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"A hero is one that pays attention to the needs of others, and gives special attention to the small things. Instead of diamonds a note that says I love you or a stunning dress left with a note saying "Dinner is at 7 wear the dress love xx" means more than big gestures. And your hero's are all stunning in their own unique way keep them coming ! "

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Lost in Romance #1 - The Musketeers and Sherlock

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Picture of Bound by the Italian's Contract
rating by Desere, Jul 12, 2014
" Caprice Tregore is physiotherapist extraordinaire , she helps heal those that cannot find another way to get over the sudden loss of change in their lives. But her company needs a state of the art makeover if she's going to make it amongst the bigger names in the industry. So she steels herself and finds every single bit of courage she can to face the one man that can help her make her dream a reality, she knows Luciano will want something in return, what she has no idea but what has to be done has to be done! And besides she is no longer the naive innocent he once knew. Luciano Duchelini has the perfect plan to help his brother reach a speedy recovery. Caprice will do her physiotherapy magic and he will finance her company makeover, as easy as sliding down a ski slope, right ? But the two months in her company proves that the overwhelming always there attraction for Caprice has not died, and this time he will satisfy his every desire, regardless of the cost. I have been a fan of this author's work ever since the first time I picked up a copy of Proud revenge, passionate wedlock, a few years ago. The intensity of her characters has amazed and have entranced me every since. In this her latest read she has once again shown why she is one of the best international author's to ever grace the world with her beautiful stories, stunning memorable characters and romance magic, that is guaranteed to capture your attention again and again and again each and every time! The character of Luciano fascinated me from the very start of this read, he's colder than ice one minute and hot flames the next. I could not wait to get inside his mind and discover just why he hides his pain and anger. I loved him for trying to be always trying to be the stronger party in everything he does in life, it showed him as I recon a lot of us are for the most part. We hurt badly, but instead of allowing others to see our pain and suffering we hide it, and tell ourselves we deserve to suffer because of what our actions caused. I adored that the author let's Caprice slowly be the one to draw Luciano out from the world of suffering he has sentenced himself to, the author showed that there is always someone that will show us we simply cannot be strong on our own, a little helping hand goes a long way. The character of Caprice was awesome! I loved this heroine. She has been through hell and back , fallen more times than she can remember but has always gotten back up stronger than before and ready to fight back. My heart shattered at the thought of what she has gone through and I shed more than a few tears, major tissue alert! Much like Luciano she also hides the hurt , but instead of letting herself live in a hell whole of regrets she gets up and does what needs to be done to get over the issue. This showed her of course as the complete opposite of Luciano but it also reminded me that some of us are able to hit a low spot in our lives and still manage to get back up and move on, it makes us stronger than others but it does not make us any better, the key is to let that overflow of positive energy flow to others and help them to build the same level of courage we have been able to find, and this Caprice does beautifully! Caprice building Luciano up to a man any person would be proud of and showing him that there is always a way to rebuild our lives after we have fallen from the top, was exquisite! I am taking away so many wonderful messages from this read but the one that stood out and will for certain remain with me for the rest of my life is that when we fall we need to get back up, we might fall again and have to get up yet again, but in the end we will know that we tried our very best and it will never be said we stayed down. And the love of the right person can heal any kind of hurt, all we need to do is let the person in on the deal. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads! Jeanette Kenny crafted the perfect escape to romance, love conquers all story with remarkable characters, a brilliant plot and a gripping all the way through till the end read! 5/5 star review " He wants her and this time he will have her, but will she fall at his feet again or will she be the one to run this time?" "
Bound by the Italian's Contract by Janette Kenny
Picture of How to Bag a Billionaire
rating by Desere, Jul 6, 2014
