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"A hero is one that pays attention to the needs of others, and gives special attention to the small things. Instead of diamonds a note that says I love you or a stunning dress left with a note saying "Dinner is at 7 wear the dress love xx" means more than big gestures. And your hero's are all stunning in their own unique way keep them coming ! "

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Lost in Romance #1 - The Musketeers and Sherlock

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Picture of Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss
rating by Desere, Jun 8, 2015
"Everyone knows making a good impression on your boss in the first 24 hours is always the key to making yourself known as capable to pull anything and everything off. . So of course when Francesca Masseria is more than just mortified when her new boss discovers her sitting in the chair of his PA's, shoe-less, skirt riding up showing off legs and stockings , bottle of wine on hand and to top it all off she hits the panic button and has him placed in handcuffs. Harrison Grant is less than impressed with Francesca's escapades but because he discovers she's the replacement PA he pretty much has no choice and tries to smooth over the disastrous first encounter. First things first he has to focus on the ultimate revenge deal of his career and Francesca has some skills that will come in handy. Secondly all he has to do is ignore the sexy dreams his mind has started conjuring up ever since the handcuff incident, and last but not least he cannot under any circumstances allow Francesca to get under his skin, it will ruin her. With is cold heart and ability to shut the world out, it should be easy, but then he allows Francesca a glimpse into his heart and his entire plan falls apart. This is by far the sexiest book this author has written, from page one there is this overwhelming in your face sexual chemistry between the hero and heroine that is so strong it leaped from the pages and dragged me into their world. I absolutely adored the conflict moments, it was as if I was right there for fire and ice coming together for the number one game of the year. The character of Harrison is the typical cold hearted bastard found in these reads, but with a whole lot more depth. The author did not just give him the cold attitude with the little glimpses of warmth, she layered this man out with so many layers and each and every single layer revealed was like discovering a new hero. I loved Harrison's passion for revenge, of course I know that revenge is never the answer to anyone's past misfortunes, it never makes you feel any better and it drains the life out of you. But the author let his mission for revenge seem so valid and so real that I actually wanted him to execute it, and that is a definite sign that an author knows exactly what she's doing. Through this character the author certainly showed just how convincing revenge can seem when in actual fact there is a whole other message one needs to be seeking. The character of Francesa was well in the simplest way I know how to explain it, me. I saw myself through this character, I am just like her always making sure my work is up to date, the long hours, the making sure all i's are dotted and t's are crossed to ensure my boss looks like the professional the world needs him to be, of course there are plenty of woman out there that do exactly the same, not everyone's boss of course is the sexy Harrison, and thankfully not all of us leave our boss in handcuffs the first time we meet him! But we push ourselves beyond our limits and most of the time we, and just as Francesca, we don't realize that our hard working nature is causing us to miss what other's are able to see. That we mean more to certain people than what we want to believe , and that when the time comes for us to see it, we will need to remember to push the ourselves to believe we can achieve happiness just like we achieve success in our workplace. This read was perfect and had everything that makes me fall in love with HP 's books a super sexy hero that goes from being pretty much a real zero to the ultimate hero, a heroine that totally rocks and the simple yet very elegant plot that had me hanging onto the edge of my seat. Tempted by her Billionaire Boss is a true gem of a read, passionate, sexy, fun, flirtatious, emotional, heartwarming the list of perfection goes on and on. This author is one that will go down in history as an absolute master of the romance craft. I will also add that during this read I was also introduced to Harrison's brother , and my oh my what a brother he is, the author gave me just enough info to wet my appetite and I cannot wait to read all about Coburn and his guaranteed brought to his knees downfall. I highly recommend this read for all romance lovers, if you are in need of an escape into the world of true reach into the depth of my soul romance this is the book to pick up. 5/5 star review " Temptation is the ultimate downfall, or is it the rescue by the angel he's always needed?""
Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss by Jennifer Hayward
Picture of Seduced into the Greek's World
rating by Desere, Jun 8, 2015
"Every woman heck every man even , has a fantasy they dream about. It's usually in the dead of night when no one is around to hear you accidentally say the dream out loud or do something stupid like make a facial expression that borders on your 'sex face'. In the new Dani Collins read we meet Natalie Adams and we are taken straight into her fantasy when it becomes reality as she embarks on an affair in Paris with infamous billionaire Demitri Makricosta, reality surpasses her wildest dreams and it's a memory she will always treasure. But Demitri has other ideas, one night isn't enough and to quench his new found Natalie-diction he suggests she becomes his mistress. Natalie is course thrown off kilter but show me the woman that will say no to a hot billionaire when she has nothing to lose, but the closer Natalie get's to the emotions that Demtri has carefully locked away the more he distracts her with dazzling gifts and a life of luxury holidays to ensure that seduction is the only that remains between them. But can he really carry on with this little game of seduction only or is Natalie getting to his closed off heart ? The author wrote a very enjoyable read, I very much liked Natalie. She was the kind of heroine most woman think they can be when they get burned in life, but as all woman know, when the time comes it doesn't seem that you are able to really be the person you always told yourself you would be should you get burned. She had spunk but not the overwhelming large dose that some heroine's have, nope just enough to let me know that she will fight to have her little fantasy but she also won't let it shift her focus from her child to the point where she will be a ' it's all about my love life and not what's best for my child' kind of mother . Demitri was of course the typical bastard hero found in the HP line, but he he had a lot more depth than most. The author did a fantastic job of taking this tortured black heart hero with all his emotional closure and turning him into this remarkable man that no woman can resist, and the man certainly had me weak at the knees when he goes from tortured to saved! Loved it!! Strong characters, wonderfully crafted plot and a great ending to a beautiful journey of redemption, self discovery and best of all a stunning message of life being full of surprises and when reality comes knocking it's never what our fantasies were, it's always so much better ! Recommended for all fans of Dani Collins books. 4.5 star review "Fantasy becomes reality but it's not quite what they expected it to be""
Seduced into the Greek's World by Dani Collins
Picture of The Marakaios Marriage
rating by Desere, Jun 8, 2015
"I love a good reunion story, and when told by the brilliant Kate Hewitt it's an epic tale of romance and stunning revelations. In this her latest read we meet Lindsay Douglas, it only took one magical week for her to fall for charismatic Antonios Marakaios. But after a whirlwind marriage, the pressure of loneliness of life as the wife of a proud Greek, proves too much for her, she sees only one option, leave and never look back. However Antonios has other plans, he returns to Lindsay's life with a deal, attend a family gathering in exchange for a final severing of ties. It's the final break to freedom Lindsay needs, but there's a problem. Antonios still sends shivers down her spine and it's not the cold, spine chilling kind! He reminds her how devastating their desire is and within in one week she yet again finds herself in love, but will she be able to endure the life of loneliness again, or will Antonios come around to showing her the love and attention she truly deserves instead of passion only in the bedroom? This read was as close to reality as they come, the extreme sadness both characters have to face and then the hurt of losing each other because of the the very things that caused them so much hurt, and then the absolute stunning happiness that springs forth when the sadness is overcome. The entire read blended the reality of the lack of communication, the hardships of death and the loneliness of dealing with problems on your own. I teared up on almost each and every single page. My heart truly broke for these characters. Both characters were strong willed and dead set in making sure they achieve their individual goals, but as all romance readers know there is always a little something to shake up the couple's best laid plans, and shaken up it was ! From the very start I was made aware that hero and heroine really love each other, but that there are obviously secrets they both are hiding, and that it's those very secrets that tore them apart the first time and I was really fearing that it would again. The depth of emotion in this read, was truly remarkable, I experienced every single bit of emotion that poured from both characters, I felt the angst, the heartache, the pain, the anger and the happiness, which made my heart soar to the heights of romance. Compelling, intriguing, laced with such clarity that it will leave you breathless and thinking that if only life was this book, so many marriages would end up has happy ever after instead of in court. I am taking away a message of communication is vital in any relationship, but even when the communication leads to being made fully aware of all aspects that make a person tick, it all really comes down to being able to take what you have learned and being able to understand it. If you simply only see things your way and do not take the time to for just a single moment step into the other person's shoes, you will never be able to find true happiness. I highly recommend this read for all fans of reunion romance reads. Earth shattering emotion, reality so close to truth it will knock your socks off and leave your mind whirling with understanding and best of all as hot and sexy as they come! 5/5 star review "
The Marakaios Marriage by Kate Hewitt
Picture of From Pregnant!
