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Picture of The Trophy Husband
rating by Dairin, Aug 6, 2013
"I just had to write a review because this Hero is just fabulous. No treating her mean no playing hard to get no major 'misunderstandings' he just loves her and the reader can see it from the start. Lynne Graham is one of my top three authors anyway but this is brilliant even by her normally high standards. Read it you will love it. "
The Trophy Husband by Lynne Graham
Picture of Unlocking her Innocence
rating by Dairin, Oct 23, 2012
"I have to say Lynne Graham is one of my favourite authors anyway but she has outdone herself here! The female lead is so vulnerable and has had such a hard time your heart breaks for her and the character is written so well you feel her pain. Then this absolutely fabulous man that should hate her and cast her aside is (amongst other things!) so very kind , we dont always see that kindness in our heroes it is so lovely. Their chemistry is sizzling too. This is a brilliant book you must read it and probably expect to do it in one go!"
Unlocking her Innocence by Lynne Graham
Picture of The Husband She Never Knew
rating by Dairin, Oct 2, 2012
"I am new to reviewing but had to start because of an excellent book that I had to tell people about well this book is so very bad I have to also tell people about it. I am an avid modern fan. This book was boring slow pointless and goes nowhere slowly. Much of the book is set on a deserted Vila in the Sahara with just the two leads and he won't talk to her! He kidnapped her to get her there - he is cold and introverted for most of the book ( he has been damaged by his past but that doesnt excuse this) she seems clueless and spineless. Then a slight curve ball near the end was contrived and rushed. How very disappointing. I have given one star because I think I can't give zero. Come on, we deserved better than this! "
The Husband She Never Knew by Kate Hewitt
Picture of A Shameful Consequence
rating by Dairin, Oct 24, 2011
"I read reviews to help me decide whether to buy or not I have never done one before but had to this time. This is one of the best stories ever it is heart breaking several times and the Hero is just so very kind when it should be alien to him. Brilliant you must read it! "
A Shameful Consequence by Carol Marinelli