"Adam Masterson has it all, he's ridiculously good looking, rich, powerful and famous. The one thing he does not have is the luxury of avoiding the bag-a-billionaire woman that have suddenly appeared in droves, with only one aim, to drag him off to the altar. But he does his very best, so when he spots a super sexy strawberry blonde climbing through a restroom window on the night of one of his events he is dead set on getting rid of her asap, surely she is just another gold-digger! But the jolt of sexual attraction that hits him the moment he looks into her eyes has him wanting to drag her off to his bed instead of throwing her out into the cold. All Olivia wants is for Adam to tell her where she can find his father, and then she'll be on her merry little way. But Adam sees Olivia as a chance to send the bag-a-billionaire woman running back to their not so rich boyfriends, and along the way he might as well enjoy Olivia's body in his bed, but Olivia is not about to turn out to be the average woman and Adam is in for the ride of his life! This read was one of the best debut's I have read in a long time. It was pure reading magic from start to finish! Crazy, hot, wild, super funny and so unbelievably sexy !! I honestly did not want this book to end , I wanted to stay in the romantic, sensual wild and crazy world this author created. I laughed out loud, I felt the anger during confrontational moments, and I cried my eyes out for the sadness both main characters had to deal with. The character of Adam was one of the sexiest, sweetest, most delicious hero's I have ever read. I wanted this man all to myself, and yes I was totally jealous of Olivia! I loved his careful consideration streak whilst still having that little bit of a impulsive moment here are there. Most of the billionaire hero's in these reads are just impulsive without stopping to think what the heroine is feeling, Adam was impulsive but he also kept thinking about how Olivia would be feeling and relating it back to her past. His past was a real humdinger! I wanted to grab his father and smack him over the head and then bury his sorry butt in the sand for the sea turtles to carry off to a land where no one would ever find him again. The way Adam handles everything in life including his terrible very sad past was really unique, through this character the author showed that our past has so much influence on our future and it does teach us one thing but has our hearts wishing for something else, to what extent we allow it to influence our future decisions is what will separate us from the rest of the crowd. The character of Olivia was awesome in so many ways. I loved her fun and spunky outlook on life, even though she is a bit of a bore here and there, and by that I mean she 's not really the party it up kind of girl and instead sees fun in life as something completely different, rather doing little things to make life fun like shopping instead of doing anything impulsive. Her appreciation of landscapes, food and everything beautiful really made her pop from the pages, I wanted to be like her and be addicted to everything in life. Yet at the same time I kept feeling this overwhelming sadness because she only halfway embraces life because of her past and linking it back to the type of woman Adam is usually seen with. Her determination to meet with Adam's father really tore at my heartstrings, I loved her for it the one minute and the next I wanted to tell he to abandon the plan all together because I felt every single moment of possible rejection and anger with her during the buildup to the meeting. Through this character the author showed that life is full of risks, if we don't take the risk to discover what we desperately need to know we will always wonder, yes there is the chance that it will all fall flat and feel like it was for nothing, but at least we will know we gave it our all. I am taking away many powerful messages from this read , life is about having fun, living it up a little every now and then, learning to see yourself through the eyes of another, letting go of the past and walking towards new future. The message that stood out the most is that even the most broken of people deserve to be happy, the trick is to not be in love with the idea of being happy but to be in love with the people around you that will help you make your ideas a reality and then you will for darn sure always be happy. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads! It had spunk, a crazy sexy plot, stunning backdrops, a hilarious and emotional dialogue , passionate pizzazz, and characters that will forever remain in my heart! I will be first in line for this author's next release. 5/5 star review " He sees her sparkle, she sees him as the ultimate heartache" "
How to Bag a Billionaire by Nina Milne
Picture of Only the Brave Try Ballet
rating by Desere, Jul 6, 2014