rating by Desere, Jun 6, 2015
"All fun filled nights are usually without consequences, well except if you count the hangover part that you are always aware of will be there the next day. Bu the fun filled nights that always hold the most consequences are when we say " I will never ......." because then it always happens ! In the latest read from Kandy Shepherd, we meet account Zoe Summer. A week in Bali was meant to be her dream vacation, the one vacation that is meant to replenish her energy and just generally give her back some zest in life. But when the tropical island paradise she's meant to be enjoying is hit by an earthquake, she's trapped. Reading about the heroine being trapped was very realistic and had me in tears. I mean can you image , here you are on a tropical holiday soaking up the sun and voila boom suddenly you're trapped with no escape in sight. Talk about dream jumping into nightmare mode! Anyways , being trapped is the least of her problems, because she his trapped alongside Mitch Bailey, sports star extraordinaire and also the blast from her past! Mitch is high on the thrill of survival, and when there is fear it's always the number one little " do not do" that let's couples end up in each other's arms. It 's meant to only be for the night, to simply just get through the rough patch life has dished out, but soon Zoe discovers she's pregnant. Now this adrenaline, fear induced one night only couple have to decide can they do forever and raise their child together, or will one of them start running for that non existent dream of no worries in life? When I stated this read, I did not look at the back blurb, because heck it's Kandy Shepherd 's name on the cover and anyone that knows me well knows I love her books, so why would I read the back?! So I was of course completely knocked for a six when what I thought was a lovely per chance vacation meeting, falling in love after the discovery of pregnancy romance read , got turned up side down into not only one of the most tear-jerkker reads ever but also one of the most exquisite I have ever read. The tears come from the very realistic fear I experienced when reading about the earthquake, it sent me feeling desperate to climb into the book and save the characters. It's a small earthquake but it's powerfully written, so powerful that I felt every single part of it happening , and thanking my lucky stars that I don't live in a country that's known for shattering earthquakes. The character of Zoe is a very private person, she's not the type to go out and shout out anything and everything on her mind, whereas the character of Mitch lives pretty much smack bam right in the middle of the media. I found it fascinating watching these two try to get to know each other again, and keep it all together, and all the time I was thinking " Gosh, what happens if these two get dragged into a media circus, would they survive it?" . A stunning journey of love, self discovery and the beginning to a beautiful, remarkable, passionate love story. I cannot wait for the next Kandy Shepherd masterpiece to enter my life, I love this author's fun , flirty yet so heartfelt and emotionally overwhelming it sends me into fits of tears , writing style. 5/5 star review " Vacation forecast : Sun and fun , with a chance of pregnancy!" "
From Pregnant! by Kandy Shepherd
Picture of His Perfect Bride?
