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Picture of An Exquisite Challenge
rating by Desere, Jan 9, 2014
"All of us have a fighting spirit within us, not all of us unleash it on a daily basis and sometimes it takes a serious push to get it out into the open and on a mission to win. But when unleashed it can sometimes have such serious consequences that we wish we never stepped up to the plate in the first place, basically "You should have kept your big mouth shut". As is the case for the heroine, Alexandra in the new Jennifer Hayward read. Alexandra 's business is in a hot spot and needs a ne"
An Exquisite Challenge by Jennifer Hayward
Picture of The Flaw in His Diamond
rating by Desere, Jan 9, 2014
"Somewhere along the line all woman have come across the type of men that think they are God's gift to woman, every single delicious inch a badboy.<br/><br/>They strut around thinking they own the world, and of course all they need to do is look at any female they want and she will immediately see how quick she can strip and jump in bed with him. The hero, Roman Quisvada , from the new Susan Stephens read is exactly like this, however as we all know it takes the love of the right woman to tame a badboy. The woman to seduce his mind and claim his soul is hell cat and all spitting fire Eva Skavanga. On a mission to prove a point and safe her town's number one source of income she sets out to take him on face to face, after all he has been avoiding her calls for months so she does not have any other option left.<br/><br/>But arriving on his island and stepping into a head to head battle with the one man that makes her body burn hotter than the desert sun , is not as easy as she thought. For once in her life she wants to be the wanted, desired, treasured woman she has always craved but never dared, because to beat the men you need to be one of them, but to beat this man she needs to let her mask drop and that will never do.<br/><br/>The character of Eva was a truly phenomenal character. She had so much fire and guts I just wanted to hug her and congratulate her on being one heck of an amazing woman! She stood up for what she believed in, she fought when you would expect other woman to not fight. And she gave as good as she got each and every time Roman takes her on. Yes, she does have a few hangup's but which woman doesn't ! Through this character the author showed that when you are truly passionate about something there is nothing that will stand in your way. The character of in-my-arms-you-will-find-pleasure-but-only-when-you-are-ready Roman was of course all kinds of tempting deliciousness, but as mentioned so sure of himself when it comes to bedding Eva that yes most woman would think him a true bastard and rather walk away. However as I read on I discovered the reason for his 'what I see I get' attitude. Through this character the author showed just how influential our background and earlier years in life can be, and just how much you can discover when chipping away at someone's defenses.<br/><br/>The backdrop settings and dialogue was pure sexy! From the very romantic city of Rome to the words of fire and ice, it all blended to perfection. I am taking away a message of we all hide our secrets for fear of being walked over and left to try and survive. But whilst hiding behind our masks of insecurities, hurt, anger and pain we miss out on the true person we are meant to be, never hide always be just you for no matter what someone out there is going to want you for you and not for who you pretend to be.<br/><br/>I highly recommend this read for all Susan Stephens fans! The author always delivers fun, feisty, out there sexy romances reads and this time was no different. I am eagerly awaiting book three from this series to read just how hot and sexy Leila and Raffa 's journey will be! 5/5 Star Review " Even diamonds are as cold as ice, until their beauty is unleashed ""
The Flaw in His Diamond by Susan Stephens
Picture of Temporarily His Princess
rating by Desere, May 2, 2013
"As some woman will tell you it happens each and every day to more woman than you think. You meet the man of your dreams, your life seems perfect and definitely heading in the right "white picket fence" direction or in the case of Glory the "perfect palace life" direction but it all comes crashing down quicker and you fall harder than you ever imagined. In the latest read from the brilliant Olivia Gates she takes us deep into the life of what happens when the man of your dreams discards you like yesterdays royal trash and then comes crawling back years later with a proposition of marriage. The characters of both Glory and Vincenzo were well written staring in a truly spectacularly created masterpiece! I loved how the author took people from different worlds and showed that once loved never forgotten can be the difference between a happy ending and a tragic loss. I loved how the author took a "heartless" badboy Prince and changed him into a man any woman would be proud to call her husband, layering back the pieces of a heart once broken by the thought of betrayal and revealing a love so strong