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"Great post Heidi!"

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Coffee & Cake with...Heidi Rice

"A hero is one that pays attention to the needs of others, and gives special attention to the small things. Instead of diamonds a note that says I love you or a stunning dress left with a note saying "Dinner is at 7 wear the dress love xx" means more than big gestures. And your hero's are all stunning in their own unique way keep them coming ! "

Desere • 1 year ago

Lost in Romance #1 - The Musketeers and Sherlock

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Picture of A Diamond in Her Stocking
rating by Desere, Jan 20, 2015
"Who doesn't love a Christmas wedding, and when written by one of today's best selling authors , it's total perfection! Single mom and Chef Lizzie Dumont is moving on, returning to Dolphin Bay to make a her new restaurant a success. And therefore has absolutely no time whatsoever for Mr Jaw-dropping handsome Jesse Morgan! But forgetting that incredible kiss they once shared, is not quite as easy. Jesse can't forget their kiss either but the betrayal in Lizzie's past has made her wary of him, and he hates that she cannot see past his reputation as a heart-breaker. So now he's on a mission, a mission to change her mind and get her to be the Christmas present he has always wanted. I love this author's books and this one arrived during a very stressful part of my life . Knowing that this author's work is always guaranteed to cheer me up , I dug in the second life allowed me to do so. And it completely worked, for four hours I was able to escape life and at the end of the read walk away from the read with a new found feeling of hope and knowing that everything happens for a reason and in the end there will always be a light somehow , somewhere all you need is to be able to look for the light while you're stuck in the darkness. I loved the vibrant characters and most especially their flaws , the author did a remarkable job at showing that these characters are just like the people we see , hear about and meet everyday. They are simply people who have made mistakes, taking the wrong turn and have to fight to find a way back to the point where their happiness starts. It's a story about leaning to move past the moment from the past that is holding you back, it's about learning how to look past what you hear about a person and rather trust yourself to see a person through your own eyes instead of the image the world has conjured up. I highly recommend this read for all fans who love romances reads that shines like a bright diamond during the darkest of hours. A heartwarming , sensual read. 5/5 star review " Diamonds are forever, especially when received for Christmas ! "
A Diamond in Her Stocking by Kandy Shepherd
Picture of The Honeymoon Arrangement
rating by Desere, Jan 3, 2015
"Travel journalist Finn Banning has bagged the honeymoon trip of lifetime, three weeks, loads of expensive all stops pulled out experiences. It's just the deal he needs to make headlines in his travel - writing career. The problem? His fiancee has just walked out on him , and well showing up at the honeymoon destinations alone won't look all that good now will it?! By a twist of fate, he comes across the bubbly and total flirt Callie again, when he met her few months ago, he thought her sexy and trouble with a capital T , but he was happily engaged and left it as a flirt to pass the time experience. Seeing her again not only get's his hormones hitting the red lines of passion and attraction but also sparks an idea, she will be the perfect fake wife! Callie doesn't like the idea of playing fake wife to super sexy Finn, but the arrival of her painful past sends her grabbing hold of the opportunity with both hands! Enjoy the getaway and bonus have some fun between the sheets and get lost in the magical kisses of Finn. He doesn't want a relationship, neither does she, it's perfect, let lose, have great sex and then cut loose. Easy right? I very much enjoyed this read, the little spark of conflict here and there was great entertainment. I adored the passionate attraction between Finn and Callie, it was like reading about firecrackers going up in the air, exploding and then suddenly re-exploding all over again, super hot! The character of Callie was really fun and made the read very lively. Her sparkling, go with the flow, make the best of every situation attitude had me in stitches the one minute but breaking my heart the next, because I knew it was only a form of defense against hurt. I loved that the author showed how we all have different ways of coping, but that at some point no matter what form of coping mechanism we use it simply falls flat. The character of Finn, was awesome! I loved his free spirited persona. I really enjoyed him trying not to fester on the past and his relationship failure, and instead try to be more like Callie by just going with the flow and enjoying the moment. What really got to me was how the author let him push Callie to talk about her past, but still keep it light and simple enough to make it still sound all about sex and nothing more, not the perfect scenario for any woman, but it totally worked because it kept the read fun and added that certain level of sexiness with a twist all the while entertaining me as the author only here and there hinted into his past and what would ultimately get him to reveal all to Callie. The backdrop settings were described with exquisite detail and I could actually hear the lions roaring and felt the cool night air touch my skin. I am taking away a message of when it comes to any relationship , one that's just for sexual fun or a very real this is us in it for the long haul one, you always need to lay out all your cards on the table, if you don't you will never win. There will always be another winner, another game but if you don't give it all up, you will always walk away as the looser. I recommend this read for all fans that love a romance with a fun and crazy plot , terrific characters, great emotion and fabulous hot passion. Mrs Wood has once again proven her magical South African charm and wit deliverers a romance filled with sassy, sexy , very much romantic hanky-spanky fun! 4 star review " Hot sex, wine and the night's stars, it's just a fake honeymoon, right? " "