"Imagine being a big time professional football star, sustaining an injury and then to bring yourself back in the game you need to take ballet lessons! Yeah, your over the top manly team members are for darn sure going to have a field day with that one, not to mention the stuff the paparazzi will come up with. This is exactly what sex on legs football star Grant Farley has to endure, but worse than any girly jab any one can come up with or slush that the press can dream up, is the strong attraction he feels for his ballet instructor Miss Prim and Proper Jasmine. Grant knows he shouldn't tease her but it's just so much fun he can't help himself, and in the process he will get this lessons to get flexible again over and done with, so it should all work out okay. That is if he can manage to not let the teasing go any further than the classroom, that's the plan anyway, but who knows maybe a fling is just what he needs to bring his full head on A-game again. Jasmine has enough issues of her own to deal with , she's in this lesson thing for the money it's as simple as that, or at least that's what she tells herself. The flaming hot attraction towards Grant can be filed away with a little discipline and dedication, right? Discipline and dedication is what dancers do best, but that only works when it's related to dancing and other areas in life and soon Jasmine and Grant find themselves trapped in a world of secrets being revealed, an explosive passion and a life changing decision that will either bring them together or shatter both their hearts. I really, really, really loved this book! It was fun and sexy, humorous and had so much fantastic flair that it blended into a perfect romantic escape that I did not want to see end. I wanted to remain in this author's world that was simply magical and blew my mind! Both main characters were written very well and so very realistic. They both have injury related issues but of course both have to find their own way of dealing with it and the impact if has on their careers. Seeing how the author let them be completely different but the same on so many levels was really awesome. I very much enjoyed the level of turmoil and anguish they both have to run through to try and get over the hard blows life has dealt them. And yes I will be the first to say it sounds weird that I enjoyed anguish and turmoil because anyone who knows me knows I want everyone to be happy , but when I say I enjoyed the anguish and turmoil I mean that the author tugged at my heartstrings so badly it not only had me in tears but most importantly reminded me that every single one of us has different ways of dealing with pain. The author brought the reality of it all into play with such vivid detail it completely overwhelmed me, major tissue alert! I loved all the ballet and football terms, I am not a big fan of either but I very much enjoyed learning about both through the eyes of the author and her characters. Some books that relate a lot of information to the characters careers do so only halfway and I feel lost and irritated and most of the time I need to go and give old Google a good search to try and understand what the author is saying, not the case in this read. The author 's very detailed descriptions put me front and center with all the information I needed to create the scenes and get them playing out in my mind. I felt the heartache and disappointment of both characters, I felt the adrenalin rush as they push themselves to reach the top and I felt each and every moment of joy as they journeyed to the perfect ending. I will say that the book starts out just a little slow, but this tied in with the realistic part of it all, most reads of this nature has the couple meeting , dancing around each other and by chapter three they jump into bed together. In real life it does sometimes work that way but for the most part people do actually take the time to wait and get to know each other first. So the little slow buildup in this read is totally worth it, because when it hits that explosive moment you just know that this is the way real love is meant to play out. Through the character of Grant and his up and leave 'em past I learned that it is always good to pursue our dreams but leaving behind our loved ones it never meant to be apart of the deal. Yes, our loved ones are not always going to support us in what we do, but always remember to be the better person and try and make them understand why you are following the dream., but never let your dream overshadow the love you know will always be there from the ones that mean the world. Through the character of Jasmine I learned that life has all kinds of terrible twists and turns but it's just the way it is. When it seems too much, running away from it , will only let you end up with regret at never taking a chance, give it your all and push away the insecurities and fears and push forward and go with the flow. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads. The read had loads of crazy sexy fun mixed with a good dose of old fashioned realistic emotion. Stefanie London brought her own very unique style-anality to this read and I will be eagerly awaiting her next book. Passionate, sexy as all heck and the perfect read to let you know life has pitfalls but there is always a way to get back up. Watch out world Stefanie London has arrived !! 5/5 star review " He sends her tutu into a flutter, she sends his heart back into the past" "
Only the Brave Try Ballet by Stefanie London
Picture of At No Man's Command
rating by Desere, Jul 1, 2014