that it can never be shattered. I felt true sorrow and compassion for Glory as the author revealed to me as reader the pure heart-wrenching pain she goes through when Vincenzo discarded her the first time, but I was also very happy to see that this made her stronger and more of a fighter in fighting for what she believes in. The backdrop setting was calm and inviting letting the book flow without any thought of this setting just does not feel right for the book. The dialogue was fun at times, down right cruel when the truth is revealed but also filled with emotion so strong it brought tears to my eyes and I could feel the pain of the characters and actually hear their hearts breaking. This author has once again proven why she is a international best selling author, her books have the ability to take you to a whole new world of romance with a twist so unexpected it will leave you simply breathless and begging for more. I highly recommend this read for all fans of Olivia Gates books and also those who love a emotionally packed romance with a truly magical ending. 5/5 star review "She is the one woman that can tame the badboy Prince's heart into forever" "
Temporarily His Princess by Olivia Gates
Picture of NYC Angels: Making the Surgeon Smile
rating by Desere, May 1, 2013
"Finding the woman of your dreams having a family and being content is a gift and one that should be cherished as it can all be taken away from you in a heartbeat. For Johnny Griffin he very nearly had it all, a beautiful wife and a baby on the way but life deals a cruel card his way and he loses them both. I reckon it takes a remarkably strong person to get over such a tragedy and find the strength to carry on with life. So naturally the person building up a wall around their heart is a reaction I can fully understand. But as we all know it takes just one special person to break down the walls and put back the life in someone who feels half dead all the time. In book seven from the new Harlequin Mills and Boon NYC ANGELS series that person for Johnny is Polly. She is bright and cheerful, always able to make everyone around her smile, a true ray of sunshine on dark gloomy day. Polly and Johnny soon start a relationship that goes from flirty to blazing hot in seconds. But when tragedy strikes again their new found happy ever after will be put to the ultimate test. The character of Polly was really amazing for the reason that she shows she got up from the ground when life got her down. Her character proved that people are strong and determined when wanting to take back control, but as we all know that takes guts and getting there is never easy. Finding the strength to keep at it is a achievement all on its own, and getting rid of that sense of belonging is almost never achieved. I truly adored that she was such a strong woman, and the little trick she pulls to get Johnny's attention and bring him out from hiding was so risky yet at the same time an awesome touch. The character of Johnny was one that made me want to cry I ached so badly for him, losing his happy ever after, finding it again and then very nearly losing it all again. I could understand his actions with going from lonely to needing action to letting go of it all and putting that wall firmly back in place, yet I was concerned that he would not get back up and fight. The author, however, did a remarkable job bringing it all in focus for this poor man. The backdrop settings were fun, exciting but also laced with emotional drama, which perfectly captured the emotion unfolding between Polly and Johnny. It was as if the heartbreaking situations of a hospital and its staff, who fight to save lives, was being mirrored in the actions of Johnny, almost cold and unattached. As for me, I kept thinking that for Polly, that moment when a doctor literally saves a life and feels pride for what he has achieved factored in a turning point and the author perfectly let that spill over into the relationship between the two.. I loved the message this read gave me, everyone needs a little sunshine for when it's gone life will be a dark and lonely place. I highly recommend this read for lovers of romance with heartfelt emotion that will bring you to the point of tears, for those who love a second chance romance written with exquisite detail, and most of all for any lover of Lynne Marshall books! 5/5 star review "Sunshine melts away the icy grip of tragedy and lights the way to love" "
NYC Angels: Making the Surgeon Smile by Lynne Marshall
Picture of His Final Bargain
rating by Desere, May 1, 2013