rating by Desere, Jun 6, 2015
"Love and surprises are found in all kinds of shapes and of course in the most unexpected of places. Much like everyone else in life GP Oliver James knows exactly what his " perfect bride" should be like - and vibrant, unconventional new locum Lula Chance is the total opposite of the image in his mind. But if there is one thing I have learned in life , it's that those little images of perfection we create in our minds are never what we expected them to be when they finally do emerge. And for the most part it of course has always left me thinking " Boy I did not see that coming !" and also " Really, that's what this picture is suppose to look like?" So course that is pretty much what Oliver ends up thinking when Lula and all her long list of imperfections she has that so does not fit in with his list , she intrigues him and there seems to not be a thing he can do about it, well except maybe go with the flow. The heartbreak in Lula's eyes are the clinger in this romance, it's what captures Oliver's attention and bounds him to her in such a tightly wrapped bubble of romance there really is no way he can get out of it. But Lula is determined not to be distracted by brooding Oliver, no matter how gorgeous he is or how caring he might seem to be. She's arrived in Atlee Wold hoping to find her mother and Oliver will for darn sure be the distraction from her quest that she cannot afford. But us romance fans know that giving in to the inevitable is only a matter of time and it's then that the sparks for these two characters really start to light up the night sky. And who knows, just maybe Lula can fit into that perfect little image of perfect bride for Oliver, after-all. This read was one of those that simply shine from start to finish. It had the perfect heroine that 's quirky, different in all the ways real heroines in life are, that for the most part are sometimes completely lost in romance reads. You know the type I am talking about, the " Really, that's what she just did, which normal person does that?" As for Oliver , I wanted to grab the nearest bedpan and hit the man over the head. Dreaming up an image of the perfect bride is just about one of the dumbest things in life anyone can do, but I totally enjoyed seeing him get knocked down by Lula and her definitely non-perfect-bride attitude. She puts him in his place and it was totally off the hook awesome! A truly wonderful, captivating read with a beautiful message of life not always being exactly the way we want it to be and of course that all things in life even our perfect images of love and success does not always quite look the way we dreamed them to be, but they are always for darn sure ten times better! 5/5 star review " He sees her, she sees him. But will they see the real person inside ?""
His Perfect Bride? by Louisa Heaton
Picture of The Sheikh's Wedding Contract
rating by Desere, Jun 5, 2015
"As far as Sheikh's go, they always have a duty to their people, to uphold the crown, to ensure their country prospers , heck the list goes on and on. So it's naturally not a surprise when I hear the word Sheikh , my mind already goes from hero to boy this is one of those where he will have the battle of his life trying to please everyone. Now it might sound like I am trying to say that I find that scenario a little predictable, but I am most certainly not. My reason is a very simple one, it's that very determination they need to have to keep everyone happy that make the reads featuring sexy Sheikh's such a thrill to read. And let me tell you, with the talented Andie Brock behind the hero, sculpturing him from nearly regular guy to ultimate hero, there is no way you will be forgetting Sheikh Zayed Al Afzal anytime soon or end up thinking, that this is just an ordinary same as usual regular old sheikh. Now let's get down to the story, newly crowned Sheikh Zayed Al Afzal needs to earn his people's allegiance. And that means the one and only thing this very wicked playboy has always avoided, marriage! His advisers have a string of beautiful options all line up and ready to get down to business but it's when he meets the exquisite Nadia Amani that he decides it's time he makes a choice of his own for once. So the wedding contract is signed, sealed but not quite ready to be delivered because Zayed learns the shocking truth, Nadia is his enemies daughter. But it's during the dark desert nights Zayed finds his desire for the princess intensifies and anger gives way to sensual hunger that keeps begging to be satisfied, if only the princess could be someone else. This was by far one of the best researched books I have read in a while, the attention to detail was brilliant! I really enjoyed the character of Nadia , she was a really fun and upbeat