"So many people have been misjudged before. Sayings such as "She's from the wrong side of the tracks" or " Trailer trash ! Looking for an easy way to easy money." People like this are not only sadly misjudged they are accused of all kinds of nasty things, even more tragic some of them choose to not defend themselves and instead just goes with the reputation. Lucky for some they do find that one person who sees right through the facade and finds the real person. In the new Melanie Milburne read this is what life comes down to for Aiesha Adams. She craves the spotlight and to be taken seriously as an artist but her past life and family scandals have made it more than difficult. She however finds a stroke of luck when she finds herself trapped with the more than simply delicious James Challender. Many years ago he was part of her past and just like back then the man sends her senses into overdrive. Now he's back and the press are on the hunt for a new story, James and Aiesha are it! But what the outside world sees has not comparison to what goes on behind closed doors, James gets to know the real Aiesha and falls for her hook line and sinker, that is until she stabs him in the heart with a little jolt from the past involving his father. Will it send him running or taking her into his arms again? I so very much enjoyed this book. It was full of amazing emotion that made me bawl my eyes out again and again and again ! James was a real sweetheart of a man but he had that certain " Don't take me on for you will surely lose" flair about him, that just made him even more delicious. I loved his compassion and caring nature , not wanting to believe his heart and instead follow his head but at the same time fighting the obvious and trying to see the two worlds of decision making meet and live in harmony. Aiesha was absolutely stunning ! I adored this heroine, she was fun and spunky the one minute and snobby and all bossy the next. It was a little like reading about one of today's dolled up celebrities , the real Paris Hilton kind, but it also reminded me that some of those celebrities act all dumb and dramatic, but in real fact I think they are just hiding the various feelings of hurt and anger they face, because they just like the rest of us are only human. I particularly loved the hate -love vibe between James and Aiesha very entertaining reading material that brought me laughter and many tears. At the end of the day am taking away a message of life has many various types of people. Some are straight forward and let's the world see them for who they are , but even a little part of themselves are hidden for just a certain someone to see. Others are more complex-ed and instead of showing the world the real them they hide behind a mocked up personality. But the truth comes down to this, when we hide behind facade's because we have been branded as a bad person, we are only hurting ourselves. The outside world will always see what they want to see no matter what we do or say, so instead of going with the flow, rather make yourself happy by being true to yourself. And always go after what you want, giving up is never an option. But most importantly, never think you know someone from the side they let you see, there is always something deeper inside. I highly recommend this read for all fans of Melanie Milburne books, she has once again created remarkable characters , a stunning emotional story of deceit, love, scandal and showed how the truth shall set you free. 5/5 star review " She's ready to play him but he wants to do more than just play.""
At No Man's Command by Melanie Milburne
Picture of His by Design
rating by Desere, Jul 1, 2014
"Loads of woman with no regard for being descent have slept their way to the top. They see the position they want and no matter what or who they have to do, they will for in the end it will all be worth it, or so they think. But we all know that in the end those woman get exactly what is coming to them and they come tumbling down from their little built up pedestals really fast! So most of us are more the woman that believe they can make it in any industry and they work for it too, they go by the book and stick to the rules, but when temptation comes along it takes a really strong and confident woman to be able to fight back and not lose her job, especially when told to "spy" on the new boss, and the new boss is no other than tempt-me-to-cover-every-inch-of-you Sloan. So Ziara not only has the hard decision to make of using the spying information she finds to aid the company, but to let go for once and fall at the feet of delicious temptation and hope for the best, but will her decision be worth it in the end of will this be her downfall? The character of Ziara was phenomenal! Strong, confident, passionate about her job, ambitious and has a drive to succeed. I loved that she has worked so hard to get to the top and done so honestly and with hard work and dedication. I adored that the author lets Ziara go from this almost lame "I dress so I don't entice" woman to "I am going after who I want" woman. It is not everyday I come across a heroine that is strong and confident in her work yet at the same time non leading in her personal life, the contradiction was simply fascinating, well done Dani! The change in her personality happens very slowly but the author does not do so at a slow and boring pace, as I often find the stories of similar situations dragging on and on before it gets to the point. This author kept it interesting and moving with moments of true chance, conflict and passionate, emotional understanding shining through the haze of drama. The character of Sloan, was at first a real