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10 Reasons to Read Romance Books on Summer Holiday

1 year ago • 0 comments

As you’re squeezing the twenty-second pair of unwearable shoes into your suitcase, the last thing you probably want to do is throw in a load of books. But here’s why you should - valid and valuable points each and every one I’m sure you’ll agree…

  1. Books are the perfect thing to hide behind in order to spy on that scrummy lifeguard/waiter you noticed on arrival.
  2. If your suitcase is too heavy because it is laden down with books, you can totally pull a distraught ‘please someone help me with my bags face’ in the airport and be rescued by a hot pilot.
  3. When the sea air makes the glue in your book melt, the pages will fly away and you can accidentally-on-purpose chase them across the beach in front of aforementioned lifeguard/waiter thus getting their attention.
  4. Because reading is clever.
  5. Romance books REALLY get you in the mood for lurve.
  6. Mills & Boon books are THE perfect reads for delays at airports! It’s impossible to get grumpy when you’re engrossed in shenanigans with a billionaire sheikh let’s face it.
  7. You can leave finished copies of romance books at your hotel or villa and pass on the love and feel all community and generous.
  8. If you bring the books back with you, they’ll smell of sun cream all year around. Yum.
  9. Summer reads offer the perfect fantasy escape if you’re stuck in a B&B in Bognor with the children and the Great British Weather is making you consider emigrating.
  10. Because if you send a photo of yourself reading an M&B novel on holiday (email you will be entered to win a goody bag full of fabulous reads. So get those photos of you and an M&B tome in front of the Taj Mahal/Blackpool Tower to us ASAP!

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