princess and not at all like the usual dull type in these very common sheikh reads. Not once did I wish I could knock her over the end and just shout out " Come on, your a princess, stand up and do something!", nope the author crafted a really stunning princess, in fact I will go as far as to say , Nadia is the type of princess I think every princess should be. The character of Zayed was one that I found to be a little too overwhelming, but only for the first part of the read. After a while he started to grow on me and I started finding him a little less overwhelming and a more intriguing. But there was one or two times thereafter that I still wanted to stuff him in the nearest lock-up , just to defend Nadia a little, after all I am female and thus of course I would rather stick up for woman then men, woman as so often mistaken as the weaker sex , where in actual fact I think woman are much stronger then men, let's face it woman can face a million troubles and still get back up, men have a tendency to simply lie down and not even try to get back up, and who comes to save them, that's right a woman! Through both characters the author showed that there is always a twisty path in life that needs to be taken in order to find the right one. Sure it's long and dragged out and seems never ending and just messes with your plans, but you know what , when that magical end in the road lies within your grasp you'll realize it was so very worth it! I highly recommend this read for all fans that love a good, shaken up , rock you to your core sheikh romance. 5/5 star review " A contract that will bind them for life, that is if she can convince her captor to let her into his heart" "
The Sheikh's Wedding Contract by Andie Brock
Picture of It Happened in Vegas
rating by Desere, Jun 4, 2015
"Keeping out of the spotlight is never easy for any celebrity. It's and endless street of diving into odd little shops when you see anyone pull out a camera and dressing down to try and hide out. In this read from Amy Ruttan we meet senator's daughter Dr. Jennifer Mills, and for her it is just as hard to keep out of the spotlight as it is for Julia Roberts! Especially after being jilted at the altar by her ex-fiance, guaranteed that's a front page head liner that no one will ever forget. So when arriving in Las Vegas, she's just hoping to blend in. Ha ha ha, everyone and anyone knows that 's never how it works in the city of flashing lights and big time spenders. She meets ER surgeon Nick Rousseau, the same man she spent an unforgettable night with three years earlier. Now returned from Afghanistan, ex army medic Nick is struggling to come to terms with his time on the front-line. Rekindling his romance with Jennifer reminds him that some things in life are still worth fighting for. This was a truly stunning story about two damaged people finding new hope after life has shown them the type of things that are sure to break even the strongest of hero's and heroines in the world. The story was easy to read with a nice even flow and the nice little add on of a little twist here and there that sent the read from even flow to " Wow, did that just really happen?". The character of Jennifer was pretty much as damaged are heroine's can be, the tough life of trying to stay out of the spotlight and trying to get over the hurt and embarrassment of being jilted at the altar. But being damaged as much as other heroines are in these kind of reads did not make her ordinary or boring, in fact she was a breath of fresh air, fun and little too flirty for someone that has to stay out of the spotlight so that her senator father does not end up with more egg on his face then his plate. Nick was the tortured hero that I simply just wanted to hug and tell that everything will be okay as long as he does not give up. The author has once before shown her remarkable talent for showing the true hell and torture those that face war zones have to learn to live with. And oh my gosh he was sexy as hell! I could literately eat this man up! His back and forth battle with his troubled and clearly tortured soul shattered my heart and I cried my eyes out for this hero. I am taking away a message of life knocks you down, sometimes so hard that the ability to get back up seems like a lost cause. But is it really the end of the line? Just as life shows you the cruel hard stuff it will also show you how to get back up, all you need to do is be open to the light that filters through and never ever think staying in the dark and blocking out the sunshine is what you deserve. 5/5 star review " She needs rescuing but what will happen when her hero is the one that needs the rescuing? Is she up for the challenge? " "
It Happened in Vegas by Abigail Gordon
Picture of It Started with No Strings...