The Honeymoon Arrangement by Joss Wood
Picture of A Date with Her Valentine Doc
rating by Desere, Jan 2, 2015
"Bertie Clark, has been left at the altar, and like all brides she is more than a little uncomfortable to tell her colleges that the " honeymoon" she just got back from was her alone with just her thoughts and those retched postcards. So she kind of just smiles and works her way around it all , when she gets back to work. But then Dr Matt Bishop arrives in her life, and the man is over the top tempting, but he's her boss and therefore 100% off limits. She has to under all circumstances keep her Dr Bishop induced x-rated fantasies under wraps, and firmly secured in her mind. Then they team up to arrange the hospital's Valentine's Day ball and Bertie realizes she can't ignore the sparks of romance flying around, surely every woman deserves a little bit of romantic fun, right? But how to explain that she's not cheating on her 'husband' now that is a whole other drama! And as you can imagine leads to quite the number of hilarious and rather treacherous situations, which were highly entertaining and had me in stitches on numerous occasions throughout the read. I loved the firey, sensual romance blossoming between Bertie and Matt, even with the whole " tell everyone the truth " thoughts fluttering at the back of my mind the whole time. The character of Bertie was heartbreaking in a way, because I was truly sad for her being just left to pick up the pieces of her life, but on the other hand I was over the moon with excitement because I knew this came down to life directing her to who she should be with, and I got more and more butterflies with each step as the romance with Matt came closer. The character of Matt was as dreamy as they come! A real sweetheart , yet also of course a little reserved , no one simply just falls for someone without having some little form of reservation, and nor can I think of a hero created by this author that has never been dreamy, so of course Dr Yummy hit all the right notes. From this read there were many messages that came to mind as I read along, but the one that stood out for me was honesty. Honestly really is the best policy, lies and deceit only brings heartache, sleepless nights and an array of endless problems. And if you are not the one at fault in the first place there really is no need to try and hide it. Yes it hurts like crazy and of course you are embarrassed but at the end of the day what will hiding the truth really help? It could be fine for a number of years, depending on the secret, but when it comes to light , that's where everyone will lose their respect for you, because the longer you hide it the worse it gets, and the truth will show you in a whole new light and you might be surprised at most people's reactions, as they take it all in stride and not see it as half as bad as you thought it would. Be honest at all times, no matter how much it hurts or how embarrassing it may seem, in the end being honest is what will save you. And the ending to this wonderful read, my oh my could not have been more romantic or perfect, a real Valentine's Day treat! I recommend this read for all fans that love dramatic medical romance reads, it was a wonderful look at how lies and deceit can shatter lives of others and your own if not faced from the start. 4 star review " Roses are red, love is true,Valentine's Day will reveal the real you" "
A Date with Her Valentine Doc by Melanie Milburne
Picture of Playing by the Greek's Rules
rating by Desere, Jan 1, 2015
"Lily Rose is the type of woman who believes in love, and in making sure the man she falls in love with ticks all the boxes on her " perfect man " list. But then she makes an error in judgement and instead get's her heart broken. Her best friend suggests she take life a little less seriously and instead go with just red hot sex and not all the mussy gooey love stuff. Lily being a very in touch with her feelings gal at first says no to the entire idea, but then she ends up sopping wet in the shower of no other than her boss, Nik Zervakis. And she knows he is the complete opposite of her "perfect man " list, he's cold, detached at all times, in control and best of all she's 100 % sure the man will be dynamite in bed, after all he's able to turn her into a quivering pool of lust with a mere look. They strike a deal, they will use each other for sex and nothing more, just one night of red hot out of control unbridled sex, then walk away as if it never happened. But the next morning a phone call extends their time together and it's a one way street for wild crazy sexy nights, just for a few more days they can enjoy each other's bodies, no big deal. Then the rules of the deal change and their wolds are turned up side down. I really love reading books by this author, I always feel as if I am being enchanted into a world I never want to leave, but I always find a way or a new book to move on and let go of the characters, this time around am not sure I will be able to. Nik and Lily will definitely be with me till my last dying breath. They were both the type of characters that leap from the pages immediately. Nik with his suave and arrogant charm, hiding behind power the pain from his past , and Lily with her always happy sunshine smile everywhere she goes. The plot was one any author can dream up , but not every