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"same here, I cannot download books from new range this weekend. I can download all old books on my bookshelf so no problem with my system. This is irritating and I feel we should all be compensated"

Susan • 8 months ago

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"not a good new site. quite hard to navigate around and keeps crashing. took ages to download ebooks after I purchased them. "

Susan • 9 months ago

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My Reviews (29)

Picture of Forged in the Desert Heat
rating by Susan, Dec 1, 2013
"a good story with very likable characters. The ending was different and I really liked this."
Forged in the Desert Heat by Maisey Yates
Picture of A Golden Betrayal
rating by Susan, Nov 1, 2013
"I really thought this was a very long winded book and I really struggled to finish it"
A Golden Betrayal by Barbara Dunlop
Picture of Defiant in the Desert
rating by Susan, Nov 1, 2013
"not up to the usual standard. The male was weak in the end and she treated him like a slave. I wont read again"
Defiant in the Desert by Sharon Kendrick
Picture of Wyoming Bold
rating by Susan, Oct 2, 2013
"I love Diana Palmer, I have read all of her books but this is the worst book I have EVER read. don't bother reading this, I really struggled to finish the book but because I like DP books I really tried. It was more a mystery/thriller than a romance. I would say about 10% was about the couple and the rest was about solving a mystery and characters from other DP books. I hope the next DP book is better"
Wyoming Bold by Diana Palmer
Picture of A Silken Seduction
rating by Susan, Aug 19, 2013
"I did not enjoy this book at all. it was very slow going and I lost interest quickly"
A Silken Seduction by Yvonne Lindsay
Picture of Never Say No to a Caffarelli
rating by Susan, Aug 18, 2013
"what a good book. she was great with a personality that was likable and he was alpha and compassionate loved this book"
Never Say No to a Caffarelli by Melanie Milburne
Picture of His Ring Is Not Enough
rating by Susan, Aug 18, 2013
"wow what a read. he has so much baggage and she is a saint. loved this book."
His Ring Is Not Enough by Maisey Yates
Picture of Captivated by Her Innocence
rating by Susan, Aug 18, 2013
"liked this and would read again, kept me interested and there was a lot of passion."
Captivated by Her Innocence by Kim Lawrence
Picture of Challenging Dante
rating by Susan, Aug 17, 2013
"I will read again. it was a nice story with nice charactors"
Challenging Dante by Lynne Graham
Picture of A Touch of Notoriety
rating by Susan, Apr 1, 2013
"good follow up. the romance between the couple was a bit slower than the first book but OK"
A Touch of Notoriety by Carole Mortimer