" Everyone of us has done something that we have regretted and have had to learn to live with the guilt. But not all of us will stand by the person we have wronged and in the process push away any chance we have at happiness. In this read we meet Eliza, she has been engaged to her finance for eight years, has been making an honest living and focuses solely on making sure her best kept secret is hidden from the world. However when the love of her life sexier than sin I'll -rope-you-in-with-a-mere-touch Leo makes her a proposal she cannot refuse she has no choice but to accept. But she will make sure that her secret stays hidden and heart stays guarded. But Leo has other plans and to him Eliza will become more than just nanny to his little daughter, he will make her burn for him with a fire so intense she will never want to leave again. The character of Eliza was wonderful, a strong and confident woman, but also very sad as the secret she carries places her under severe emotional distress , yet being so strong she soldiers on through life. This to me was the perfect heroine as she proves that woman are loyal and strong enough to handle even the toughest of situations. The character of Leo was spectacular! He is not only all kind of delicious hotness, believe me girls this man will turn your knees to jelly in a heartbeat and make you wish you were his object of affection. But he is also a torn hero and as we all know those are the best kind, and when written by this author you know your in for a guaranteed treat! I loved that he was ruthless in his attempts to bring Eliza back into his life but also that the author showed me as reader he has a soft side that makes him the kind of hero any woman would want in her life. The backdrop setting was exquisite with the descriptions brought to life by the author of gorgeous Italy and all the magic of romance it holds within it's beautiful landscapes. The dialogue was sexy, sexy, sexy ! As the author lets Leo and Eliza's passion burn for each other from page to page and finally setting it all alight with an explosive reunion of the hottest kind! The author's words were so strong and powerful that the moments of confusion and conflict brought tears to my eyes. I truly loved that the author showed that secrets can destroy our lives and coming clean is sometimes the only way we can be released from our burdens. 5/5 star review " Exposing her secret by kissing her senseless" "
His Final Bargain by Melanie Milburne
Picture of No Stranger to Scandal
rating by Desere, May 1, 2013
"Scandals are always so amazingly interesting to follow when your standing on the outside looking in, but I reckon when you find yourself front and centre of one, the first thing you would want to do is run, either that you suck it up and face it head on. Which ever you choose there will always be consequences some good some bad, therefore your plan of action needs to be closely planned. When congressional investigator Hayden investigates he really goes all out, he is relentless in his pursuit to bring down one of the biggest media moguls , he decides to make the daughter part of the plan to get to the truth. He does not count on being so fiercely attracted to Lucy, nor does he reckon she is ready to fight any and every battle to stand by her family, but when these two's sexual attraction explodes to the point of no return , who will win and what exactly will be lost forever? The character of Lucy was terrific , a strong no nonsense heroine , she fights and stands up to even the toughest of situations! Loved that she gave it as good as she got from Mr- I-so-badly-want-you- Hayden. It is not always I find a heroine in these reads that are strong and smart, I have found lately that more and more of those kind are popping up and I love it! I did not however like her level of honestly towards Hayden, it gave the read too much of a "she 's hiding something bad" feeling and her being the stepdaughter to our target of investigation made it, yes more mysterious, but a little annoying as I was expecting her to be upfront with Hayden once their feelings hit a new level. The character of Hayden, was a true hero, not because he has a heartbreaking past,but that certainly will let you understand the reasoning behind his actions, but because he had to make adjustments to his life that no man of today wants to simply just make as it is a woman's job! Not going to spoil it for you, will just say that wishing you can do as you please every now and then is not always the answer, partnership is the name of the game. The backdrop settings were kept in tune with the elements of excitement, scandal and mystery. Just perfect for the entire 'If this gets out we're toast "theme. The romance was hot and passionate, the dialogue flirty, sexy and emotional. I loved the conflict in this read because of both characters being so strong willed it was exciting to anticipate what these two would get at next. The author introduced me to a world where scandals are amplified to the point of the entire Nation being effected, and not just our hot and heavy for each other couple. Mystery, intrigue and loads of what now moments for our hero and heroine. I recommend this read for those looking for a romance scandal with a little twist! Very compelling and enjoyable read. 5 star review "They are each others saviours in a discovery far more life altering than scandal" "
No Stranger to Scandal by Rachel Bailey
Picture of A Throne for the Taking
rating by Desere, May 1, 2013
