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Picture of Breaking the Boss's Rules
rating by Tori, Nov 6, 2014
"Fantastic second offering from Nina Milne who takes the Boss/PA trope and gives it a fresh twist and a sexy spin. Imogen was hilarious, her inner monologue endearing and it was her slightly ditzy demeanor that was a perfect foil for Joe's somewhat stoic facade. Watching her crack his hard shell was a joy to see. Can't wait to see what this new author comes up with next!"
Breaking the Boss's Rules by Nina Milne
Picture of How to Bag a Billionaire
rating by Tori, Aug 2, 2014
"Full of wit, sass and sexiness, with just enough emotion to tug on your heart-strings this Tempted debut is this summers must have read. Highly recommended!"
How to Bag a Billionaire by Nina Milne
Picture of What a Sicilian Husband Wants
rating by Tori, Feb 6, 2014
"I LOVE a hero who can snag my attention and keep it held throughout a crazy good book and that is exactly what Luca did in all his super-sexy, gangster glory. Grace was certainly chilly up front – armed and loaded with enough inner angsty turmoil to set off any trigger-happy finger – but I adored her mama-bear instincts. The way she was ready to protect her daughter at all costs was endearing and gutsy. What ensued was a battle of wills and a highly intense, passionate reunion story that pushed all of my HP buttons. Awesome! Take a bow, Ms Smart :)"
What a Sicilian Husband Wants by Michelle Smart
Picture of A Throne for the Taking
rating by Tori, May 7, 2013
"Nice to see Kate Walker back on the Modern line-up with a passionate tale of a second chance shot at romance. Compelling read."
A Throne for the Taking by Kate Walker
Picture of The Forbidden Ferrara
rating by Tori, Jun 19, 2012
"In true Sarah Morgan style we have one powerful charismatic Sicilian and a beautiful yet damaged heroine who I absolutely adored. It's not often I can read a secret baby without having a heavy dose of anger towards the heroine regardless of her 'reasoning'. But with a strongly derived character such as Fia, her reasoning was clear and understandable - in fact I found her backstory heart-wrenching. I didn't feel Santo grew as much as a person but that certainly didn't retract from the awesome 'Sarah-Morgan-reading-experience.' A top read from one of my all time favourite authors."
The Forbidden Ferrara by Sarah Morgan
Picture of In Defiance of Duty
rating by Tori, Jun 19, 2012
"An outstanding read from the utterly charming opening through the emotional complexities of life and finding peace in true love. I fell head-over-heels for Azrin from the moment he hit the page - not an easy feat for a powerful Presents hero. The settings were also wonderful, most notably the ten pools adding a beautifully exotic feel to the read. Caitlyn's writing packs a hefty emotional punch that can make you laugh out loud one minute and bring tears to your eyes the next. Although I have to say, unusually, I felt a great deal more empathy for Azrin than Kiara which only served to make this book one of the best Presents I've read in years. Without doubt the authors best to date. "
In Defiance of Duty by Caitlin Crews
Picture of Girl in the Bedouin Tent
rating by Tori, Aug 26, 2011
"Simply wonderful read with two lovable characters that jumped from the page. Emotion was high throughout and the pace and plot made for great PTQ. With oodles of 'unpredictability'& an alpha hero with a huge heart, The Girl In The Bedouin Tent is one of the best Sheik stories I've ever had the pleasure to read. "
Girl in the Bedouin Tent by Annie West
Picture of The Kanellis Scandal
rating by Tori, Aug 26, 2011
"The Kanellis Scandal was a wonderful read and having not read much of Michelle's work previously, her strong voice was a welcome find and one I will be adding to my autobuy list. Both Zoe and Anton were such lovable characters. Some might say, Zoe was a little immature but I loved her for it and Michelle Reid successfully pulled every ounce of emotion from her to balance her personality. The plot was rich and a little heavier than most Modern's, which made it one of my favourite books of the year. Simply wonderful."
The Kanellis Scandal by Michelle Reid
Picture of Lust
rating by Tori, Feb 9, 2011
"Utterly enchanting from beginning to end, this Spice is the ultimate 'can't possibly put you down'. Charlotte pulls you into the world of the Fey and it's almost as if you can truly believe. The sensuality and passion is at all all time high and Thane's need for Chastity is heart thumpingly wonderful. Hearty Congratulations Spice. Charlotte's my new 'must buy'."
Lust by Charlotte Featherstone