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Picture of The Virgin's Choice
rating by Sarah, Feb 23, 2012
"I absolutely loved the hero's character, yummy! I found the interaction between two made me smile as there were some very smart mouthed, witty comments made by the heroine to the hero, which I really liked and with that I liked that she was very spirited. Go read it!"
The Virgin's Choice by Jennie Lucas
Picture of Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife
rating by Sarah, Feb 12, 2012
"Really different beginning for a M&B book, which had be thinking Im not going to like the hero but it so worked! Definitely recommend people read this, as it's such a touching story."
Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife by Sarah Morgan
Picture of A Night of Living Dangerously
rating by Sarah, Feb 8, 2012
"Definitely satiated my romantic heart! "
A Night of Living Dangerously by Jennie Lucas
Picture of Forbidden to His Touch
rating by Sarah, Feb 8, 2012
"I enjoyed this as the story had me pinned from first couple of pages which always a bonus. Plus I find Natasha's style of writing really engaging which I look forward to when I read her books. However, I have to agree with Rubscale review, the hero was a little too irrational and it was bordering on the annoying at one point for me. Nevertheless, I still look forward to another story by Natasha Tate!"
Forbidden to His Touch by
Picture of The Virgin's Secret
rating by Sarah, Feb 7, 2012
"Love it! Perfect level of chemistry"
The Virgin's Secret by Abby Green