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Picture of At the Brazilian's Command
rating by Arpita, Apr 18, 2015
"Susan Stephens has kept the interest going in this duet of 'Hot Brazilian Nights' romances. However what detracted from the story was the name Danny a more masculine sounding name for a woman who was also shy in her own way and the earring sporting a macho man like Tiago ! Had these elements not been there then it would have been the perfect romance of this genre.The build up to the storyline and the issues were very delicately handled and with sensitivity. The love was evident in the couple from the very beginning of the story and resolved happily by the end . Well done !"
At the Brazilian's Command by Susan Stephens
Picture of The Billionaire's Bridal Bargain
rating by Arpita, Apr 16, 2015
"Lynne Graham is a genius in writing Modern genre romance! From the word go the storyline is interesting, catches the attention of the reader and sweeps one into a world of fantasy with an alpha macho hero and a winsome, beautiful heroine who won’t let your attention on them go, till the very end. The love of Cesare and Lizzie is so obvious and yet they play it out so naturally that by the end it develops into a mature fairy tale relationship! Brilliant ‘craftsmanship’ in writing! The repartee between them and the incidents with Archie is so endearing! 5A* indeed."
The Billionaire's Bridal Bargain by Lynne Graham
Picture of Carrying the Greek's Heir
rating by Arpita, Apr 15, 2015
"This Modern Romance could only have been written by a talented story teller who is a Classic, veteran writer of this genre.From the opening paragraphs till the very end the reader will get hooked on what is happening between Alek, a hero to die for and the shy , coy, single minded Ellie whose love is so obvious to emulate! Sharon Kendrick has the skill of writing strong dialogue or repartee and make the characters develop as the story unfolds! Excellent ten out of ten if that scale is used or a triple A * story."
Carrying the Greek's Heir by Sharon Kendrick
Picture of Olivero's Outrageous Proposal
rating by Arpita, Apr 15, 2015
"Kate Walker has again written a Modern Romance with all the fairy tale ingredients in it true to the template of the Modern genre. The story line is simple enough, the repartee or dialogue between the couple is interesting and flows naturally enough.It is fast paced and makes one think and feel for the couple, as it were. A ten out of ten for this one!"
Olivero's Outrageous Proposal by Kate Walker
Picture of His Diamond of Convenience
rating by Arpita, Apr 13, 2015
" Ms.Maisey Yates has excelled in this Modern genre Romance.She has got the mantle of Classic, veteran Modern writers' skills to keep the fans riveted to this story of hers, in particular! The repartee/dialogue/banter cannot be improved upon.The characters develop, the emotional issues are dealt with sympathetically and it is a fantasy world where you would want to live in ! Looking forward to Ms. Maisey's next story. Excellent work indeed!"
His Diamond of Convenience by Maisey Yates
Picture of At the Count's Bidding
rating by Arpita, Apr 10, 2015
"Caitlin Crews does have the gift of writing a romance which captures the attention of the reader and as the story line is unravelled the reader can identify with the characters and build up a rapport! The conversation, the innuendos are riveting! One has to read this story in one go. A ten out of ten indeed. Excellent Caitlin!"
At the Count's Bidding by Caitlin Crews
Picture of The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction
rating by Arpita, Apr 9, 2015
"This is one of the most riveting story written by Dani Collins! From the start of the opening paragraphs, the reader can 'feel', the chemistry between the couple! It gets better as the storyline proceeds. The dialogue, banter at times, is also very engrossing.It is worthwhile to keep this book in whatever format one chooses! A* Modern romance."
The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction by Dani Collins
Picture of His Defiant Desert Queen
rating by Arpita, Apr 8, 2015
"This Modern genre has the touch of an able writer but the end was not true to Modern genre because it should end on a happily ever after tone, with all the issues, problems of the couples wound up well. In this story it is assumed that Jemma will regain her former health. It leaves the reader with a bit of doubt! Jane Porter would do well to remember this is a Modern genre and not one of the others types of M&B romances. She has used Fantasy to the nth degree of the storyline so why not with the ending? "
His Defiant Desert Queen by Jane Porter
Picture of In the Brazilian's Debt
rating by Arpita, Apr 7, 2015
"Susan Stephens has excelled herself in bringing together the elements of the Modern genre so craftily. The banter, repartee the attraction between Lizzie and Chico is very enthralling! The story line is simple; the love between the couple unravels slowly yet keeps the attention of the reader focused. Truly a story to be read and pondered over time and again! Excellent indeed."
In the Brazilian's Debt by Susan Stephens
Picture of The Real Romero
rating by Arpita, Apr 4, 2015
"Cathy Williams belongs to the professional, classic writers of Modern genre where the most important ingredient is that of fantasy! True it has to have realism too but not the harsh, physical problem/issues which is truly a Medical issue and should be dealt with in the Medical genre. Excellent Cathy for avoiding such details. This story is encouched in instant attraction, strong chemistry flowing between the couple, the plausible situations in which they inadvertently drift into and all this is held by the brilliant repartee and conversation. A must for the Home Library or to be in the clouds! It would be a benefit to budding writes if they read some of your Romances and other veteran writers too.Brilliant!"
The Real Romero by Cathy Williams