" We have all heard and seen the royal families of the world, the high standards set by their parents, the pure perfectness of the images they need to uphold. And I have often thought how awful it must be to know that your every move is controlled, you do not have the honour to make any of your own decisions without thinking about the implications or scandal it can bring to the royal household. And that is just one of the( and most likely the only one for now) reasons I can think of that I would not want to be royalty , nope I am more than happy to be a average everyday normal woman! In the case of Honoria ( btw Kate I love that name it is so royally perfect) she has the chance to save her father and her country Mecjoria. And the one to help her do it is I am-a-broken-man-but-I am-all-yours-if you-want-me-and-I-know-you-want-me Alexei. He has been betrayed, cast aside, heartbroken and has loved and lost, the perfect tormented hero ladies. You will instantly fall in love with him and all his ruthless ways! The characters of Ria and Alexei were both very well written. I could see in vivid detail the manner in which Ria is always making sure to fall back on her upbringing in order to stay in control and not let her emotions show. I totally adored the manner in which of course Alexei takes that control and shatters it into a million royal diamond pieces! Alexei, was as I said the tormented hero, I felt sorry for him that he needed to face so much heartache and be the victim of so many secrets before his life starts to fall into place. But at the same time I loved the idea of the secrets, it gave the book that perfect royal scandal feeling, and made for some very interesting reading. The backdrop settings were exquisite it was all very posh and the whole time it felt as if I could see the grandeur of royal life. Very vivid descriptions and attention to little details that yes does not make a book, as characters and the actual plot brings it all together, but for me as reader I like to know 'where I am and what am I seeing". The dialogue was just perfect, the author made sure to use words that a person of high stature would use, if your thinking that you might not understand what the characters are saying you would be wrong, as the intensity and clarity of this read will blow away any words you think you might not be understanding. The author lets her characters truly speak , as reader I was very glad to see that the author let me in on just what each one of the characters were thinking, as I often find that I want to know what she or he is thinking and not knowing drives me insane, and in the case of Ria and Alexei it would have infuriated me, so thank you Kate! I particularly liked the message this read gave me, not all secrets are as deadly as one may think, sometimes revealing the truth can save you, opening up the road to recovery. I highly recommend this read for lovers of royal romances with intense secrets and all Kate Walker fans! 5/5 star review " Shattering her royal composure is a challenge he plans on wining" "
A Throne for the Taking by Kate Walker
Picture of Heir to a Dark Inheritance
rating by Desere, Apr 8, 2013
"I have often had the thought that when a woman has a child the only way she could not know is if she has memory loss, but for a man it is totally different, he can be the father to many and have no clue what so ever. In the new Maisey Yates read this is what happens to Alik he has a heart as cold as ice and as unbreakable as a diamond, and this of course makes the man no picnic to be around, no ladies this is the type of man that you will look at and immediately realise he spells trouble and it would be best to stay as far away as possible. Yet when he discovers he has a daughter the once cruel, unkind ruthless man with the ice cold heart discovers he has something to fight for and nothing and no one will stand in his way. He does not reckon he will need to go up against a woman that is as strong as she is determined to make her stand and fight for what she believes in. This is a marriage of convenience story and yes it I know that has been done many times before, yet this time it was this author that showed me it can be the same old story line but when adding in some fresh new lines the a familiar story can take on a whole new life of it's own. The main and secondary characters in this read were all very well written. Alik drove me to the point of distraction, he made me so furious I wanted to hurl the nearest object at him just to see if I could wake him up and show him that he is missing out on the best opportunity of his life. I adored the manner in which the author takes him from cold hearted beast to hero material, slowly letting Jada thaw his frozen heart. The backdrop setting was as wild as the emotions of the characters. The dialogue was classic Maisey Yates she truly knows how to connect with her readers and does not draw you into the reads slowly no this author makes sure she has your attention from the very first page straight through to the last word. I highly recommend this read for all Maisey Yates fans but also for readers who love a bad boy hero that goes from zero to hero in achingly slow motion delivering a explosive punch at the end that will leave you begging for more. 5/5 star review " Ice meets fire and melts into a passionate affair of romance and happy ever after" "