idiot, as in I really wanted to slap this man and yell, I did not appreciate the manner he uses to approach Ziara, it is one thing to know you are beyond good looking and can get any woman into bed, but to go after a woman while knowing her involvement with you could cost her work and everything she has worked for, while not really caring is just plain nasty! But I was very pleasantly surprised and delighted when the author started showing the kinder side of Sloan and he became a man worthy of Ziara's love. The dialogue was a mixture of funny here and there, fantastic words of conflict, emotional truth and hot passionate spoke words. The backdrop setting was so beautifully incorporated by the author that it felt as if I could touch the surroundings and feel the pure elegance of it all. I am taking away a message of, letting your past influence your future does not always have the desired outcome, you can fight your way to the top but there as to be a limit when it comes to letting go in order to be able to walk away as a new person with the courage to know you deserve happiness. And never let what people say about you influence you badly, push past the moment and focus on your goals, those who truly know you will know and see you are the real you and not as those out to get you try to portray you. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance, this read is sweet, sensual, emotional , sexy, fast paced and simply gorgeous! I look forward to many more terrific reads from this author. Dani get writing, we want more! 5/5 star review "Together they will design the perfect future" "
His by Design by Dani Wade
Picture of The Ultimate Seduction
rating by Desere, Jul 1, 2014
"Tiffany Davis has been emotionally and physically scarred and has absolute no hope for a normal future. She does however find herself in the perfect position to mask her real identity , her scars and have a wild sexual encounter with a more than tempting man. But when morning light comes and the man turns out to be none other than the one and only Ryzard Vrbancic, President of Brenovia and the man she's meant to make the business offer of a lifetime to, the sparks start to fly, he insults her and she tells him to die, walks away and that should be the end of it. But fate has other plans and very soon these two are thrown back together in a world of mindless passion, business deals and a 'kidnapping'. But Ryzard is not the man Tiffany needs, or so he tells himself. Can Tiffany prove she 's more than capable of to match is ruthless determination or will she once again walk away scarred ? This read was full of hot blazing passion, stunning conflict and strong emotion. Both Tiffany and Ryzard have been emotionally damaged, making them the same kind of person, not wanting to love and lose again. With them both in the same mindset it was amazing to see how the author brings this very flaw to the top and slowly let it release both the characters. Tiffany of course was the character I felt terrible for, living with scars cannot be easy, but Tiffany is strong and fights back with everything she's got. It takes a lot of guts to stand before anyone and not want to run away and hide your scars, it entails trust and lots of it.With Tiffany being seen through the eyes of Ryzard it showed how powerful the attention from another person can be, it can bring out the person hiding behind the scars, and Ryzard does so beautifully and all this before the man so much as gets to I love you's ! Ryzard's past was touching and so heartbreaking, it made me want to wrap this man up in my arms and take away all the pain from the past. But he just as Tiffany does not go down in flames but works to get through it and back to the top. Through this character the author showed there really is no other option when we fail or find ourselves in a knocked to the ground situation, we need to stand strong and fight back somewhere along the way it will be worth it, even if we still fail, fighting back will make us stronger and more powerful than the most powerful of people in the world. I am taking away a message of life knocks us all down, be in it the form of giving us scars , or taking away someone precious. No matter the knock down, it happens to us all. The key is how you will handle it, will you immediately give up, or will you fight back to get up again? If we give up it only makes us weaker and more likely to get broken down more, if we fight back it makes us stronger and more likely to survive and face another day. Only walk away from the anger of being knocked down and live to fight another day. I highly recommend this read for all fans of Dani's books, She has once again created a masterpiece full of fiery passion, remarkable characters and a story of love, compassion and understanding, that will live in the hearts of readers forever. 5/5 star review " Masked hurt tuns to exposed passion " "
The Ultimate Seduction by Dani Collins
Picture of Taming the Notorious Sicilian
rating by Desere, Jul 1, 2014