author can pull it all together quite like Sarah Morgan. Every line written was pure, raw writing brilliance. I felt every emotion and with each change blossoming in the characters I felt it, really felt it. And the ending played out perfectly, not the " Awh, that's a nice ending", or " Okay not a bad ending, liked it about 50% " or even " Great ending but the not the twist I really wanted", no the ending played out exactly how I wanted it, and I am definitely sure each and every reader who picks up this book will agree with me wholeheartedly, it could not have been done with more perfection. I am taking away a message from each of the characters, through Nik I was shown just to what lengths anyone can and will go to protect themselves against hurt. And through Lily the author showed that no matter who we are or which background we come from, or what we have been through there is always someone who needs the sunshine that lives in all of us. I highly recommend this read, it was sensual, crazy sexy, passionate, captivating and highly entertaining. Sarah has delivered another all round feel good red hot romance. 5/5 star review " They play by the rules, but what happens when the rules are broken?" "
Playing by the Greek's Rules by Sarah Morgan
Picture of Heiress's Defiance
rating by Desere, Dec 30, 2014
"This is book number eight in the Mills and Boon The Chatsfield series, this time we meet the eldest of the Chatsfield's. Lucilla has always been the one to keep the family together, taken care of everything she could, which of course is a great responsibility and as we all know , with great responsibility comes great sacrifice. Lucilla has never really stopped to look for love, she is simply jut too busy trying to keep it all together, she faces each day head on and let's nothing stand in her way. That is until the force that is Christos Giatrakos. Not only has he been put in charge of the family business but also in charge of Lucilla. She's naturally outraged and vows to fight back with all she has. But Christos is not the kind to back down and simply roll over. Although returning back to a world he never wanted to step foot into again, he's prepared to do whatever it takes to reach his end goal. And right here is where this read shouts, clash of the titans, game on! I loved the conflict in this read, it was fun one minute and spicy the next. It did resemble other reads in the same line, because there is always conflict, but the author let it somehow play out with more passion and the conflict alone took on a life of it's own, making this read highly entertaining. The characters were both extremely well written, both determined and forceful in everything they do, and of course the heat building in between the bouts of anger was fabulous! Not wanting to spoil the read for anyone, I can't say too much more except that the ending of this read was as perfect as they come, and took my breath away. I am taking away a message of to walk away from problems is never the answer, yes it is the easy solution but can you really escape? The answer is definitely no, because somewhere alone the line the problems are going to break through the defenses you lined up and you will need to face it, so why run in the first place, deal with it instead the minute it arrives because if you walk away you are walking into a world far worse than the problems you had to face in the past. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads, it was a roller coaster of conflict, passion, glitz and glam and sexy romance., and by far my favorite from the entire series. 5/5 star review " The fight to gain control is on,but who will walk away as the winner?" "
Heiress's Defiance by Lynn Raye Harris
Picture of Rebel's Bargain
rating by Desere, Dec 30, 2014
"This is book seven from the new Mills and Boon The Chatsfield series, and being a huge fan of this author's writing I was overjoyed to sit down and read her contribution to the series. In this read we meet Poppy Graham, five years ago she married Orsino Chatsfield beneath a confetti of paparazzi flashbulbs , but in her darkest hour, he let her down. Their split was one of those truly bitter endings that sent Poppy striving for independence and acceptance. Now Orisino is back and even more arrogant than before. After being injured in a climbing accident there's only one person Orsino can turn to, his wife. They have unfinished business, for the sake of sanity he has to finish it before he walks away, this time forever. But the blazing passion between them reignites faster than a candle's flame being lit, the flame will either kill or cure, the question is does either one want to really find out? This author has the remarkable talent of taking a tale that seems so twisted that it will only break your heart and destroy your faith in love , and un-twisting it to the point where it unfolds into a beautiful tale of romance, passion and true love. The added bonus this time around was the that the read was fast paced and the characters seemed to simply come alive from the pages. I feel in love with both hero and heroine right from the start, and I was hopelessly trapped, I simply could not put it down because I so badly craved to see these two find their happy ending. Which when it came was absolutely gorgeous and brought me to tears of utter joy. I am taking away a message of past guilt and hurt will always linger, the trick is to know when to know when it's time to fight and when it's time to walk away. I recommend this read for all fans of this series and fans of Annie's books. A fabulous, passionate addition to the series. Keep 'em coming Annie, we need more! 5/5 star review " He has her heart, but will it be able to offer the cure he craves " "
Rebel's Bargain by Annie West
Picture of Dressed to Thrill
rating by Desere, Dec 26, 2014
