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Picture of The Sicilian's Unexpected Duty
rating by Arpita, Apr 13, 2014
"A ten out of ten for Michelle Smart, once again, for crafting such a sensational story about the irresistible Sicilians. Pepe's kind, thoughtful acts for Cara is so obvious to the reader.That the writer added an epilogue was a masterpiece touch of a genius otherwise the story would have lacked that 'something' which makes this Modern genre so special. As usual the focus was on the couple so there was nothing extraneous, the dialogue was scintillating as always and it left one with good feel factor! "
The Sicilian's Unexpected Duty by Michelle Smart
Picture of Seduced by the Sultan
rating by Arpita, Apr 4, 2014
"This is the stuff which makes the Modern genre of Romance so attractive. Sharon has once again spun a tale of love and romance to prove that true love never runs smooth with plenty of meaningful repartee and loving actions between Catrin and Murat. It whisks you away to faraway places which spell a world of fantasy which is also realistic. Ten out of ten indeed !"
Seduced by the Sultan by Sharon Kendrick
Picture of The Last Prince of Dahaar
rating by Arpita, Apr 4, 2014
"This is for those readers who like dark, sinister images. The Modern Romance genre deal with quick attraction, billionaires/super tycoons who are near perfect physically and love to deal with light banter or repartee which brings a smile on the face of romantic readers, who like to indulge in this fantasy of make believe! This story is not in this category, I am afraid! It did not leave me till the very end with a good feel factor. The conversation did not flow when Ayaan and Zohra were in conversation. It was stilted and there was something missing in their love, too much of nightmares. "
The Last Prince of Dahaar by Tara Pammi
Picture of A D'Angelo Like No Other
rating by Arpita, Apr 3, 2014
"Any story with babies appeal to me especially when they are twins! Carole has kept to the storyline, making it simple, with descriptions and antics of the babies which are so plausible and realistic! The love of Michael towards Eva is so evident from the very beginning that it engages the attention of a ‘romantic’ reader immediately, not forgetting their conversation which keeps one riveted. This is a mini series which must be in one’s home library."
A D'Angelo Like No Other by Carole Mortimer
Picture of When Christakos Meets His Match
rating by Arpita, Apr 2, 2014
"She is one of my favourite writers of the Modern genre of Romance because she knows the combination of what it takes to make the rich, macho hero an irresistible hero, who can value a woman who is truly enthralled by him. The storyline is simple, the repartee is superb and there you go another happy ever after for you! The only element that caused a massive distraction for me was the teenage picture of a boy, not that of a man. The cover looked as if a teacher is scolding a truant school boy! Please could you do justice to the writers/ readers by giving them macho heroes to look at? "
When Christakos Meets His Match by Abby Green
Picture of Enthralled by Moretti
rating by Arpita, Mar 20, 2014
"It has been crafted by a very experienced writer who knows full well how to entice readers of the Modern Romantic genre! Cathy Williams always brings macho, strong, heroes into her stories and Alessandro is the ultimate amongst her heroes! One will tend to fall in love with him after a few encounters, if not at first sight! Chase too is such a ‘darling’ and needs the support of the readers as well as the hero. The storyline is kept simple and is focused. Do read,all of you who love romance with happy ending. "
Enthralled by Moretti by Cathy Williams
Picture of What a Sicilian Husband Wants
rating by Arpita, Mar 15, 2014
"Michelle has out done herself in this love story. You cannot help but fall in love with Luca on ‘sight’ as it were and the same goes for Grace, an adorable heroine. He is so macho, strong and a true hero to put up with her insecurities and yet show his love in so many ways. Again the storyline concentrates on the two of them so nothing detracts from the plot. It is a five star Romance with a capital R! "
What a Sicilian Husband Wants by Michelle Smart
Picture of His Temporary Mistress
rating by Arpita, Mar 1, 2014
"Cathy Williams is an experienced writer of this Modern genre and has exquisitely woven a story around the problems of intense attraction between the macho hero and the innocent heroine with sparkling repartee between them which leaves you with a smile on your face. A definite must read to buy for future readings as well. "
His Temporary Mistress by Cathy Williams
Picture of The Woman Sent to Tame Him
rating by Arpita, Feb 27, 2014
"Fast paced, full of sizzling scenes, unbeatable dialogue which brings about a smile on one's face and keeps the reader on tenterhooks as to what will unfold next! A feel good factor is what you get at the end of the story. A must read for those who have despaired of finding love!"
The Woman Sent to Tame Him by
Picture of The Sheikh's Last Seduction
rating by Arpita, Feb 27, 2014
"Another superb, riveting, entertaining romance from a great writer. True to her style of writing for modern genre she has a simple storyline, most exquisite and scintillating conversation which never becomes boring and the love of the couple is so evident for the reader who can empathise with them. A must read for romantics of any age!"
The Sheikh's Last Seduction by Jennie Lucas