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"I have agreed about the views on Sarah Morgan's Romance 'Playing by the Greek's rule' which is a typical, engrossing Modern genre story that can be only written by a genius like Sarah Morgan. Excellent! I strongly disagree with your comments about Tara Pammi who strays from the norm of Modern genre with her describing a hero or heroine with certain physical flaws which does not feature in a Fantasy world. As for Avril Tremayne the less said the better. If her book has to sell under this category of Modern Romance genre, she needs to read books written by the Classic veterans in the UK."

Arpita • 1 month ago

The Diversity of Desire

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Picture of Protecting the Desert Heir
rating by Arpita, May 22, 2015
"The dialogue, the alpha macho hero Rihad and the beautiful, strong independent heroine has all the hallmarks of a Modern genre but for the controversial theme of Sterling 's involvement with his brother and then being pregnant does not have any appeal for me. In a fantasy world a true romantic at heart would like to read about the heroine not being a 'left over' or 'second best' because of her past but rather the first one in the hero's life in all aspects."
Protecting the Desert Heir by Caitlin Crews
Picture of The Italian's Deal for I Do
rating by Arpita, May 11, 2015
"This story is to be read at one go with no breaks! It is a real page turner. One escapes into a world where one can empathise with both the characters Rocco and Olivia. You cannot but feel their emotions as they go through each situations in their lives. Rocco is a character with whom one can fall in love at a glance as he has such a presence about him. As for Olivia she is the epitome of a woman who can appreciate love in all its different facets! A must buy for the home library. Excellent par excellence!"
The Italian's Deal for I Do by Jennifer Hayward
Picture of The Sheikh's Princess Bride
rating by Arpita, May 8, 2015
"This story was not up to my expectations of a world where there is no physical impairment and deals with a situation where one has to rely on one's resilience about a decision which can be traumatic for the reader. Then again a woman, takes the lead from the very beginning no matter how macho the hero is. Definitely not a story which held any attraction for me. Reading a book is a form of escapism and this Modern genre should have that effect for readers where there is happiness in the world of escapism. An emotional stress one can identify with but not physical issues as there is plenty to be found in reality."
The Sheikh's Princess Bride by Annie West
Picture of The Hotel Magnate's Demand
rating by Arpita, May 6, 2015
"One of the true criteria of Modern genre is where the reader steps into a Fantasy world with a billionaire hero, who makes things happen in a domineering way and he literally wears the 'trousers' as it were. Here it is very Aussie like with a role reversal of an independent woman who takes the lead in nearly all the situations in the story. There are too many friends who distract from a simple storyline, which is as it should be in a Modern genre. There is not much of wit, banter or dialogue as is typical in the Classic Modern genre of writng. I was so bored and would not recommend this story of Romance who have been spoilt by the Classic writers of Modern genre."
The Hotel Magnate's Demand by Jennifer Rae
Picture of The Sins of Sebastian Rey-Defoe
rating by Arpita, May 4, 2015
"Kim Lawrence is like Lynne Graham, Chantelle Shaw, Abby Green, Sharon Kendrick, Cathy Williams in a league of their own! Kim Lawrence is incomparable because of her genius as a writer, with other up coming writers! Here Seb, is a truly alpha macho hero with no earring or long hair and yet, commands total attention when you read about him in the opening chapters and you are transported to a world of fantasy where everything is acceptable to a romantic at heart. Mari is a coy, independent , loving heroine whom you, as a reader will want to meet and help her. The wit, the lively dialogue, banter is riveting.It is a page turner book and one has to be read it in one go! It is an honour that I have bought this book! "
The Sins of Sebastian Rey-Defoe by Kim Lawrence
Picture of Captive of Kadar
rating by Arpita, May 3, 2015
"Trish Morey is good with the dialogue, wit and repartee between the macho hero and feisty heroine. However what is it with certain non resident, UK writers who deviate from the Modern genre of Fantasy world of physical perfection! The realty is so harsh so if one buys a book one would like to escape where there is no physical imperfection. Yes, emotional ones are easier to deal with. It was good reading this story though one had to ignore the phrase 'grandmother-grandmother-grandmother' as it became extremely boring.The phrase does have a bearing on the storyline but being a writer of the calibre of Trish Morey, there could have been another way of driving home the 'grandmother' point!"
Captive of Kadar by Trish Morey
Picture of Craving Her Enemy's Touch
rating by Arpita, May 2, 2015
"This story had the potential of a Classic Modern genre but the ending of the story was very tame. The build up to the last few pages was good but it seemed the writer was in a rush to give the concluding lines.I am not one who likes the sport of Car racing so that also detracted me from the storyline. The secret between Charlie and Sandro was a bit over done. If one is at a loose end it is a good story to read."
Craving Her Enemy's Touch by Rachael Thomas
Picture of The Marakaios Marriage
rating by Arpita, Apr 29, 2015
"Kate Hewitt is a strong writer of Modern genre but at times she can veer towards melodrama and wringing out the last skein of sadness from the reader .Lindsay and Antonios do love each other which is very apparent from the beginning. However for them to go through and be wrung of all loving emotions at times, is not one which catches my interest.The delineation of the characters is good but Lindsay could have been more forgiving and flexible! A good read , if you are a fan of Kate Hewitt."
The Marakaios Marriage by Kate Hewitt
Picture of The Greek's Pregnant Bride
rating by Arpita, Apr 27, 2015
"Michelle Smart has done it again, writing a lovely, focused Romance about a very alpha, macho hero Christian and his attraction and love for Alessandra who go through various emotions of love till they finally acknowledge it. Their resolution makes the reader feel contented too! The storyline is contained, the wit, humour at times and the dialogue is so scintillating that it holds the reader's attention till the very last line of the story!Superb and brilliant work of another genius of a writer!"
The Greek's Pregnant Bride by Michelle Smart
Picture of At Her Boss's Pleasure
rating by Arpita, Apr 25, 2015
"Cathy Willams is the super genius for macho Tycoons in the Boardroom set up with the coy, feisty, independent PA! Kate can be all of those at different times and Alessandro can be overwhelming, caring and domineering as the situation demands. So who gets the upper hand every time they meet? The entire story is couched in familiar locations, which is London for most part and Toronto. All the issues are resolved in the intelligent, unforgettable banter, wit, repartee and the dialogue that ensues between them. It is superb, scintillating and riveting. A must for any romantic at heart to buy and keep and to be read over and over again!"
At Her Boss's Pleasure by Cathy Williams