Heir to a Dark Inheritance by Maisey Yates
Picture of A Game with One Winner
rating by Desere, Apr 7, 2013
"Lynn Raye Harris is back with yet another sexy as sin Russian bad boy! Yes she dazzled us with a Russian bad boy once before in Behind These Palace Walls. Only this time the bad boy is hotter, sexier, more commanding and dripping with deliciousness! A Game with one winner focuses on the live of Caroline, five years ago she let go of the man of her dreams, and married another all to save her family and their company. Roman was the love of her life and letting go was the worst thing she ever had to face. Moving on had been no easy task but being the strong fighter she is she had managed to get through it. Only now Roman is back and he not only wants revenge by taking her company he wants to prove he can hurt her just as bad as she had hurt him by uttering the words that shattered is life like fine crystal being dropped from a height. The main characters of Caroline and Roman were both strong people and therefore when going up against each other set off a series of sparks with more flare, drama, twists and turns then an attempt to make it out of a Manhattan traffic jam. The secondary characters significance was truly essential as it brought it all together, from Caroline's deceased husband right through to the overly fun and lovable Blake. They each played a unique role in letting the secrets and mistakes of Roman and Caroline unfold into a full blown affair of the "whole world is watching us" kind. Roman was however not the full out bad boy that he wants to be and the author lets his gentle and kind heart shine through whilst at the same time letting him still give the image of always in control and fighting, which I simply loved, as it surely cannot be easy to create a character who is both, but as reader you do not hate either one instead you get sucked into trying to find the reasoning behind his actions and personality. And wow did the author get my full attention, I simply could not get over this character of Roman, he blew me away! The dialogue was laced with emotion and passion, speaking of two people who truly belong together but having to face so many obstacles. What I loved was how the author touched base not only with the feelings of the characters but delved so much deeper into their souls, letting me as reader feel connected. The author let the inner strength of her characters shine bright like stars in the open night sky, and this gave this read it's winning factor. The author also added a very nice feature to her chapters, but of course if I tell what it would ruin this read for you all, so I will just say that I reckon the author would have made one heck of a reporter! This was an all out romantic reunion story of a different kind as it was filled with so much more than a reader could ask for. A sexy, sensual, heartbreaking, filling you with joy, knocking you off your feet read, that will leave your heart beating faster and begging for a Russian bad boy of your very own. 5/5 star review "Bad boy Russian takes heiress for the get-away of a life time" "
A Game with One Winner by Lynn Raye Harris
Picture of Cinderella of Harley Street
rating by Desere, Apr 3, 2013
" Certain events in life can change a person for the better and most of the time for the worst. But when a person comes along that can bring us back from the brink of insanity and hold us through our nightmares and tell us everything will be just fine and sometimes those words are all you need to hear, it can make all the difference. For Cassie that person is Leith the one man that has always been in her heart and also the one man she left behind years ago but now he is the only one that can help her. The character of Leith was great in the sense that yes he has a bit of a ruthless I don't care attitude in the start but the author peels back the layers on him and shows us the man lying in hiding the kind that makes any woman's heart go all a flutter and rocks her world. Cassie was fascinating and as reader I could not stop reading to find out why she is fighting nightmares. The what happened to her is something I had to get to the bottom of. The author did a wonderful job to entice me as reader by keeping me on my toes and the edge of my seat with little drops of delightful touch and go situations. The backdrop setting was very familiar yet at the same time different, I felt that it connected with the characters and their situations which is in most medical romances always the case however, the fact that it was almost an unusual setting is what made it a really great setup, and as to not spoil it for you I will only say trust me you want to read this one. The dialogue was Anne Fraser at her best always entertaining and so emotional you will be torn up and not be able to ever look back, and waiting in suspense for this authors next release. I highly recommend this read for all lovers of medical romances and Anne Fraser fans. Heart-warming with a magical ending 5/5 star review �He�ll take her on the ride of her life�"
Cinderella of Harley Street by Anne Fraser