"Michelle Smart's books have become more than just an addiction to me, it has become an uncontrollable craving I cannot live without! In her latest read she takes us into the world of clubbing, big bad gangsters who with just a mere look can scare anyone off who dares to double cross them, added to this we have Francesco, who tries to be as bad as possible, you know the real " Look at me , am rich, powerful, can have any woman I want and will break your kneecaps if you so much as even blink without permission' kind. I know that most woman will say that a man such as this does not sound sexy at all, except when you enter him in to the mind of a writer such as Michelle Smart, she made this man sound so incredibly sexy it made my toes curl and had me seeing stars within the first few pages. Francesco meets Hannah after she's knocked down by a passing car, saves her life and off he goes back to his seedy lifestyle but, Hannah is immediately entranced by Francesco and wants into his world, just for one night. Franceso does everything within his power to make Hannah see that he is no good for her, and his dangerous lifestyle is not what she deserves, but Hannah is insistent, and when she finally gets what she craves she's knocked down again, but this time she's not so sure Francesco will pick her up. The character of Franceso was as I mentioned the kind of man you just know is bad news, sexier than you have ever seen , but dangerous to any woman's heart, for you just know a guy branding a gun and oozing danger is bound to dispense of you at some stage. When the author got into his frame of mind I got to see a man that had built a life in order to be a better person than his father , but along the road to success lost his way and in turn became the opposite of the man he wanted to be, and it is through this character that the author reminded me that sometimes revenge completely obscures our ideas and we are more blinded to life then if we were walking around with out any idea's what so ever. The character of Hannah was one that in the start I thought very kind sweet, it is not everyday I read about a Dr that devotes every single waking moment to their patients, but as the read went on I actually starting liking Francesco and his coldhearted acts more than I liked Hannah, this because the author showed just how cool, distant and isolated Hannah had become and even though she is such an amazingly dedicated Dr she is in so many other ways worse than any of the gangsters out there. It did teach me that you are not meant to go into a world so silent that when life knocks you down you can't hear the slightest bit of sound trying to bring you back from the silence you've created. I am taking away a message of everyone has a reason for what they do or don't do in life, there is a story behind everyone's pain, or the mask they slot in place when someone gets too close, but when that little nagging voice in the back of your mind stats telling you that someone has a point, listen to them, even if you don't want to , the point is you will learn what the outside world sees is never as important as what the person who loves you for you and only the real you, is so much more valuable than anything life and it's evil has to offer. This book was infused with so much spice, passion, romance and even humor that I experienced each and every single one of those delicious and yes even murderous emotions I love to have during a good book. I highly recommend this read for any and all romance readers who live and breath romance. This is one tale of mindless passion, intrigue and a new zest for life you will not want to miss! It's the Godfather meets Pretty woman ! Michelle Smart is a true master in creating stories that leaves me smiling and stuck in a dream world long after the story is over and she does it , each and EVERY time! 5/5 star review " She craves his body, he craves to free her soul" "
Taming the Notorious Sicilian by Michelle Smart
Picture of His Forbidden Diamond
rating by Desere, Jul 1, 2014
"Forbidden love is such a powerful emotion, because it cannot be controlled or ignored, yet it is done all over the world and sadly it causes heartache and despair leaving in it's wake people who are simply drifting along in life taking what ever comes around , and silently holding on to the hope that someday they will find love again and that this time will be allowed and not forbidden. Lucky for us romantic at heart we know there is always a way forward, one just needs to see it in order to make it happen. In the new read from the super talented Susan Stephens we get to meet sexier than sin former soldier and diamond dynasty heir Tyr Skavanga. He has returned to the icy depth of the cold north but he is haunted by the terrors of war and has cut himself off from the world and hardened his heart to the very same level of ice as his homeland. But he soon discovers there is one person who is not afraid to defy his defenses and with a shock her realizes it's the last person he expected. Princess Jasmina of Kareshi is more beautiful than any woman Tyr has ever seen, but she is also strictly off limit. Like Tyr she has a reputation to protect but the electrifying connection between them could be the toughest challenge either one has ever had to face. And soon the hands of fate play out a different set of rules, the only question left is if they can obey the new rules or simply give up and walk away from what they have found in each others' arms. This was book three is The Skavanga Diamonds series