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Picture of The Millionaire's Proposition
rating by Arpita, Apr 1, 2015
"The conversation between Kate and Scott did not flow, it was not direct, terse quips as is the case with the classic writers of modern genre which gives this genre its zest to read! There were some extraneous details which could be avoided as once again, the Modern genre deals with simplistic story lines. Avril Tremayne has to work a little more to make her stories attractive for this genre of writing. It is a fantasy world where readers can escape for a couple of hours and enjoy every word that has been written!"
The Millionaire's Proposition by Avril Tremayne
Picture of The Man to Be Reckoned With
rating by Arpita, Mar 30, 2015
"The hero need not have a beard or long hair! That detracts from the macho person he is supposed to portray in the Modern genre.Nathaniel and Riya are strong characters, their repartee and passion for each other has been well written and delineated. However physical appearance does count in a world of fantasy and that still needs to be improved by Tara Pammi. "
The Man to Be Reckoned With by Tara Pammi
Picture of Innocent in His Diamonds
rating by Arpita, Mar 28, 2015
"This is truly a Fairy Tale within the framework of Modern Romantic genre. The love of the couple is so transparent, with no extraneous detail, plenty of witty dialogue that it keeps the attention of the reader till the very last page. Maya Blake is writing like the Classic writers Modern genre. Well done!"
Innocent in His Diamonds by Maya Blake
Picture of To Wear His Ring Again
rating by Arpita, Mar 25, 2015
"This is worth reading at least more than once. The attraction between the couple. They are totally riveting and endearing with the way they deal with each other through sad and serious events! A book you cannot put down till you come to the end of the story. It fulfils all the salient points of modern Romantic genre; it is international, sensual and passionate. Excellent indeed!"
To Wear His Ring Again by Chantelle Shaw
Picture of Playing by the Greek's Rules
rating by Arpita, Mar 25, 2015
"It is an exquisite story of how a man/hero can really love a woman! It shows all the shades of love that can be there between a man and a woman. It is a pity we cannot meet the couple in reality! The story line is simple, with no extraneous detail and so it has a rapid pace. The macho hero does deserve a woman who can show a little more flexibility in certain situations and she does. The beauty of the romance is in the quicksilver of repartee and conversation. This is what Modern genre used to be in the days gone by. Excellent , genius of a writer. It is a must read romance for all who know what is love! It is far better to have emotional scars than physical ones as newcomers to this genre tend to do. 5 star indeed, Sarah Morgan. "
Playing by the Greek's Rules by Sarah Morgan
Picture of Christmas in Da Conti's Bed
rating by Arpita, Jan 17, 2015
"A triple star and more for this Modern romance. It has all the ingredients of this genre from word go to attract the attention of the reader and read the book at one go! If that is not a Classic modern writer who is? Those new comers to Modern genre should take plenty of 'leaves' out of this writer! The way the hero, Niccolo conducts his affair with Alannah with plenty of quick witted repartee is amazing.I wonder whether Sharon has met such macho men in reality and that inspired her to write such mouthwatering romances! Please keep on the excellent work of taking your fans to a fantasy world from the harsh realities of life. Thank you again."
Christmas in Da Conti's Bed by Sharon Kendrick
Picture of The Last Heir of Monterrato
rating by Arpita, Jan 15, 2015
"It was a disappointment for a fan of Modern genre to read the opening lines of this story. It fits the medical series to a ‘T’. Not only does the hero have physical scars the heroine has pregnancy issues. This is off putting for readers who like to escape into a world of fantasy and escape from the harsh realities of life. The dialogue between the characters is satisfactory. A no go for a fan of Modern genre."
The Last Heir of Monterrato by Andie Brock
Picture of One Night with Morelli
rating by Arpita, Dec 29, 2014
"It was a clinch dealer of a Modern genre romance written by an experienced story teller Kim Lawrence. The plot developed in an interesting way which was riveting as the element of suspense was inherent in it. The conversation between Draco and Eve showed exasperation or tenderness or suspicion and the reader could empathise with them! An excellent read and needs a place in the home library or up in the ‘cloud’ as the case may be. Triple star for this story!"
One Night with Morelli by Kim Lawrence
Picture of The Valquez Seduction
rating by Arpita, Dec 26, 2014
"This ‘duet’ of The Playboys of Argentina is a must read for all Melanie Milburne’s fans. True to the genius of her spinning a romance so fluently, with the correct amount of lust, attraction, sensuality and superb repartee between Daisy and Luiz is just the story that will make you read it at one go. A real page turner for the romantic at heart and it will make the reader think why couldn’t there have been an Epilogue? Next time I hope there is one! Brilliant indeed!"
The Valquez Seduction by Melanie Milburne
Picture of What The Greek Wants Most
rating by Arpita, Dec 24, 2014
"Maya Blake has superseded herself as a writer in this story. It is a dream wish list of what true love should be and how that is interpreted by the writer. The dialogue or repartee is literally out of this world. One can imagine how it could be said with the right nuances! Love develops between Theo and Inez from the very first moment and they, as a result of it, become more lovable and humane by the end of the story. Hope we the readers, get more of this type of writing where the emotional issues are well handled. Excellent read indeed!"
What The Greek Wants Most by Maya Blake