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Picture of Have Mercy
rating by Helen, Feb 28, 2010
"I enjoyed this book - premise was good, characters interesting. But I just felt it lacked something - usually I'm pulled into the story from the first chapter but this time, for some reason, I just "wasn't feeling it", whatever that special "it" is. That's not to say other readers will agree - everyone is different. I would have liked a little more development."
Have Mercy by Jo Leigh
Picture of Flyboy
rating by Helen, Feb 28, 2010
"For a first novel, this is really very good. Gorgeous beyond belief pilot falls for apparently dowdy but in reality gorgeous, fiery, intelligent woman? Gimme! Everything about this first novel screams "talent". The characters are well-rounded, the plot entirely believable (having worked with pilots, I know how devastatingly hot some of them are) and the female lead feisty and clever enough to make you want to cheer when she gets the guy. I will definitely be reading more from this author."
Flyboy by Karen Foley
Picture of An Impetuous Abduction
rating by Helen, Feb 27, 2010
"As a fan of historical romance, I can safely say this is a favourite! Excellent characters, well-developed plot, witty but also heartfelt and perhaps most importantly, full of romance! I loves the way Phona developed as the story progressed. Would definitely recommend."
An Impetuous Abduction by Patricia Frances Rowell