and I could not have been more overjoyed when I received it, because from the start go of this incredible series I was in love with the world of Skavanga and the amazing characters the author crafted. My heart broke for Tyr, the poor man had become so lost in a world of his own , that I wanted to drag him up from the ground and tell him to fight back against the demons of war. Too often I read and meet the men of war and I can see the pain they have to go through. Trying to bring their lives back to the top, or at least something that resembles the life they knew , is no easy task and sadly so many of them don't make it back to the other side but simply fade away from the world and live in despair. I was absolutely thrilled when the author let Princess Jasmina ( Jazz) be this feisty " I don't take no nonsense" heroine that gave it as good as she got, to tame the very lost Tyr and bring him back to life. And when Jazz fights back with fire, the conflict was so excellent it had me shouting " Yes that's it Jazz !!" the one minute and the next I found myself on the edge of my seat begging Tyr to surrender and then next it had me laughing out loud , giggling away like a school girl. Absolute amazing, stunning chemistry that set the pages alight and revved up the passion to new heights of hot. From the character of Jasmina I learned that when you're cornered and there is no other way out just go with it and make the best of the situation, it's in your best interest to at least show you didn't go down without a fight. And from Tyr I learned that a normal life is probably the only thing a warrior of war wants, but if they opens their hearts to love they will find so much more that just a normal life, happiness lies within the power to let love inside. The read was filled with passion that is hotter than the desert sun, emotion so strong and memorable it hit every single note and sent my emotions souring into the heavens, and an amazing story of dark reality being overcome by love it poured new life into my soul. I highly recommend this read for all fans of Susan Stephens books, the author has once again shown why she is not only one of the best authors of our time , but one who's stories and characters will stay with you and always be in the back of your mind reminding you that there is always a happy ending even to the most forbidden things in life. 5/5 star review " In order to survive they have to fight, only fighting each other seems impossible when they're in desperate need of each other's love" "
His Forbidden Diamond by Susan Stephens
Picture of Carrying the Sheikh's Heir
rating by Desere, Jun 21, 2014
"Any good sister knows it is always the right thing to help out your sibling when you are able to and of course when it is just and fair. So our heroine in this book helping out her sister by agreeing to have a baby for her, makes this a number one heroine in my book. But imagine if you had to be the one that does this loving deed for your sister and then the clinic informs you "Whoops sorry, we made a mistake. And instead you may not be pregnant with your sister's child, you might be expecting the child of a King." Some woman may think it's not all that bad, the King might be happy and just maybe this can all work out, but of course life is never as plain sailing as that. So when the heroine in this read Sheridan leans of the mishap she is furious, sad and confused and does not know which way to turn. But this is not the worst part at all, nope suddenly the King himself makes an appearance and he is in no mood for games or female what if's. King Rashid will not wait to discover if Sheridan is carrying his heir, instead he kidnaps her and takes her back to his country, only once he has her there he's not so sure what to do with her. I loved this read, it was sweet and kind the one moment and hot and passionate the next and then it dropped to such vivid emotional heartspoken sweetness I broke out in tears. Sheridan was awesome, she stands up for what she wants and does not hold her tongue. Which was so amazing to read about, it's not every woman out there that would dare tell a King his fortune, I mean who dares raise their voice at a King or tell him in nutshell that he sucks , this heroine does ! And it was so awesome , I adored the character of Sheridan more and more each time she stood up to Rashid. I did however feel so bad for her, being in a foreign country, helpless, possibly carrying a child whom you have already fallen in love with, practically being held against your will and not to mention a hotter than the desert sun King wanting to strip you bare and kiss every inch of you, not a easy list of things to handle. But she's areal trooper and rises above it all with stunning elegance! Rashid was cold, distant, angry all the time and just plain mean. I wanted to bury this man in a deep dark whole in the desert sand for being so mean to Sheridan, but as the author let his side of the story play out I could understand him trying to keep a distance and rather ice his heart against all emotions. I very much enjoyed Rashid being knocked from his throne by Sheridan and becoming a greater King than before. The author showed just how much the presence of another can influence our actions. I am taking away a