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Picture of To Claim His Heir by Christmas
rating by Arpita, Dec 18, 2014
"Victoria Parker has excelled in this story of the love affair between Thane and Luciana. Their repartee, the devotion and possessiveness of Thane for Luciana is so endearing. It was prudent of the writer not to dwell much on the physical scar, of the hero, which I think is not for the Modern genre. True, the Modern genre has deviated from what it was in the past and one needs to accept it. However, leaving it for Medical romances to deal with physical issues would be better. This story is worth a second read!"
To Claim His Heir by Christmas by Victoria Parker
Picture of Taken Over by the Billionaire
rating by Arpita, Dec 16, 2014
"The brilliance of established writers of Miranda Lee’s calibre is shown in this Modern romantic story. It has the usual issues between the hero and the heroine so subtly, encouched in scintillating dialogue! Ben’s love for Jess builds up quickly enough and the reader is kept on tenterhooks to wait for the resolution. A must read for all Modern genre fans. Excellent read indeed!"
Taken Over by the Billionaire by Miranda Lee
Picture of The Russian's Acquisition
rating by Arpita, Dec 10, 2014
"I am a fan of Dani Collins but this romance was spoilt for me because of the physical scar which Alexy sported. In the Modern genre a reader would expect to be in a fantasy world of lust, power and passion with characters who are near perfect! The emotional scars are bearable but not physical impairments. The repartee is superb, the love of the couple is so endearing. A must read for all the romantics at heart. I would have given it a triple A* if there was no scar physically!"
The Russian's Acquisition by Dani Collins
Picture of The True King of Dahaar
rating by Arpita, Dec 1, 2014
"Again Tara Pammi has created a story/romance for the Medical genre where the hero and heroine would fit into that template as both could be given sensitive medical help and end happily ever after. This Modern genre has been a fantastic genre over the years of projecting to the Romantic readers of the world of how a couple in love with magnetic and irresistible attraction, power, passion for each other would face issues in life which will deal more with the emotional aspects one faces rather than with physical impairments. I will really look forward to a time when Tara Pammi’s story for once will be dealing with physically wholesome characters!"
The True King of Dahaar by Tara Pammi
Picture of Protecting the Desert Princess
rating by Arpita, Nov 24, 2014
"Carol Marinelli is a classic romance writer whose stories are always so engrossing , filled with brilliant repartee, extremely sensual and deals sensitively with emotional issues rather than with physical impairments! This story of Modern genre fulfils all that and more! Layla and Mikael find a perfect match in each other and the reader is kept on tenterhooks till the last sentence. Marvellous indeed. Triple A* for this story. "
Protecting the Desert Princess by Carol Marinelli
Picture of Prince Hafiz's Only Vice
rating by Arpita, Nov 12, 2014
"I am not much of a fan of desert princes or sheikhs and their kingdoms. However, this romance is captivating, sensual and entertaining. It has followed the norms of a truly Modern genre Romance which reflects power, passion and irresistible temptation in the love affair of Lacey and Hafiz. It had a slight reference to Romeo and Juliet when in one of their meetings he has to leave her and quotes lines of love so similar to the Bard’s sentiments! Brilliant."
Prince Hafiz's Only Vice by Susanna Carr
Picture of To Defy a Sheikh
rating by Arpita, Nov 10, 2014
"This is how a Modern genre romance should be. There is no sensitive issues like physical impairments which are difficult for some readers to accept. This love story is typical of Maisey Yates’s writing. She strikes the right balance between lust, attraction, sensuality and emotional scars. A must for her fans and others, who like sharp repartee, tender moments of loving actions and the happily ever after with their own baby to clinch their happiness. Superb, superb and again superb!"
To Defy a Sheikh by Maisey Yates
Picture of The Pregnancy Plot
rating by Arpita, Nov 7, 2014
"This romance is more suitable as a medical story or falls under the category of Desire romances. Again dealing with life issues is more relevant in those categories of stories. The modern genre attracts readers who love the sharp witted repartee, the strong attraction between the hero and heroine and all is set in a world of fantasy where the issues are of soft, emotional nature , not harsh reality."
The Pregnancy Plot by Paula Roe
Picture of His for a Price
rating by Arpita, Nov 6, 2014
"Caitlin Crews has excelled herself in her writing craftsmanship in this romance. The attraction between Nicodemus and Mattie is so enthralling it becomes a page turner for the romance to unfold! The dialogue and conversation is totally sizzling and the reader becomes part of it, as they can identify with the hero or heroine. There is no extraneous detail in the romance so that works for many readers. Emotional scars are better than physical disabilities, in this genre of writing so it comes as no surprise that Mattie and Nicodemus is wholly healed by their mutual love for each other. It is a pity that the readers will find such a lover like Nicodemus whose tenacity for loving a person for ten years, only in the fantasy world! Excellent and again excellent."
His for a Price by Caitlin Crews
Picture of Commanded by the Sheikh
rating by Arpita, Nov 4, 2014
"A real gripping story of lust, temptation and sizzling repartee/dialogue with the suspense of the storyline kept in tight leash! A reputed story writer, like Kate Hewitt know what strings to pull to make her stories so riveting! Both these stories of Rivals to the Crown of Kader are a must for all her fans. It is pleasant to read of emotional scars than physical disabilities. A* romance."
Commanded by the Sheikh by Kate Hewitt