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Picture of His for a Price
rating by Sue, Feb 14, 2015
"Adored the passion, drama and intensity. Adore Caitlin's writing. Loved Nicodemus and Mattie. The ending made me cry. "
His for a Price by Caitlin Crews
Picture of Nine Months to Redeem Him
rating by Sue, Jan 17, 2015
"*****+ My first impression was that the 1st person point of view felt strange and I was afraid it was going to distance me. But not for long. Soon I was absorbed in the heroine's character and personality, and if anything it drew me in more. I loved the prologue, and how it creates PTQ, not that I wouldn't have turned the pages anyway as I couldn't put it down. I adored the oldfashioned advice book the heroine is reading, and the mention of Wuthering Heights etc which contribute to the atmosphere. Despite my second impression, which was suspicion of the writer's Cornwall (which I know like the back of my hand) I really loved the gothicy darkness of the Cornish castle setting, despite a few niggles, not enough to spoil my overall enjoyment or detract from my five star plus rating. Love the oldfashionedness of the outrageously dark hero (I adore outrageous heroes) and really enjoyed not being in the hero's head. The clues to him and how he’s feeling are all there so you really have to pay attention to what he says and does…and what he doesn't. But believe me paying close attention to Edward St Cyr is no hardship.... The snowy gothicness is redolent of old Anne Mather’s, such as Leopard in the Snow complete with wounded hero and gym, no leopards, but a gorgeous sheepdog (just to make me extra happy), and of Sara Craven’s Cornish manorhouse settings and non-Hero-pov stories. Fans of these authors will love this. But the setting, only-heroine point-of-view etc is given a fresh twist by the contemporariness of her family background, the US setting and by the author's fabulous writing voice which has so much warmth and personality and is what makes this first person romance such a success. The ending is absolutely beautiful and made me cry. My favourite Jennie Lucas, one for my keeper shelf and a definite re-read. I believe Jennie has written a previous book in first person with Edward St Cyr as the villain…which I'm off to find now. "
Nine Months to Redeem Him by Jennie Lucas
Picture of A Legacy of Secrets
rating by Sue, Jun 4, 2013
"At the top of her game, Ms Marinelli delivers: a unique take on emotional conflict; passionate love scenes; and flawed characters who have depth, originality and emotional darkness. Neither the boss / PA trope or the playboy hero is a particular favourite of mine�although in the right hands can win me over. And I didn�t immediately connect with Ella and reserved judgement on Santo before falling hard for him about half way through. I love that Santo wears his mistakes for the world to see, whereas Ella hides her emotional bruises with make-up. Love how the lovemaking and the emotion-driven dialogue are entwined and Ella and Santo�s deepening connection is shown through their passion and their dialogue. And love that Santo makes Ella realise that moving away from your problems doesn�t mean you leave them behind. The author�s unique way with emotional conflict means you buy into Ella and Santo�s Happy Ever After--even though Santo is still keeping a lot of Corretti family secrets that can�t be revealed in the first book of the mini series. So I didn�t get the feeling that all his issues were resolved, more that he was in a better place to deal with them. And I love that the reformed Santo doesn�t come wrapped in a bow. <i> A Legacy of Secrets </i> marries gritty realism with Sicilian glamour. And if this Corretti headliner sets the tone for the rest, then we�re promised second, third and fourth helpings of dark, tortured and scandalous. 4 roses "
A Legacy of Secrets by Carol Marinelli
Picture of Playing the Dutiful Wife
rating by Sue, Mar 2, 2013
"five roses I agree with the other reviews; this has to be one of my all-time-favourite Moderns. Ms Marinelli maintains the fast pace whilst delivering depth of characterisation, deeply emotional, a unique plotline with an edge. One of those rare books that demands a re-read. "
Playing the Dutiful Wife by Carol Marinelli
Picture of The End of her Innocence
rating by Sue, Dec 31, 2011
"Perfect escapism and I adored Darius."
The End of her Innocence by Sara Craven
Picture of Heiress Behind the Headlines
rating by Sue, Dec 21, 2011
"Definitely one of my favourite 2011 Moderns. So it's great that it's rated the best by other readers too. Caitlin Crews is an auto buy author for me now."
Heiress Behind the Headlines by Caitlin Crews
Picture of The Tortured Rake
rating by Sue, Apr 14, 2011
"Featuring a seriously sexy, tortured hero with deep dark secrets, light and shade. Like the lovely easy-to-identify-with Katie, I wanted the real Nathaniel, the man behind the actor's mask. I loved how she held out for him and was instrumental in finding him. The strong characterisation is matched by the emotional depth and reltionship intensity, and propelled by loads of fab, fun and meaningful dialogue & hero and heroine interaction. The ending made me laugh and cry at the same time. And had me looking forward to meeting Jacob again and Rafael and Lucas. A five-rose read that's definitely a keeper as I can't wait for an Encore! "
The Tortured Rake by Sarah Morgan
Picture of Strangers in the Desert
rating by Sue, Apr 2, 2011
"A powerful, compelling and emotionally intense read. So compelling I had to stay up late to finish it! Can't wait for LRH's next one. A five rose read. "
Strangers in the Desert by Lynn Raye Harris
Picture of Bella's Disgrace
rating by Sue, Mar 22, 2011
"I've loved this series, but this is my absolute favourite. A fabulous read. Definitely a keeper!"
Bella's Disgrace by Sarah Morgan
Picture of The Proud Wife
rating by Sue, Feb 4, 2011
"Putting a marriage back together again. I loved the relationship intensity. Pietro is to die for and I felt immediately connected to Marina. Ms Walker cuts to the emotional and sensual heart of the relationship. And even when they're talking about their marriage, you can see it from both sides, and really feel for both and remain emotionally connected to both characters. I cried for their past and she kept me on tenterhooks as to if/how they were going to get their future, even when it was obvious to me that a joint Happy Ever After was what they both deserved. "
The Proud Wife by Kate Walker