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Picture of Taming the Notorious Sicilian
rating by Arpita, Aug 26, 2014
"This is worth reading at least more than once. The attraction between Hannah and Francesco is totally riveting . Their first meeting is unbelievable.and so endearing. The writer very cleverly did not go into details of the accident which is brilliant.. Some readers like fantasy and Michelle has been able to strike the correct balance. Thereafter the way they deal with each other through funny and serious events/ issues is absolutely engrossing.! A book you cannot put down till you come to the end of the story. It fulfills all the salient points of Modern Romantic genre; it is international, sensual and passionate. Excellent indeed! Please write some more like this story!"
Taming the Notorious Sicilian by Michelle Smart
Picture of Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret
rating by Arpita, Aug 25, 2014
"I loved the storyline pregnant heroines always work for me. The short, repartee constantly ensuing between Alejandro and Lena adds charm to the plot. The secrets of both the hero and heroine are well sustained till the very end and it makes the reading more interesting.There was no extraneous detail to detract from the storyline . It was only befitting that it ended with them being a complete family. Jennie Lucas has done it again, a story to be read in one go. Superb indeed. "
Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret by Jennie Lucas
Picture of Undone by the Sultan's Touch
rating by Arpita, Aug 23, 2014
"The storyline is simple, flows easily with the love of the hero so obvious! Cleo is truly a woman with all the genteel qualities of her sex and she too manifests it in an inimitable way which is so endearing. A tender love story that befits the Modern genre of Romance!"
Undone by the Sultan's Touch by Caitlin Crews
Picture of A Deal with Demakis
rating by Arpita, Aug 11, 2014
"What an improvement from the last story I read, ‘The last Prince of Dahaar’. Here in this story there is romance, passion, riveting dialogue, brusque and curt between Nikos and Lexi which makes it so interesting to read. The hero is to die for, as he manifests so much of love in actions which can win over any woman more so a winsome heroine like Lexi who has undergo much hardship in her early years. It all ends happily for the macho hero and heroine. Excellent Tara Pammi, a ten out of ten for you. Please write more stories on this style of template."
A Deal with Demakis by Tara Pammi
Picture of Zarif's Convenient Queen
rating by Arpita, Aug 5, 2014
"No wonder the reason for Lynne Graham’s popularity as a Classic Modern genre writer. Each and every story she has written has been a sell out! I have been a fan of hers for years. This plot has a refreshing touch to make the storyline interesting. The brief, curt repartee between Zarif and Ella makes it so riveting to read as one never knows how the dialogue will take the reader to the next bit of action! The Epilogue rounds it off perfectly for a true romantic at heart.Excellent indeed!"
Zarif's Convenient Queen by Lynne Graham
Picture of His Forbidden Diamond
rating by Arpita, Jul 31, 2014
"Just loved it! Susan Stephens has excelled herself as a writer in this modern genre of power, passion and irresistible temptation. All these characteristics are there in the plot in abundance and more. Tyr is an alpha macho hero who despite being wounded emotionally knows how to love and show his compassionate nature to a ‘friend’ till Jazz becomes his wife. Put aside everything to read this story at one sitting! Exceptional read indeed, a ten out of ten."
His Forbidden Diamond by Susan Stephens
Picture of At No Man's Command
rating by Arpita, Jul 30, 2014
"A true classic writer such as Melanie Milburne has used a template which time and time again attracts the reader to her genius of a story teller! It no doubt concentrates on the heroine Aiesha,who has deep seated emotional issues yet one can get attracted to her and empathise with her as she appears to be so endearing. Only a macho hero like James, with his insight, power and love deserves to win her. A definite ten out of ten for this Modern genre of fairy tale."
At No Man's Command by Melanie Milburne
Picture of The Argentinian's Demand
rating by Arpita, Jul 28, 2014
"The hero is to die for as he is a macho, confident and extremely suave when the occasion calls for. The storyline revolves around Leandro and Emily so one’s attention is not taken up with extraneous diversions. The repartee is riveting as it is mostly brief and has irony at times. I expected there would be an Epilogue, but never mind. For me it is ten out of ten."
The Argentinian's Demand by Cathy Williams
Picture of The Ultimate Seduction
rating by Arpita, Jul 22, 2014
"Disappointed after reading it, as it has a heroine who is suffering from physical scars. Modern genre is about escaping to a fantasy world where ‘things’ are fantastical. I, for one like to escape reality by going into this world for personal reasons. Though it ends happily I had to go through some painful sections of the book. Emotional scars, environmental scars are what some can handle , I guess. The editors could try to keep it to the ‘fantastical’ world as much as possible. One out of ten, sorry. "
The Ultimate Seduction by Dani Collins
Picture of The Ultimate Playboy
rating by Arpita, Jul 22, 2014
"Maya Blake has used the perfect ingredients of a truly Modern genre of romance, passion and seduction! The storyline is simple though it is part of a trilogy and keeps the reader engaged because of its repartee and issues that need to be solved before it ends on a happily ever after note. Ten out ten again for Maya Blake"
The Ultimate Playboy by Maya Blake