"Being a model I am positive involves a lot of " I need to always look my best", " Should I be eating that?", " Oh heck no I can't wear this, what if the paps are around!" But that's just the model, what about the person on the other side of the model, yep the one standing there tinkering with the last minute details of the outfit the model is about to make headlines with? What do they with their less than perfect bodies feel like? Intimidated? Jealous? Thinking about what if I do this or that will I then look like this ? I like to think it's all of those but of course as with everything else in life one needs to stand strong and simply take a no care attitude, you're good at something else so who cares if you don't look picture perfect enough to wear something that someone else is able to make look fabulous! Of course that is so much easier said then done and even if you are able to have that no care attitude at some point it simply boils down to , you always having to fake it, the real you never escapes from it's bonds. In this debut from Bella Frances this is the precise attitude fashion designer Tara Devine has, she's no model but she's really good at what she does and just like she wows the fashion world with her designs and she also wows our hero in this read, Mr- I -make-the-rules Michael Cruz. But his arrival has the opposite effect on her, she's not about to be like all the other woman who have had the unfortunate drama of being Miss-Want-to -be -Cruz . No way, and she let's him know it too, " She's every bit as much the bad girl as he is the bad boy, but soon their personalities hit a tidal wave of epic proportions. And one wild night later Tara realizes that Michael 's bed is the only place she hasn't faked it. And it's ready, set go for the battle is about to start , because Michael might have gotten under her clothes but has he gotten to her heart? Not likely , right? The back and forth insults flying across the pages of this read was phenomenal , as every reader knows that 's what gives way to that one in a million explosive romance everyone craves. Tara dished it out every bit as good as Michael delivered. Both characters were fighters , life having dished out enough heartache and sorrow to push them to always fight back no matter what, this I adored! I loved them both constantly standing their ground and not backing down. Of course as we all know there is always more that what meets the eye , and this my dear reading friends is where this read really took off. The author did an absolutely phenomenal job showing just what really lies behind the characters bravado. Through the character of Tara she showed that we all try to be something we simply are not, think of the woman that wears black leather to try and look bad ass, but in actual fact she's an angel with a really sweet and caring personality, but because she's been burned before she protects herself with an image of being everything she 's not. Through the character of Michael the author showed, we are never meant to control everything or everyone, yes we seem to think it's okay because what we do or say is only because we are trying to protect them, but is it really them or us we are trying to shield from misery? Lighten up and let other's find their own path, stay focused on your own if don't you will take the wrong turn off and end up resenting the chances you never took. I am taking away a message of life has many up's and down's we all know this already and we all know we are meant to do things differently in order to end up with some form of the result we wanted or needed. But when the chance comes around to be different and simply be you, the most important part to remember is to not fight it. I highly recommend this read for all fans of romances with a kick. It was passionate, sexy, smart and extremely entertaining and had a stunning message of breaking free from the bonds of the past. Bella Frances welcome to the world of romance! 5/5 star review " The battle is about to start, but who will be the " boss" when it all comes to an lights-flashing- world watching end?" "
Dressed to Thrill by Bella Frances
Picture of The Maverick Who Ruled Her Heart
rating by Desere, Dec 21, 2014
"We all know , that when we get the perfect plan in our minds , that it all plays out perfectly, in our minds that is, never in real life because let's face it there is always something or someone that puts a spanner in the works. This is exactly what Kelsey Davies faces, she is happy with her job as a nutritionist but she wants to leave it all behind and start a new life, make the past go away. But then smoldering make my knees go weak Dr Jordan King arrives back in town. And Kelsey falls in love with him all over again, but after uncovering the truth that links him to their painful past will she still be able to let him be the ruler of her heart? I could not put this read down for even one minute! From the first page the author drew me into this absolutely stunning story of "strangers" meet again , I was completely entranced with the manner the author let the past mistakes of teenagers spring forth into a beautiful tale of love. And the story of the past was a real humdinger, did not see half of it coming, excellent job Susan! The characters were all really well written with insightful views on life and of course those secrets from the past shaped them into the type of characters that simply cannot be ignored, one simply has to get in there and find out more! I am taking away a message of the past is the past, we all make mistakes and for the most part there is nothing we can do to try and fix it. But there is a always the number one golden rule, change. We are all capable of change and when we do the possibilities are endless, and the past can simply be just that , because when we change for the better, tomorrow looks a whole lot brighter! I recommend this read for all fans of romance from the past reads, it was sensual and heartwarming. 5/5 star review " She's heading out, he's coming back in, can they meet in the middle? " "
