 5/5 star review "Together they will design the perfect future" "
His by Design by Dani Wade