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Picture of The Italian's Deal for I Do
rating by Karim, May 2, 2015
"Jennifer Hayward is a rising star of Harlequin Mills & Boon and this book confirms it....I have read some of the other reviews and I have to confer that Jennifer Hayward has got this "SOCIETY WEDDINGS" mini-series off to a flying start with what I suspect will be one of the best MODERN(s) I will read this year. The other contributing authors really have something to live up to whilst Jennifer Hayward deserves every accolade that she receives for this book which will surely result in her adding to her legion of fans around the world!! I've read that some reviewers finished it in a day I savored it for over a week!! Brilliant!! "
The Italian's Deal for I Do by Jennifer Hayward
Picture of The Costarella Conquest
rating by Karim, Apr 11, 2015
"I read a lot of this author when I first started reading M & B but since I came back to the 'current' MODERN versions I hadn't rediscovered her books but I'm glad that I did. Emma Darcy has a deft a sure hand and her talent for story-telling shone through with this book as it did with a previous title I read last year...I have some older Emma Darcy titles stockpiled still to enjoy and anyone seeking an example of how romance writing should be done can't go wrong with "The Costarella Conquest" Another affirmation of a stunning talent!!"
The Costarella Conquest by Emma Darcy
Picture of Fonseca's Fury
rating by Karim, Mar 7, 2015
"I always enjoy this author's books and this one is yet another example of why Abby Green is such a highly accomplished author!! Although Serena had her issues she was a heroine you could have empathy with and the dual settings of Rio and the Amazon rain-forest were richly evoked. A very satisfying five star read!!! "
Fonseca's Fury by Abby Green
Picture of The Magnate's Manifesto
rating by Karim, Feb 21, 2015
"This was the first Jennifer Hayward tit;e that I'd got round to reading and like the other authors whose MODERN(S) I sampled for the first time last year, Ms Hayward didn't disappoint. Bailey St John was a heroine who engaged sympathy from the start and the slight twist that other reviewers have referred to was refreshingly original. I think Ms Hayward is going to be a major talent for many years to come if this fine book is an example of her standard. A gold star read!!"
The Magnate's Manifesto by Jennifer Hayward
Picture of Christmas in Da Conti's Bed
rating by Karim, Jan 10, 2015
"Sharon Kendrick seems to excel herself with each book that she writes and this was another example of this best-selling author at her stunning best. I loved this this book from the start and it was an ideal read in the run-up to Christmas, and one of those MODERN(S) you want to savour... Nicolo Da Conti can be added to her canon of stunningly 'hot' heroes while the heroine Alanah is the sort of woman to enrich any man's dreams. This was a riveting read and is worthy of a 'gold' five star plus rating!!"
Christmas in Da Conti's Bed by Sharon Kendrick
Picture of The Consequences of That Night
rating by Karim, Dec 20, 2014
"Although when reading the blurb and the first few pages, I thought it was quite similar in plot to a previous title I'd read by this author however as I got further into the story I found it a much more compelling read. with settings which were richly evoked. Overall a very enjoyable read with al the elements one expects from a HMB title having been superbly met. "
The Consequences of That Night by Jennie Lucas
Picture of A Deal Before the Altar
rating by Karim, Dec 13, 2014
"This was a rollercoaster read from the start and Rachael Thomas has set her bar extremely high with her first book from creating a heroine who took on the hero and proved to be his match, thru to sustaining a story which focused mostly on the two of them throughout is truly impressive. An eye catching cover always has it's worth and I could picture Goergina and Santos throughout the story. I have read a number of MODERN authors for the first time this year, but Rachael Thomas is destined to be a real star of the MODERN genre for many years to come if her stunning debut is anything to go by!! Brilliant!! "
A Deal Before the Altar by Rachael Thomas
Picture of The Argentinian's Demand
rating by Karim, Nov 22, 2014
"It's been totally random but I have read a few of this author's books this year and I tend to find the pace of her books somewhat liesurely, however I this was an intriguing read and I didn't predict the revelation about Emily's intended fiancee until it was revealed towards the end, but although Leandro was a compelling hero of the type you'd expect from a MODERN he didn't come across as typically Argentinean and only token reference was made in regards to his homeland. Cathy Williams is a highly accomplished author and this is a credible addition to her canon but this wasn't her best and I feel obliged to give it four stars!!"
The Argentinian's Demand by Cathy Williams
Picture of The Greek's Marriage Bargain
rating by Karim, Oct 25, 2014
"Another Sharon Kendrick classic and a highly satisfactory conclusion to the trilogy featuring the three girl members of girl band called the "Lollipops" My personal favourite was the first in the trilogy featuring Roxy Carmichael but this final instalment were further proof that as author Sharon Kendrick is at the top of her game and seems to get better with each book!! As a character Lexi Gibson leapt off the page from the start and it was an extremely easy read. Fans of the MODERN series should defiinitely read this book. Truly brilliant!! "
The Greek's Marriage Bargain by Sharon Kendrick
Picture of Not Just the Boss's Plaything
rating by Karim, Sep 20, 2014
"This was the first title I'd read by Caitlin Crews and I was impressed. Although having the heroine seduced by an older neighbour was an unusual it didn't detract from the quality of the story or give an overly negative view of Alicia as a character, although I felt this was definitely a book where the hero dominated and of the two Nikolai was the driving force behind this story, but Caitlin Craws is a highly talanted and accomplished author and this story will please her legion of fans and I daresay win her many new ones. A very satisfying read!!"
Not Just the Boss's Plaything by Caitlin Crews