rating by Desere, May 15, 2015
"Reviewed by Desere The words " Blame it on...." have always been the response of most people when they realize they should have known better and there in actual fact is no real excuse, so you grasp at whatever you can. In this read from the very talented Kate Hardy is the champagne getting the blame. At a London salsa club ( sexy as all heck I will add) consultant Aaron Hughes catches sight of the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He doesn't do relationships but one night of fun with a perfect stranger can't hurt, or can it? Registrar Joni Parker, dancing and sipping champagne is just what the Dr. ordered to remedy her what-would -have-been-wedding -night. Until she finds an even better cure, her very first ever fling! It's excitement overload! But what starts with no strings turns into one big old complication when Aaron walks into the hospital on Monday morning as the new consultant. This was an incredibly sexy read from start to finish I was hooked over and over by the absolutely brilliant chemistry between Aaron and Joni, talk about setting the pages alight! I adored Aaron to absolute bits, all I wanted to do was grab him and keep him to myself. The author gave him the perfect balance of non - committal but willing to try for the right reasons , I loved every minute!! And Joni, oh my gosh my heart shattered into a million pieces for this poor heroine, the author put me front and center for every single drop of emotion this heroine experienced, her heartache, the shame, the hope and the very real reality she had to face. This is one of those reads that if I dare to go on with my review I will without a doubt spoil it, because it's a book that I will ever stop talking about it was that good! So am going to only add that if there is only one medical romance you read this year, make it this one. Emotionally packed, drama filled, shocking revelation filled and a gorgeous romance that tells of hope and new beginnings. 5/5 star review " No strings, just fun, until the Monday after !" "
It Started with No Strings... by Kate Hardy
Picture of A New Year Marriage Proposal
rating by Desere, May 8, 2015
"Everyone knows Christmas is a time for magic Be it magic of the romantic kind or just a little faith being born , no matter the magic is always there when those twinkling lights makes it way around in December. This read from the very talented Kate Hardy was the absolute perfect example of that Christmas magic sneaking it's way into the lives of two stunning characters. The story tells of reclusive Quinn O'Neil and when his new neighbor Carissa Wylde asks for his help with a Christmas charity project, Now he can't resist her vivacious energy and soon he's caught up in the work and the beautiful, fun loving woman running the show. But Carissa carries hurt and pain beneath her smiles and bright holiday cheer, can Quinn kiss it better when the twinkling lights start to shine ? Or will he kiss and run? Quinn has the battle of battles on his hand, proving to Carissa he's plans on sticking around forever and not just for the holidays, because his track record has always been kiss and run but this time he's found the one. I loved, loved LOVED the character of Quinn , he was kind and caring and had the perfect balance of sensitive but tough, just what every woman wants right?! The stunning totally of the hook awesome character of Carissa really got to me, I felt so deeply heartbroken for her that I wept right along with her when the author starts to reveal the very real heartache she hides behind all her perfectly practiced smiles, of course I could not stop smiling either when those practiced smiles turned into very genuine smiles as Quinn dug his way into her heart. This is as I said a Christmas read, but can be read at any time of the year because the very real heartfelt emotion and breathtaking romance in this read will immediately sweep you off your feet and Christmas or not you will be whisk right into the magic of Christmas ! Simply beautifully done Kate! 5/5 star review " Lights, kisses and homemade brownie leads to the best Christmas romance ever!" "
A New Year Marriage Proposal by Kate Hardy
Picture of A Bride for the Runaway Groom
rating by Desere, May 8, 2015
"Everyone knows the standard joke of any wedding, the bride of groom taking off ! Now as funny as that sounds ( I mean who actually really wants to run away from their wedding day, okay lots of people but it's still a little funny to think about), it still involves a lot of heartache and drama and what if's are always left unanswered. Of course in the world of romance writing just about anything and everything can and will happen to make it all come back together and shine bright like a a wedding day diamond! In this new read from author Scarlet Wilson it happens and in spectacular Scarlet Wilson fashion. We meet elusive millionaire Will Carter, he has been almost married four times, yes you read that right I said four times! This little burst-my-bubble-that's-a-lot of almost's makes him pretty much the perfect candidate for helping Rose Huntingdon-Cross organize a wedding. But as time goes by the heart-stopping attraction between then grows with each passing moment and soon Rose finds herself wishing she could be lucky number five. She finds that getting Will to the altar is the easy part getting him to stay there and say I do is the part she knows will make or break their relationship. This was a truly magical read, romance with pure bliss. Heartfelt and gut wrenching emotion had me reaching for tissues for pretty much almost the entire read. I loved the character of Rose, fun and funky whilst still keeping her pose as a woman on a mission to prove her worth. And Will, ah sweet , kind, caring and totally hopelessly lost Will, what a man ! I wanted to strangle him one minute and the next I could kiss him to death. I adored the author letting this hero find his true emotions and letting them erupt right at the precise moment I as reader wanted it to. A sweet, sensual and heart-stoppingly beautiful read that is guaranteed to send any reader's heart into a flutter. 5/5 star review "Capturing his heart is easy, keeping him grounded not so much!" "
A Bride for the Runaway Groom by Scarlet Wilson