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10 things you didn't know about...Modern Tempted

6 months ago • 0 comments
Modern Tempted is fresh, flirty and stylish. Sexy stories for the modern girl who loves to live life to the full! If you're just discovering the series, or maybe you're planning on entering our #TemptedToWrite writing competition, we thought we'd pull together 10 things you might not have known about our contemporary line...

1 We bought five new authors in 2013!
2 Modern Tempted is previously known as Riva in the UK
3 If you like your stories sexy, urban and contemporary, this is the series for you
4 We have authors from USA, South Africa, India, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Spain and Ireland
5 Known as Harlequin KISS in North America
6 We’ve bought tons of authors through writing competitions (approx. 30% of current author base) so don’t be shy!
7 We’re totally open to experimental formats e.g. 1st person, emails, male-only point of view etc
8 The thing most likely to capture our attention is an amazing and unique first meet!
9 We’re looking for character-driven wit and humour
10 Finally, the Modern Tempted team is @BryonyGreenHQN, @flonicoll and @ClioCornish - we’re very friendly and love to chat, so do say hi on Twitter!

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