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Romance stories especially with pregnancies and babies!! Regency romance is also a fav!

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Picture of Christakis's Rebellious Wife
rating by Syamila, Aug 15, 2014
"The other side of the story from Ravelli’s Defiant Wife! I was anticipating for this and I love it! I can’t even imagine there was a man like Nik in this world (or should I say in Lynne’s fictional world). He was such an as*! It makes my heart bleeds seeing Betsy being tortured emotionally like that. Still, I admired how Betsy tried her hard to save the relationship until the end. And how lovely to see Nik became such a doting father to the twins! A good ending it was. Thank you, Lynne Graham, for such a wonderful book! Can’t wait for Zarif’s story next! ^^ "
Christakis's Rebellious Wife by Lynne Graham
Picture of Ravelli's Defiant Bride
rating by Syamila, Aug 15, 2014
"First thing to say: I just can’t understand why Cristo wanted to marry Belle in the first place. Hahaha. The proposal was just so sudden. But I love Belle for doing everything for her step-siblings. She was such a dear! And I love how Cristo showed the differences between real love and admiration (between his love to Belle and his admiration to Betsy), even though at first Belle misunderstood everything! Good job, Lynne!"
Ravelli's Defiant Bride by Lynne Graham
Picture of Dante's Unexpected Legacy
rating by Syamila, Aug 15, 2014
"A GOOD BOOK!! ^^ I felt as if Dante was a stalker sometimes because he kept following Rose around, watching her with his intense eyes. I love him! And, I like how he managed himself when he heard about Bea being his child. It showed how a loving father he is! I disagreed with Rose for taking a long time to tell Dante about their child. But, the story was good! Overall, this book was just enough for me to quench my thirst of romance story. Not that good, but not that bad either, just nice! Good job, Catherine. ^^ "
Dante's Unexpected Legacy by Catherine George
Picture of When Da Silva Breaks the Rules
rating by Syamila, Jul 3, 2014
"Starting from page 14, my blood starts rushing so fast like an adrenaline rush as I read the book. OMG, THE STORY WAS SOOO INTENSE!!! Cesar was a quite person, always to himself but with Lexie, he unleashed all his character. I love the couple so much, they deserve one another. The rape scene was a new read, it gives a good explanation for Lexie’s past. I love how Cesar becomes overprotective of Lexie during the shoot. But the best scene would be when Cesar walked in so proudly into the set (during the last part), then confess to Lexie and propose to her. Another great book, Abby Green! All 3 brothers are awesome!! "
When Da Silva Breaks the Rules by Abby Green
Picture of An Heir to Bind Them
rating by Syamila, Jul 3, 2014
"One word first, RIDICULOUS! I can’t help but to disagree with what Jaya did. Even how much you had a crush on your boss, come on…you don’t be a s*ut like that. That is just too cheap for me (I dunno about other readers, this is my opinion). But I still love the book especially the scene when Theo knows about Zephyr, it makes me want to laugh. But I just don’t get it about Jaya’s past, her sister, etc. It just doesn’t go with the plot. Overall it is still a good book. Good job, Dani Collins! "
An Heir to Bind Them by Dani Collins
Picture of What the Greek Can't Resist
rating by Syamila, Jul 3, 2014
"Perla suffered a lot from the marriage! I can’t help but pity her. Arion is the typical man you would fine in any M&B romance books, so I can’t say much. I don’t feel a lot from this book unlike the first book (What the Greek’s Money Can’t Buy), maybe because there was really not much action in this story. The only part I love is when Arion get worried of Perla sky-diving. It shows how human he is! Hope Theo’s story can compensate this. Get the adrenaline going, Maya! "
What the Greek Can't Resist by Maya Blake
Picture of The Santana Heir
rating by Syamila, Jul 3, 2014
"This is my first book of Elizabeth Lane. A good book to read. Good job, Elizabeth Lane. The story might not be so intense like others that I’ve read, but it is a worthy book. Emilio is so cold in the beginning when he keeps on calling Zac, ‘the boy’. Grace is such a sweetheart to Zac. I love how the story shows Emilio watching Grace do her motherly stuff. It is so heartwarming. But I can’t believe that Zac is not the heir. Such a twist! The ending is good, at least the couple got their own baby instead of having to adopt again for more children. Overall, the story line is good. Two thumbs-up, Elizabeth! "
The Santana Heir by Elizabeth Lane
Picture of What a Sicilian Husband Wants
rating by Syamila, May 17, 2014
"Very good story, good plot, loves Grace because she is soooo daring to do that. Can't believe she would shoot Luca. But I just can't understand why Luca did that? Maybe I need to read again and again to understand him more. Hahaha... But I like what he did in the end, proves how much he loves Grace!!! Love the story till the end!! Thanks, Michelle!! PS: I thought this book has the same style and pace as 'The Sicilian's Unexpected Legacy' but Michelle, you prove me wrong. ^^"
What a Sicilian Husband Wants by Michelle Smart
Picture of What the Greek's Money Can't Buy
rating by Syamila, May 17, 2014
"This book is good!! I had might underestimate it before because I expect the story would be the same storyline and pace as any other titles but this book is good... SOOOOO GOOD!! More actions and more plot than any M&B books I had read. Thanks Maya Blake and good job! Can't wait to get my hands on 'What the Greek Can't Resist'!!!"
What the Greek's Money Can't Buy by Maya Blake
Picture of When Christakos Meets His Match
rating by Syamila, May 9, 2014
"I love this book so much! The romance is so intense that it makes my heat beats thunderously. The best scene would be when Alexio talks to unborn Belle about seducing Sid back to him. It makes my heart melts. I fall in love with Alexio even though I hate him for accusing Sid too far. Thank you for such a wonderful boo and GOOD JOB Abby Green! Can't wait to get my hands on Cesar's story next."
When Christakos Meets His Match by Abby Green