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Picture of The Ice Prince
rating by Ven. n., Jul 6, 2011
"I thought Dante and Nick's story were my favorite Orsini stories but this is the best one yet.The hero and heroine were brilliant,lovable and very well matched.i did not put this book down until i was fantastic,made me laugh,made me cry and as for the passion,well if you read sandra marton,you'll understand when i can only say wow! i can hardly wait for isabella's story.please make it soon.thanks MS.Marton.this is definitely a five rose book."
The Ice Prince by Sandra Marton
Picture of Strangers in the Desert
rating by Ven. n., Jun 11, 2011
"I really enjoyed this story.Good story line,emotional and sexy.I liked the heroine immediately and she blew me away.she is emotionally strong and caring.I was not sure i liked the hero at first especially in the first few chapters but i fell head over heels in love with him halfway through the book.could not stop till i finished it ,yet i was sad to turn the last page.thanks MS. LRH"
Strangers in the Desert by Lynn Raye Harris
Picture of Falco: The Dark Guardian
rating by Ven. n., Aug 24, 2010
"Ms Marton at it again with all the sexual tension and everything else that makes her stories unique. Fantastic story,fantastic characters.hoping Nicolo's story is coming soon.can't wait."
Falco: The Dark Guardian by Sandra Marton
Picture of The Greek's Pregnant Lover
rating by Ven. n., Jun 26, 2010
"One !!!.fantstic story.i could not put it down.what done it for me was the friendship between the hero and heroine and their looking out for each other through out the course of the story.never once wanting to give up in the face of diffiucult decisions.very for the passion,!!! "
The Greek's Pregnant Lover by Lucy Monroe
Picture of Scandal: His Majesty's Love-Child
rating by Ven. n., Jun 24, 2010
"Fantastic story.brilliant conclusion to the series.i know annie west is good at sheikh's stories but i think this is annie west at her best so far.both tahir and annalise were great characters.not one boring moment.five star all the way!"
Scandal: His Majesty's Love-Child by Annie West
Picture of A Night, A Secret...A Child
rating by Ven. n., Jun 24, 2010
"Another fantastic story from miranda lee.very lovely characters and i so loved the way nick handled the situation after finding out he has a daughter.i am giving it a four star because ms lee left most of the red hot scenes to my imagination.i love her explicit descriptions from some of her other stories.other than that,this book gets top marks."
A Night, A Secret...A Child by Miranda Lee
Picture of Majesty, Mistress...Missing Heir
rating by Ven. n., May 27, 2010
"I found this book absolutely fantastic.i loved the plot as well as the hero and heroine.its not the right or wrong of the adoption but the surprising twist in the story.i mean we have read a lot about heroines stuggling with the baby.i thought this was a nice twist to the story.i thought the hero handled the news well.he gets top marks from me."
Majesty, Mistress...Missing Heir by Caitlin Crews
Picture of Greek Tycoon, Wayward Wife
rating by Ven. n., May 27, 2010
"Brilliant story with two very likable characters.really enjoyed this thought the heroine was fantastic."
Greek Tycoon, Wayward Wife by Sabrina Philips
Picture of The Millionaire's Christmas Wife
rating by Ven. n., May 27, 2010
"Lovely story.i really, really love the hero,he came across as emotionally strong,tender and passionate.he gets top marks from me. i must confess it was nice he wasn't arrogant.fantastic story,got the passion that's a modern trademark and and altogether brilliant."
The Millionaire's Christmas Wife by Helen Brooks
Picture of His Forbidden Passion
rating by Ven. n., May 22, 2010
"Thought this was a great story with lovable characters.would recommend."
His Forbidden Passion by Sara Craven