The Maverick Who Ruled Her Heart by Susan Carlisle
Picture of The Doctor Who Made Her Love Again
rating by Desere, Dec 21, 2014
"Everyone knows that we all love to be in control of our own lives, but when we lose that control the world seems out of balance and we fight to get that control back no matter what. But what if we think we need the control back and then suddenly the control doesn't look all that great? This what the heroine, China Davis is facing , she is really happy, her family is a big old mess but still she is as happy as can be, because she is in control of her own life and that's what is most important. But then hotshot Doc Payton Jenkins arrives on the scene and her control is seriously tested, she wants to hold onto control but the more she tries the more she loses her grip. And Payton, well he escaped death once and he is determined to life each day to the fullest and China Davis is on his radar and indulging in the pleasures she hides is his number one priority, but he has to get her to let go of that blasting control first and he knows just the way to do it. I fell in love with this author's books not long ago and let me tell you, she knows how to take any reader on an emotional ride of romance, sadness and passion. I adored the way the author took me into the mind of how a survivor deals with the aftermath, the worry, the tension of will it happen again, the " this is the time I need to get up and get out and live my life " element was beautifully portrayed. Of course this being a medical romance read , I bawled my eyes out, especially for Payton, the poor man certainly had found his new zest for life but after so much heartache it will tear at any reader's heartstrings and make you want get up and go out and find adventure even if you have never come close to death ever before. China was a really neat character , I laughed so hard at her attempt to keep control , and I saw myself through her, I love being in control but even I know there comes a time in life where being in control is simply not possible and you need to loosen the strings just a little in order to gain a step in the right direction. Reading about how the author let's China fall from her little always in control pedestal was really entertaining. I am taking away a message of life is short and when you have the chance to live, grab hold of it with both hands , always seek adventure because tomorrow might never come. And most importantly never try to control everything in life, if you do you will never experience the joy of being in wonder and awe, and things that can simply materialize out of nowhere, let go and see what happens! I recommend this read for all fans of medical romance reads, it's a stunning story of a second chance in life and that special magic of falling in love and letting the unexpected guide you to the road of happiness. 5/5 star review " He lives life like there's no tomorrow, she wants to control tomorrow, can he get her to let go?" "
The Doctor Who Made Her Love Again by Susan Carlisle
Picture of Breaking Her No-Dating Rule
rating by Desere, Dec 8, 2014
"Massage therapist Ellory Star needs a fresh start, and to make it happen she brings into play her New Year resolution, there will be no dating, until she's ready. But then again she did not count on getting snowed in with the super delicious ER Dr Anson Graves. It's not long before Ellory must face the music and the fact that charming Anson might just be the one man she needs to break her no-dating rule for. New Year resolutions are meant to be broken, right ? This author always writes stories that are somehow just as upbeat and fun to read as they are emotionally heartbreaking, I realize that does not sound like the best of combinations because when most readers sit down to read, they either want to cry their eyes out with joy or sorrow( yep those readers that crave heartache do exist) , or laugh their heads off. This author combines both and believe you me it. totally. works, each and every time! When I read this author's debut not so long ago I was amazed by her creativity and the way she manages to take something totally wacky and turn it into something so beautiful there is simply no way you can forget it afterwards. This time she has done it again, and I could not have been more delighted to again step back into her mind and learn all there was to learn about Ellory and Anson. Both characters were written with intensity and flair, the kind that pops from the pages and in some instances makes you do a double take. I loved Ellory's no dating resolution rule, it was something that happens every day in the lives of woman but something that most of us does not stop to think about, or just what the outcome will be if it had to be us. The author did an amazing job at putting me front and center for all the various emotions and questions running through the characters minds , and at one point I could so self involved in the character of Ellory it completely threw be for a loop when I realized suddenly sat up and realized I had been living the characters life so intensely I had forgotten about the world around me, just proved how brilliant this author is! I am taking away a message of just when we think it's time to back away from love , it;s in fact the time to start looking around because love is waiting around the corner. It might not happen the way you imagined it, but if you blink it will be gone quicker than the strike of midnight. I recommend this read for any and all romance readers. Intense, passionate, compelling and one heck of a ride! 4.5 star review " When midnight comes, it's either a go or a no, which will she choose? " "
Breaking Her No-Dating Rule by Amalie Berlin