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Picture of Forbidden or For Bedding?
rating by Maria, Nov 18, 2010
"i agree with most of the previous reviews..i love julia james books have given this book 4 stars instead of 5 there was very little dialogue between guy & alexa, too much of each of them thinking about their story and I was really disappointed with the cover...alexa is described as a typical english rose ie blonde hair down to her shoulders..cover which by the way is really badly shot is of a hard looking, dark haired woman...the new covers a lot of them have this problem. please get this right.. "
Forbidden or For Bedding? by Julia James
Picture of Shameful Secret, Shotgun Wedding
rating by Maria, Oct 7, 2010
"i have all of sharon kendrick's novels and i like her writing. I enjoyed reading this book. Cassandra was likeable and giancarlo interesting character...i liked the scenes in tuscany with his family and loved the wicked wicked sister in law gabriella.....her look, her clothes, utter i know italian women like her....i thought the most believable of all of them was giancarlo....."
Shameful Secret, Shotgun Wedding by Sharon Kendrick