message of life is sometimes more of a roller coaster ride than we asked for, and when the ride stops at an unintended pit-stop it is not the time to be angry or sad, it's the time to stand up and face what ever it is that 's trying to knock you from the ride. There's a reason for everyone that comes into our lives, maybe they have come to save us, or maybe show us that we can love again, what ever the reason may be the point is to stay on the ride of life, hang in there, face it all and in the end you will reach the exact destination you were meant to. I recommend this read for all fans that adore Lynn Raye Harris books, passion laced with an emotional punch and makes for a lovely afternoon read. 4.5 star review " He wants his child no matter what, but can he handle the woman that comes with it?" "
Carrying the Sheikh's Heir by Lynn Raye Harris
Picture of Pregnant with the Soldier's Son
rating by Desere, Jun 21, 2014
"Anyone who personally knows me knows that my days are filled with assisting the injured when they return home from the war-zone. I get to hear all about the nightmares, the flashbacks, the heartache behind losing a friend and the pure hell they need to go through when returning home and their families not understanding what has happened the once friendly person they knew, because they have been replaced by a darker, more dangerous almost sinister force, that sadly they themselves don't understand. It's the ending of many happy marriages, the start of endless nightmare battles and sadly the death of many. So of course when picking up a book and noticing a PTSD element am always skeptical that the author, unless directly related to someone with war-zone PTSD, will actually be able to convey all the various emotions I myself experience each time I interact with one of my clients. But I have also learned that sometimes a little communication and understanding can help those living with PTSD have almost normal life, and if their partner's are able to understand what they are going through, love can conquer the deepes, darkest of anger. So naturally I believe in romance and love being able to make it all better. And this is exactly what the new Amy Ruttan read shows. We meet orthopedic surgeon Ingrid Walton, a nice promotion puts her in a celebratory mood and she ends up spending a passionate filled night with army medic Clint Allen. He takes off for his tour of duty and it's only seven months later that he shows up working as the new trauma surgeon and yes you guessed it he bumps right into Ingrid. He's naturally shocked at seeing her again, but it's not so much seeing her again that sends his heart racing and his mind running, it's seeing her pregnant with his child. Now as we all know in romance reads the men are usually honorable and do the right thing , owing up to their responsibility, but Clint has a whole other set of issues he needs to get past before he can be a loving father, his tour of duty has left he more than just a little emotionally scared. As I mentioned authors relating the PTSD elements in books don't always nail it perfectly , but this author got it perfectly! I could feel the anger and rage that runs through Clint at the confusion he's going through and then the entire pregnancy thing making it so much worse. I truly felt bad for the guy, it's not easy in the first place to try and handle the nightmares and flashbacks and rage , and all the other emotions that he can't control and then have to try and deal with becoming a father at a time in his life when he feels pretty much worthless. The character of Ingrid was understandably stressed out too. Being suddenly pregnant and alone, having to deal with body changes, work and all that single motherhood entails takes it's toll on most woman. But of course her kind of stress is completely different to the kind of stress Clint has to deal with. But definitely not less important to overcome than the those of Clint. The author giving both characters stress although it be different kinds of stress, gave this read a very unique and fresh feel. Usually we have only the one character dealing with stress and the other is the one to pull them from that deep, dark place of despair. But both these characters healed and guided each other to overcome their situations and various levels of stress. Really nice touch Amy! As previously said, if the authors are not personally related to a person who has gone or is going through PTSD issues then they need to do a lot of research and whether this author knows someone personally or just did the research, either way she hit each and every one of the spots with this read. I am taking away a message of love can overcome the darkest of emotions, all it needs is to get in first. Yes it is a battle to get through to the person , but once you place yourself in that person's shoes you will be able to learn how to help them and not push them further away. I highly recommend this read for anyone that loves romance meets real life. The author crafted a stunning story of love found in the most unexpected of places during one of lives most natural everyday occurrences. 5/5 star review " He goes from being her hero, to a total zero. Can he reach hero status again?" "
Pregnant with the Soldier's Son by Amy Ruttan