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Picture of The Sinful Art of Revenge
rating by Nahid, Mar 24, 2013
"Damion Fortier has ruined me for any other man! Loved his assurance, strength and passion. Reiko's character continued to display strengths and weaknesses throughout the story. Just when you thought you knew her, another curve ball was presented to the reader. Superb pace, dialogue and wit. 10/10. "
The Sinful Art of Revenge by Maya Blake
Picture of The Merciless Travis Wilde
rating by Nahid, Mar 9, 2013
"Oodles of quirkyness, smatterings of Alpha male. Mostly good old fashioned chemistry with amazing developments in love and depth used in the words to convey it all. I defy anyone not to shed a tear in the latter chapters. This book is the defintion of compulsive M&B reading. Thank you Ms. Marton."
The Merciless Travis Wilde by Sandra Marton
Picture of When Only Diamonds Will Do
rating by Nahid, Aug 5, 2012
"Witty dialogue and utterly endearing. Loved the characters and the thinking behind their behaviours. Well thought out and compact. A strong 9/10."
When Only Diamonds Will Do by Lindsay Armstrong
Picture of Craving the Forbidden
rating by Nahid, Oct 23, 2011
"Delightful to read. Leaves you with a sugar high feeling. Wit and sass combined. A superb stocking filler for xmas. "
Craving the Forbidden by India Grey
Picture of Heiress Behind the Headlines
rating by Nahid, Oct 23, 2011
"Absolute must read. Very different to the previous Whitney story, however, equally gripping, for a variety of reasons; most notably the class insights. Larissa is flawed, and this is beautifully drawn out in a number of ways. For all her 'flawness', I felt she is one of the more memorable heroines that I will remember from these romances. Jack is just to die for. I can imagine in him a young Robert Redford! "
Heiress Behind the Headlines by Caitlin Crews
Picture of The Real Rio D'Aquila
rating by Nahid, Oct 23, 2011
"Straight talking and witty characters. Enjoyed the pace of the relationship building and speedy conclusions. Agree with Rubcale; edifying the father still didn't ingratiate him to me. LOVED the ending. Thought Ms. Marton excelled in bringing together the characters. Read and find out! "
The Real Rio D'Aquila by Sandra Marton
Picture of The Power of Vasilii
rating by Nahid, Oct 23, 2011
"Good content, both fiesty characters with a sizzling chemistry, which jumps out of the book. Plot has smatterings of the movie 'Pretty Woman' in it, however, although a bit nasty, that scene is extremely well written and 'blended' into the overall romance. The 3rd ear ring was a great touch. Loved it. Only criticism is the constant thoughts and self-doubts of the female lead. "
The Power of Vasilii by Penny Jordan
Picture of Secrets of the Oasis
rating by Nahid, Jun 6, 2011
"Ms. Green never fails to deliver. Excellent interplay and passionate verbal exchanges."
Secrets of the Oasis by Abby Green
Picture of Surrender to the Past
rating by Nahid, Jun 6, 2011
"Repetitive dialogue, with the same thoughts of both the main characters being repeated again and again. Neither character appears to have really moved or changed in the past 5 years. Disappointing read from an author that usually always delivers."
Surrender to the Past by Carole Mortimer
Picture of The Replacement Wife
rating by Nahid, Jun 6, 2011
"I thought the character of Bradford was extremely well developed. His cruelty knew no bounds. The exchange, verbal, facial expressions was well written. The angst of Theo was heartfelt. It made a change to see the 'hero' have these kind of helpless feelings. Well worth a read, as it is not the usual 'run of the mill'."
The Replacement Wife by Caitlin Crews