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Picture of Billionaire's Secret
rating by Arpita, Oct 3, 2014
"Once again Chantelle Shaw has exceeded my expectations in this mini-series of Chatsfield secrets, rumours and scandals. Her story is indeed true to her craftsmanship of writing about issues, problems which are handled very sensitively and yet has a tremendous impact on the reader. The romance of the macho hero and the heroine is so gripping, sensual and then all the issues are solved miraculously with the hope of happily ever after.Excellent read, an A* story."
Billionaire's Secret by Chantelle Shaw
Picture of More Precious than a Crown
rating by Arpita, Sep 16, 2014
"A classy, genius writer, like Carol Marinelli, knows how to entice the readers with all the ingredients of a fantasy! The heroine Trinity is so cute, strong and transparent to the readers though a mystery to the characters in the story! It is only right that a Prince keeps going back to her and it ends on happy ever after note for all concerned! With eager anticipation will look forward to Layla’s story. A ten out of ten indeed for this one"
More Precious than a Crown by Carol Marinelli
Picture of Changing Constantinou's Game
rating by Arpita, Sep 14, 2014
"It has all the hallmark of a modern genre romantic story. The plot is focused; the dialogue with the macho /alpha hero Alexios is crisp and short so it can hold the attention of the reader. The only little snag is that some readers may not be into football game so it might be a little off-putting for them! A nine out of ten for this story."
Changing Constantinou's Game by Jennifer Hayward
Picture of The Ultimate Revenge
rating by Arpita, Sep 12, 2014
"Victoria Parker spins superb Modern genre of romanticism! All the ingredients of a love story will be found in this story. The characters are so realistic that you might want to meet them and help them along! The repartee/conversation is scintillating and witty. The hero Nicandro Santos is so macho and attractive. It is only right that that both the hero and the heroine realise the meaning of true love, though at the very end. Highly recommended as it deserves more than one read"
The Ultimate Revenge by Victoria Parker
Picture of Damaso Claims His Heir
rating by Arpita, Sep 10, 2014
"Annie West’s story gradually picks up towards the very end. It does show passion, repartee and a macho hero Damaso who displays his love from the very beginning for Marisa but she is a very difficult person to love. She is so full of the ‘past’ and is suspicious that I think she is hard work for any man to convince her of his love. A four out of ten for this story."
Damaso Claims His Heir by Annie West
Picture of A Night in the Prince's Bed
rating by Arpita, Sep 9, 2014
"It is difficult to say which of Chantelle Shaw’s story is the best. She is my most loved writer of Modern genre because she incorporates riveting repartee, plenty of tension between the alpha macho hero Aksel and the shy but spirited heroine Mina within the framework of a plot which is focused and enthralling. The story will hit the right note for a reader who is romantic at heart It is a story which one has to read at one sitting! An A*romance for home library! "
A Night in the Prince's Bed by Chantelle Shaw
Picture of The Housekeeper's Awakening
rating by Arpita, Sep 8, 2014
"This story lives up to the ingredients of a truly Romantic Modern genre as it reflects the power of a macho billionaire Luis , the passion that he and the winsome heroine Carly share and indulge in as they both display irresistible temptation for each other. Add to this the fantastic locations the readers will be swept into and enjoy the dialogue that ensues between the hero and the heroine. Sharon Kendrick is truly a genius of a writer.It is always a pleasure to re-read her stories."
The Housekeeper's Awakening by Sharon Kendrick
Picture of Taming the Notorious Sicilian
rating by Arpita, Aug 26, 2014
"This is worth reading at least more than once. The attraction between Hannah and Francesco is totally riveting . Their first meeting is unbelievable.and so endearing. The writer very cleverly did not go into details of the accident which is brilliant.. Some readers like fantasy and Michelle has been able to strike the correct balance. Thereafter the way they deal with each other through funny and serious events/ issues is absolutely engrossing.! A book you cannot put down till you come to the end of the story. It fulfills all the salient points of Modern Romantic genre; it is international, sensual and passionate. Excellent indeed! Please write some more like this story!"
Taming the Notorious Sicilian by Michelle Smart
Picture of Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret
rating by Arpita, Aug 25, 2014
"I loved the storyline pregnant heroines always work for me. The short, repartee constantly ensuing between Alejandro and Lena adds charm to the plot. The secrets of both the hero and heroine are well sustained till the very end and it makes the reading more interesting.There was no extraneous detail to detract from the storyline . It was only befitting that it ended with them being a complete family. Jennie Lucas has done it again, a story to be read in one go. Superb indeed. "
Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret by Jennie Lucas
Picture of Undone by the Sultan's Touch
rating by Arpita, Aug 23, 2014
"The storyline is simple, flows easily with the love of the hero so obvious! Cleo is truly a woman with all the genteel qualities of her sex and she too manifests it in an inimitable way which is so endearing. A tender love story that befits the Modern genre of Romance!"
Undone by the Sultan's Touch by Caitlin Crews